Life and Liberty: By Denis Bowden

(A Question of Personal and National Liberty in a Post-Rapture, Post-Tribulation Society)


A man lies alongside of his wife in the darkness of the night. He’s suddenly awake…something is not right! Maybe…he’s imagining or even dreaming…but no? There it is again! Someone or something is at the windows! Silently exiting his bed, he carefully opens his bedside table and removes a pistol from a security clamp.

His bare-feet making no sound, he enters the living room which faces the streetscape. He sees the moonlight streaming through the bay windows. But….hang on….one of the windows is opened. He becomes aware of a bulky shape commencing to maneuver itself through. An extended hand suddenly pushes the lace curtain aside, and he is immediately aware that the hand has an object in it and it glints in the moonlight splashing into the room. What does he do?

The law itself has recently become exceedingly wishy-washy about this. The old concept of a man’s home being his castle is increasingly being challenged by the Left and the Greens. At one time, the laws were explicit in their meaning. For instance, State law in NSW states, “Anyone found entering enclosed premises or a residence at night, with house-breaking implements or a weapon in possession (and I am paraphrasing several laws on felony as distinct from misdemeanor), commits a FELONY.”

Being found at night with an unlicensed firearm in New South Wales will immediately earn you a considerable time in the ‘slammer,’ and worse, if you can prove that this person was attempting to enter your dwelling with felonious intent. Yet, even so, if you use your firearm, self-defense is now going to be your only defense, and you certainly need to go find yourself an excellent criminal attorney.

So then, do you let this miscreant in and threaten to rob, murder or rape? Or…do you act unilaterally? You might well adopt the decision that, quite obviously, he has illegally entered your dwelling in the dark of night, and you can see something in his hand that could be a weapon. You deduce then that he means to do you or your family some real harm, so you don’t hesitate. While he is still entering the room, and thereby, not quite yet in a position to carry out a further illegal act (that no doubt well may include a felonious assault on you or a family member), YOU USE DEADLY FORCE. You discharge your firearm, and he is dead.

Even in America, the statutes vary from State to State; and in many, the guy defending his own turf is in deep trouble immediately. Whilst alternatively, in some Southern States, I am aware that the Statutes based on precedent law state that a man’s home, particularly at night, should be inviolate: therefore enter at your own personal risk under such circumstances.

This varies greatly; and I might add that, in the prevailing liberalism of the moment, the would-be assailant may well receive more support for his position than you for yours in the defense of life and property.

Now…let’s proceed to another scenario. Both of our nations maintain a highly alert, highly professional standing army/navy/air force. Their principal focus is to both deter any potential enemy or attack him in defense.

It must be very quickly decided as to whether the closing force is a potentially aggressive, invading enemy? The decision is not easy. If it’s a naval force that is cruising and closing, but is still within international waters, it may simply be a feint or bluff. Russia does this constantly to America.

If that force was, of course, within your own internationally recognized waters, an action to repel would be immediate and beyond doubt. Unfortunately, it’s never that clear cut, is it? That even includes the possibility that nuclear armed ordnance is available to obviate the threat if necessary.

Our leaders are always in constant contact with their military/naval/air chain of command. They can, under Commonwealth Statute, take whatever action is deemed necessary in such a scenario.  However, this is a latitude increasingly being denied us who are resident nationals, when suddenly, without warning, we are confronted with the dilemma of ‘how far’ we can go in the defense of our ‘castle,’ albeit our homes, wife and family. 

So the waters have, over time (for us individually), become murky and perilous to navigate. What, however, do we make of a situation when we deliberately INVITE suspected miscreants into our nation/s as part of a nationally inspired benevolent gesture? And then, they are discovered to be actively setting up sleeper cells, enabling them to eventually strike us internally, striking down both our people and our assets (circa 9/11)? What then indeed, if they are border hoppers, and thousands are deliberately infiltrated into your nation as a fifth column whose prime aim is to take it down?

There is much Intelligence leaking out of Government that indicates that Iran is, in fact, infiltrating Hezbollah foot soldiers in considerable numbers in through Columbia and then in through Mexico, with the latter turning a blind eye as they are subsequently ‘walked’ across the porous border into the United States. In point of fact, Iran is openly boasting that they are doing this.

The Democrats and many other members of Congress and the Senate are, by their silence in the face of such facts (or even their suspicion), treading a slippery path toward accusations of gross ineptitude and dereliction of their national oath of office.

Unsealed borders are an affront to every decent American and nations generally, and indeed, should be a matter of great national concern. From where I sit (as a foreign observer), your President is absolutely correct in his determination to seal your borders as soon as possible.

We clearly see that our nations are now confronted with not simply a dilemma, but a real, potentially catastrophic threat to national security. As they say in the movies, ‘Real and Present Danger.’

Australia has temporarily solved it. Our border protection (we being a large Island Continent), is second to none. We presently (Heavens knows what will happen if the Left get government again), interdict and intercept all attempting to enter the mainland by sea/air/land.

Taken into immediate custody, they are placed OFF-SHORE and interred with the flat declaration that they WILL NEVER be permitted entry to Australia by this means. They retain only the right of election to be returned to their country of origin or a third country that might be prepared to take them. If they destroy their passports or other identifying documentation, they face indefinite detention. The old trick used by the people-smugglers was to throw passports over the side of the boat.

This policy has naught to do with our invitation to genuine immigrants or refugees who legally enter by approved means, with visa and passport. In the case of refugees, they are first subjected to a thorough screening.

America, of course, is now internationally recognized as a sieve. It leaks worse than a vessel with its bung removed. Be it Canada or Mexico, the unidentified and potentially dangerous pour in. And under the previous Administration, it was open slather even to those groups who were officially recognized as having terrorist antecedents. Some of those taken into custody have later been identified as belonging to organizations that were internationally declared as terrorist entities.

It has been validly established that there’s a massive, passive invasion of Western nations presently well underway. Anyone, who believes it can only be described as a ‘refugee’ crisis resulting from overseas conflict, is disingenuous to say the least and seriously misinformed at worst.

Our nations have always put out a welcome mat for those who are genuinely seeking a new life and who come with no expectations except to enter, find accommodation, and immediately seek meaningful employment. They want education for their kids and they seek peace from strife. To gain that, they come determined to fit in and accommodate themselves to their new national home.

They do not come with malice aforethought. They do not come with a preconceived desire to change our laws, our institutions, or obstruct our national way of life.

In short, they will quickly assimilate and, with our blessing, will preserve the best of their own customs and demand nothing. They are the life-blood and building blocks of both our nations – God Bless them….THEY ARE OUR MOTHERS, FATHERS, GRANDFATHERS, GRANDMOTHERS AND OTHER ANCESTORIAL ROOTS.

What say we, though, with regard to the current situation? Is there any viable comparison that can logically be made? I think not. We are under siege; and because of people who in wartime would rightfully be declared, charged, then tried as internal traitors and quislings, we are being nationally destroyed from within.

Just as your nostrils can instantly detect a rotting corpse within the immediate vicinity (a smell of decay like no other says your scribe who has been in contact with quite a few and attended too many autopsies), there is a foul stench presently emanating from our respective nations. Some of them, from media accounts, are in a much worse state than others. And dare I say it, these nations are clearly dying. Mortis may not have commenced; but like Stonewall Jackson several days after the sentry mistakenly wounded him in the arm and shoulder, gangrene has set in with its pungent odor and telltale green taint. At this stage, you know death is imminent. You can smell it.

Let me tell you a story with overtones many former refugees from Europe (circa World War II) will immediately recognize.

I had (though they are now passed) Latvian friends. For the sake of their children, I will call them Josef and Marla. Latvia fell victim to the Soviets, as did Lithuania. This story (if you have time to read it) is about the fall of Latvia.


Marla was a qualified industrial chemist. She was married to a member of the minor aristocracy, and he was a Count but also a Captain in the national army. One day she kissed him goodbye as he was chauffeured into the military H/Q. Shortly after (they actually lived on a small estate), her servants came quickly to her and said, “Madam, Madam, get your baby and your jewels and run for the border!” She knew that a Soviet invasion was a possibility, but when it happened, it was sudden. She told her servants that she couldn’t go without her husband. Her servants told her, “Madam….RUN! You will never see him again.”

That was prophetic. The Soviet KGB, having quickly seized the country and all the civic and military records, immediately rounded up all military officers from General down to Sergeant, took them into the forest and executed them, shoveling the corpses into unmarked mass graves. Marla took her servants’ advice and ran. I’m not sure where she ran to? However, she was later interred.

PAUL’S STORY: (Marla’s second husband)

He was the Chief Power Engineer for the Riga Power Station. On the same day the Soviet army swept in, the KGB came to the power station and arrested all the staff. They were then made, over some months, to dismantle the power station, identifying by number all the relevant component parts. The power station was then freighted by rail to Siberia along with the staff. Paul spent several years in Siberia before he escaped, and then he also was interred in a camp. Actually, he and Marla (she with her baby) met on a ship coming out to Australia after the war.

The second-in-charge of the Power Station alongside of Paul was his best friend. They were at University together. They socialized frequently as best friends do. However, on the day that the KGB came to the power station, Paul’s best friend was then singled out and appointed POLITICAL KOMMISSAR FOR THE DISTRICT. The KGB, the Soviet Secret Police, had ‘got him’ 20 years before when they were both students. He had been a ‘sleeper ever since.’


For many, many months before the Soviet swept into Latvia and took Riga, there had been civic unrest. The city was filled with anarchists causing commotion, civil disobedience and actions of vandalism. Rumor compounded rumor; and the city, still recovering from the exit of the German Wehrmacht, was scared senseless. It was 1944, and The Soviet Political Commander quickly informed the populace that the city and country was under Soviet control (Liberation they called it). Actually, it was really the second or third re-occupation of Latvia by Russia. Martial Law was declared. No unauthorized movement without permission and instant arrest if you had no identity card.

Here’s the crunch. The KGB then also rounded up all the fifth columnist/anarchists that had helped bring the country to its absolute knees, and in another mass execution, murdered them all. The philosophy of the KGB was that if they were truly anarchists and thereby by definition, ‘trouble-makers,’ they could conceivably later turn against them…so better to knock them off. There’s a lesson here for the Greens/fellow travelers and others of like-mind (watch out to whom you give your allegiance). 

The takeover of the other Baltic States followed a similar pattern. I have no doubt it occurred in Lithuania. I have actually visited the KGB interrogation center and jail in Vilnius; and there I saw the torture implements and the cells where they murdered all the priests and bureaucrats that they considered to be some sort of threat. They were first tortured, then dispatched with a bullet to the brain.

What is my purpose in giving you this history lesson?

That which I have presented is a Marxist/Leninist ‘blueprint’ of a classical, national takeover. I respectfully submit that this is now underway throughout Europe and North America on a number of distinct fronts.

  1. The subversion of the nation and its national institution by the Socialist Left/Greens Coalition nominally now understood through their own published manifestos to be the chameleon framework of the Democrat Party. It has followed classical lines from the Soviet Handbook as I outlined, and it has been very successful. Traditional American institutions and time-honored value systems are being both challenged and, subsequently, seriously compromised. My perspective has been gleaned from reading many available media reports from a number of sources. The tools being used are acknowledged as classical Marxism. 
  1. The frequent street confrontations, vandalism and spite-directed hate campaigns reputedly paid for by well-heeled patrons. They reveal the apparent determination to use the proven tools of anarchy aided by massive financial contributions, to finance those committed to the destruction of the present Administration. I believe that, be it a political party or any other group, they conform exactly to a modern version of the Riga anarchists.
  1. Some American commentators have observed that American Courts (taking some of their recent decisions into account) would appear to be compromising the fabric that traditionally, in constitutional terms, has glued the nation together. This grave danger is particularly noted at the Appellate level and extending to the Bench of the Supreme Court. They make this claim on the basis that, increasingly, the Constitution (that should be the bulwark legal defense of the national society) is being ignored in favor of some majority judgments reflecting personalized opinion. And that, formulated to and dictated by, the prevailing political situation. Commentators point particularly to the minority judgments of the dissenting Judges who themselves have bluntly made these comments.


There have been three anchors that have held America community life together. Similarly, they anchor all nations. The first anchor is the family unit, now under terrible assault, with the traditional rights attributed to parents denied by the Left of the political spectrum.

The second anchor is the Education System at all levels. It is a matter of public record that the system has been infiltrated and some the most insane doctrines of depravity introduced. Many parents would now prefer homeschooling to prevent the indoctrination of their children.

Go onto Campus and utter one word that identifies you as having Christian or Conservative views, and you can expect to be instantly called out by a patrolling vigilante committee of the radicalized Student Union. In addition, expect to be actively harassed and embarrassed and/or bullied by members of certain Faculty. Innocuous questions are put to you, or else your views sought in some sort of essay or minor thesis. If you declare yourself, you are singled out. Be careful what you write. There have been reports that intimidation has even resulted in downgraded marks.

The third anchor, right from the inception of the American nation and going back as far as the Pilgrim Fathers, has been the Judeo-Christian ethic as it applies to the worship of the Living God, through His anointed Son. Never since the Ottoman invasion of Europe has Christianity been so challenged by enemies determined to eradicate it from every vestige of American society.

There is more than a suggestion that this situation is also occurring in Australia. Reports also indicate that the bureaucracy in all three levels of the nation (Local/State/Federal) is completely infiltrated. I fear the satanic rot has also extended into both the police and military services.

The final front of attack on Western society, and certainly manifest in America, is that of the infiltrated sleeper cells of Muslim Jihadists and those avowed members of The Muslim Brotherhood who, under the previous Administration were frequently welcomed to the White House and also invited to sit upon very important national committees.

Facilitating the rot even further is the fact that the Democrat Left, espousing as it now does, a vitriolic, spiteful extreme Socialist mantra (and unfortunately, that ‘song’ is sung by most of the younger members of the Party these days), is in ‘bed’ with the radical Muslim front. It is so bad that it has been reported that some older registered Democrats have left the Party they previously loved, in absolute disgust.

In other words, working (read this as conspiring) with them to defeat the national interest and bring the national ‘house’ down like a pack of cards. As an example of complicit stupidity, there are many politicians of the Extreme Left which group-think that they are simply hastening the disintegration of the nation to install America as part of the New World Order…a vassal State of World Government with each vassal having no ‘national military’ (less they revolt).

Under this plan, all military operations (read suppression) are to be performed by foreign troops with no ties to their host vassal. Thus, they will execute any order, no matter how vile, without compunction, and worse, WITHOUT QUESTION OR MERCY. In this new world Utopia, national armed services will either be disbanded or those that ‘come over’ to the Dark Side will then become vassal troops in another country to which they have no known affiliation, family or otherwise.


That which I have presented is the future. Written in the well-tried strategies of Marxism (a Godless cant), it has been accomplished so many times in so many nations; and tactically, it is easy to impose and it works splendidly. It has worked in Europe, Russia, still working in China, and increasingly throughout South America.

I am sure that Rapture Ready readers will identify the scenarios I have presented, as being a blueprint of the prophesied Post-Rapture events. These events are scripturally described, particularly when Anti-Christ assumes his brief leadership of the ‘new world.’ What is not understood is that these tactics are not a new phenomenon.

 We can clearly see how far along this satanic plan has come.

I believe that any thinking person can see that, as far as America is concerned, they are nearly there. Nationally, American citizens sit dazed, unorganized in even the slightest smidgeon of nationally inspired, spontaneous opposition, their faith in God challenged at every level with many falling away.

 As formerly sat their predecessor nations in Europe (circa the World War II era), Western society is demoralized and leaderless, and in the main, Godless. All our Western nations have been ‘softened up’ and are ready for the KGB (the Soviet Secret Police) or their equivalent.

Along with many others, I believe that this Nazi-like system will manifest itself out of either the United Nations (no friend of Christian believers) or the European Union, coupled to the so-called Club of Rome and – make no bones about it – the papacy.

And don’t forget, the Democrat Extreme Socialist Left (which now controls the Party) has embraced the policy of eugenics (forcible population reduction). Couple that together with the religious fanatics who want to destroy us all (except, of course, those they rape and enslave), and it’s a very, very, frightening picture.

Am I wrong?

Most R/R readers appear well-informed; and we, of course, have the added, wonderful advantage of our knowledge of literally interpreted Scripture. 

You can clearly see that the Tribulation will see the post-rapture world waiting like lambs in a great holding paddock. That paddock itself lies adjacent to the huge entry chamber of a national abattoir, wherein waits the stunning bar and the slaughter-man’s knife. It will slice across their throats before their dripping carcasses – minus their heads – are hooked and placed on a revolving conveyer for processing of their body parts.

Brothers/Sisters all: no one could make this stuff up. It’s all out there as a matter of public record and media reports. And dare I say it, in the Hadiths to the Qur’an.

ISIS, for instance, has been trafficking the body parts of their victims for some years, as well as their known activity in the Middle East Slave Trade. And the despotic, Godless Chinese dictatorship of the alleged proletariat has been doing this with State prisoners for many years.

Slavery is vitally alive. There is no comparison with that which took place in America. The current trade is totally diabolical. Both colored and white European Caucasians are currently, as I write, being trafficked, particularly the women and children for the sex trade.

And because of the policies of the extreme Left, the pro-abortion lobby and its medical officers have (according to the statistics) been responsible for the destruction of approximately 65 million American children, many having reached full-term and forcibly ejected. What a contribution they could have made.

The Clinton’s daughter (Chelsea) has recently been on a national speaking tour promoting abortion with the mantra, “that because of abortion the nation has gained trillions of dollars in economic growth as women returned to the workforce.”


I don’t usually use Snopes (I consider them biased), but on this occasion they cite their references accurately.


With the Pacific Rim having experienced 144 major tremors in the past week, a mega-earthquake is now actively being considered by the seismologists in many countries. There is also rising concern about the San Andreas and the Madrid Fault lines and, of course, the horrifying danger of the Yellowstone Caldera if the Pacific Rim blows.

When we take ALL the factors into account through which I guess I’ve seriously alarmed you, I believe that the birth pains are now coming closer together. The Earth is groaning. It is groaning as a creature of the Creation of Almighty God. That groaning relates clearly to the surfeit of innocent blood of those who have been slaughtered over the centuries and who have died for the Cross of Jesus, The Christ of the Living God. The Earth is giving birth; and in a Post Tribulation wane, those living in it will not like the ride.

Our LORD has not forgotten any of those so martyred. There is a debt-owing, and He will open the graves to facilitate judgment of those guilty of the debt, just as he opens the grave to receive we who die in Christ.

No man knows the time WHEN our God will instruct His Christ to call His Church home. We would be foolish, however, if we were not constantly in a state of preparation (always looking upwards in joyful anticipation). We should therefore appreciate that those signs (now apparent and coming almost daily and certainly by the week) are, at this very moment, clearly manifest.

Even those of unbelief who hate God now are aware something is in the wind, but because they have been spiritually blinded, know not what. Many of the lost and spiritually blinded (a condition self-chosen) are turning to the occult and spiritualism or satanic worship to inquire.

We, however, are blessed because of our trust in Jesus, but we must be ready for what WILL occur at any time. We must be constantly prayerful, examining ourselves to ensure our respective ‘houses’ are in order – and that we are ready for His call.

POSTSCRIPT: (A foot in both camps)?

I am very mindful that there are those Christians who want to place a bet ‘each way.’ They believe that they are all set, waiting on the Rapture, but ‘what if?’ By this they mean what if the Rapture is delayed or their understanding is incorrect and they end up having, along with the fallen, to enter into the time of wrath, called Tribulation?

I do notice that amongst the so-called ‘preppers’ there are many who, calling themselves committed soldiers of Christ, nevertheless, are building deep burrows and stockpiling huge piles of victuals against the ‘Day.’

Scripture is explicit. There is no hole or cave deep enough to protect those who have rejected the Christ of the Living God!

My own view is that we should NOT worry. His promise is true; and always, it is sure. We can bank on it. However, in this short period of ‘birth-pain,’ I can’t see anything wrong with keeping a pantry stash of protected food and water.

If you live within Tornado Alley where they frequently hit middle America, you take elementary precautions. You can lose your house in one fell swoop, or else power is out, roads impassable, et al. It’s common sense to keep some sort of a protected stash, along with auxiliary lighting, etc. However, it is those going for ‘overkill’ that worry me somewhat.

But for those betting on the two-way pony, in whom or what are they ‘plighting their troth?’ IN GOD WE TRUST is not some sort of magic incantation or something we trot out in alleged moments of solemnity. In the sense ‘plighting one’s troth’ (as the pastor officiating at an old traditional Wedding ceremony used to intone), it means we have read the relevant Scripture AND WE TRULY BELIEVE HIS PROMISES, AND UPON THE BASIS OF THAT BELIEF, WE TRUST HIM 100%, a trust completely validated by His atonement for our sinful, fallen state, made with His own body and blood.

I find it utterly amazing that pure intellect, consumed and driven as it invariably is by self-pride, always refutes the literal truth that leaps from every page of Scripture, a truth so gripping that it clutches and squeezes your heart, crushing your chest with its majesty and great moment, as it brings the tears gushing from your eyes.

‘Ponder anew, what the Almighty can do…

Yay, for ’tis true, we adore Him!’

Blessings my family, blessings,