Ferverini :: By Jerry McDermott

The title is a quip I started years ago to collect or originate quasi-religious sayings or thoughts. I hope each ferverino brings wisdom and a smile. Jerry McDermott

– Q-What is the best translation of Psalms? Answer-“The one you like & the best for praying.”

Many Christians are like the apostles and disciples: post-resurrection and pre-Pentecost.

– Some Christians know how to die, but not how to live.

– It is difficult to soar with eagles when you work with turkeys.

– Many churches make us dependent on clergy as if we cannot get to Jesus without clergy.

– Be obedient to the Father. Stop fighting for first place; Jesus has that!

– Community is born when the rich come down from their pedestal and the poor come up from their brokenness.

–  The most Godlike thing we will ever do is to forgive.

–  Dismiss all anxiety. God has reserved for himself the job of worrying.

–  Renewal means restoring the church to the Father’s blueprint revealed to Jesus.

– Do not speak about Charismatic Renewal, but normal Christian life.

– The lack of faith is in the U.S., not in the people.

–  A spiritual mystery is an invitation into revelation.

–  People who frustrate us will be around for as long as we need them.

–  There is heavenly rejoicing over one sinner saved. What are we doing to affect the joy of heaven?

–  As Americans, we create stress much better than managing it.

–  One cause of stress is that we now know what is going on everywhere.

– Get involved in those ministries no one wants.

– The most important prayer in the healing ministry is the prayer for guidance.

– We may say, “I’m not ready, Lord.” However, He is!

– Christian bondage is fear of failure and fear of criticism.

– Don’t limit what God can do.

– Our gifts should complete, not compete.

– When you give dignity to all, you give life.

– If the church is not the neighborhood, then do we really have a church?

– I must believe that God can use me.

– Confess to God my need to control.

– Some people think that Jesus is Catholic, forgetting that he had a cousin who is Baptist.

-We were created out of love to love.

– We can miss out on the kingdom by being active all the time.

– People know the institution, the dogmas, and the rules; but they must be introduced to the loving Lord.

– We always want to blame someone else—Remember Genesis!

– If you are saved, tell your face; let your light shine out.

– Prayer is always moving us toward wholeness.

– No one wants to come to my pity party.

– If you are friends with yourself, then you can be friends with others.

– If God is the one who perfects us, why do we take ourselves so seriously?

– We are a Living Scripture and the only text that people may “read” on any day.

– We were created in God’s image: The Father (soul); The Son (body); The Spirit (spirit).

– “Christians must proclaim the gospel by every means possible and if necessary, use words.” (St. Francis).

– When angels come and are distressed serving us, it is because they are missing throne time.

– We need to control our thoughts and emotions so we can hear God.

– We gather as the church not at the church.