Why? :: By Thomas J. Miranda

I am certain that many have asked, “Why is Hillary Rotten Clinton not in Jail?”

Her list of crimes and cover-ups would fill volumes of newspapers and magazines and does not need to be listed here, because her crimes are so well known. Shortly after Bill Clinton was elected, stories of her treatment of people began to emerge. She mistreated the Secret Service who was assigned to protect her and the staff in the White House. It has been reported that, while stumbling, a Secret Service Officer reached out to prevent her fall and she cursed him out for touching her…nice First Lady!

But, back to the reason of why she is protected!

It is this writer’s opinion that people like Hillary and others who hold high positions and who escape the law, are spiritually protected! That is, they can disobey the law with impunity and are rarely made to pay for their transgressions. For example, the scandal of Hillary propelling $50,000 into a profitable business deal escaped the law. The Whitewater Real Estate deal was also exempt from a jail sentence for Hillary.

But, let us consider some real crime and how Hillary has escaped, like the death of Vincent Foster. It has been reported that, on a Saturday afternoon, Vince Foster was reviewing some records of the Clinton transactions and was shocked that these records could put them in jail. Vince called Hillary and she invited him over to discuss the matter. This was Vince’s last encounter with Hillary since he came in second to a 25 caliber bullet, was rolled up in a rug and carried out to Gramercy Park where he was laid out with his arms folded. (For someone who just shot himself, he would not have been neatly laid out in the park).

The firestorm that followed required a lot of ink to report, and friends of the Clintons rushed to any microphone to defend their patron saints that were getting mired up in many scandals, including the Ron Brown murder that occurred at that time. (Prior to leaving for Greece, Brown entered Bill Clinton’s office and told him that there were going to be many indictments to cover the crimes of the Clinton Syndicate).

Brown reminded Bill that he did not expect to hang alone.


When Brown’s plane was landing, the landing lights were shut off and a paid hack was flashing a strobe light directing the plane to a hillside. Brown survived the crash but died from a 45 caliber gunshot to the head. Meanwhile, a nurse who was assigned to the entourage was wandering around in a daze, though she survived the crash. She was placed on a stretcher, her femoral artery slashed, and she bled to death.

While awesome, these minor crimes pale in respect to the total score of Clinton Crimes.

So now we return to the question, “Why is she not in jail?”

Simple questions require simple answers.

She has Spiritual Protection!

Who is her Spiritual Protector?


I am convinced that people like Hillary have consciously or unconsciously sold their souls to the devil and hence live under the protection of Satan, achieving great results that defy reason.

This protection lives under the protective eye of Satan who uses the individual to accomplish many of Satan’s goals while providing largess to Satan’s chosen one…until Satan comes to collect.

At that point, everything goes downhill – and rapidly – with no hope for redemption.

Unfortunately, we must tolerate Hillary Rotten Clinton for some time to come, and she will never be seen in an orange jumpsuit. But rest assured that her day is coming; and when it comes, it will be straight down.

The elevators to hell only go DOWN!