The Vortex of End-Times Madness :: By Sally

The Vortex of End-Times Madness
Part of the sky was as blue as could be. The early morning sun was rising, giving the promise of a nice day for seafaring and deep-sea fishing for tarpon. Captain John pulled forward in his small but decently equipped fishing boat to help my husband and me, along with our three young sons, to come aboard. Everyone was quickly seated, and the lifejackets were on—pronto. It was to be a short trip.

Little did I know, it would be a really long, short trip.

We ventured out of the cove and motored toward the end of the harbor. As soon as we reached the open sea, the sky revealed was pitch black—a frightening, ominous-looking sky.

I looked at my husband. He told Captain John we’d better head in the opposite direction toward the blue sky as fast as we could. Everyone seemed hopeful that we could do this, and headed away from the approaching bad weather.

Everyone, except for me.

We were distracted by the brilliant plan to outrun the storm for a little while. Tarpon were sighted on the sonar, and we had found a good place to fish. It was a momentary elation.

The wind was picking up and the water was beginning to swirl. The storm had overtaken us. The entire sky was black except for when it was lit up by lightning. We were rockin’ and rollin’ in Captain John’s fishing boat.

I had tied our youngest son to myself with my belt. I told my husband to take care of our two older boys. My life flashed before my eyes, and I prayed. Lightning was striking right and left of the small boat, and we were in great peril. I just knew this was it. I had temporarily lost my mind. All I could think about was how could we survive this tempest, thrown overboard into the churning waters with our three young boys? I was overwhelmed, unable to think of anything else.

Are you like me in the past scene right now in the vortex of the end-times? Have you temporarily lost your good senses and sometimes feel like you are losing it all together? Are the things that occupy your thoughts in these stormy end-times centered on the condition of the fallen world and the present darkness? If so, it will suck you in. That’s what a vortex is. It’s an area of suction at its center where you are literally sucked in and down.

The evening news or even online news sources are dark and ominous, scary and foreboding. They have very little good news these days, as we are in the end of days. Many news outlets have already lost their collective minds and are engulfed in darkness, swallowed in the vortex of swirling end-times waters. They want to take others with them—that would be you and me.

Don’t go there with them, dear readers. We have, as Christians, hope and peace no matter what point in time we are living. The Bible tells us what lies on the other side of the storm, beyond the skyline where water and earth seem to meet. We have much to look forward to, my friends.

Obviously, my family and I did not die in the storm, and we did not capsize either. The little fishing boat made it back to shore safely, and we have had many stories to tell about our eventful fishing trip with Captain John.

Jesus was faithful then and is faithful now, even in this crazy world we live in right now. He is fully aware of how dark and mad it is. He said that when the world becomes like this—His coming is near!

“But when these things begin to take place, straighten up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near” (Luke 21:28).

Sally Law