Make it Personal…Make it Real! :: By Don Twobears

Do you like Political Intrigue? Do you enjoy it when a person gets his/her comeuppance? If that is true for you, then you will Love the Story of Esther! I would like to talk about this story; but before I do, I ask this one thing of you, my Reader. Please take the time to make the story of Esther as personal as possible…to you. In other words, place yourself in this story. Be whomever you wish in the story, but most of all…make it as personal as possible.

Beginning in Esther 1:1, we find ourselves immersed in the daily routines of the King and His Queen Vashti. Now Queen Vashti was a sort of ‘Liberated Woman’ if you will. She enjoyed doing things for herself; thus, she would butt heads with the King. That being said, she was called to come before the King and all the people.

Now the King was truly a ‘Party Animal’ if there ever was one; he enjoyed Wine and the other festivities of a good Party. Obviously, Vashti was not like the King; so when she was called before the King…she refused. This was a bad thing for the queen to do, and the King was really upset. In short, the King had Queen Vashti exiled for this contempt (Esther 1:22).

A little later, the King decided He wanted a new Queen, so all the Fair Maidens in the kingdom were summoned to the Palace. Esther was a Jewish Maiden who had been raised by her Uncle Mordecai. Esther and Mordecai were righteous and just people, yet still just people. In short, Esther was chosen, and she became Queen (Esther 2:22). The King was beside Himself over Esther!

In the meantime, Mordecai would sit at the Gates of the Palace; and He overheard two workers of the Palace plotting to assassinate the King. Mordecai told Esther, and Esther told the King, in Mordecai’s name, of the Plot; so the two workers were caught and Hanged (Esther 2:23).

At this same time, the King made a man named Haman the second in Command, after the King. So now we are going to pause for a Moment or two, maybe for Effect, if you will…Ha Ha!

Who are you in this story? Most of the Women would like to be Esther – sort of the Cinderella of the Bible, if you will – and the Men would always choose to be the King…it’s always good to be King…right? Or are you Mordecai? If you already know the entire Story, few would ever choose to be Haman.

For this moment, being whoever you are in this story, take a personal view, look around. What do you see, what are you thinking, and how are you acting? It truly is important to see the story from this perspective, as you can do with every story in the Bible. The reason I am doing this is to try and get you to see and Live through their Eyes…into their Lives, thus making the experience…very…very Personal! In other words, you ARE that person you chose; you ARE living their life…how much more personal can you make that?

It has been my perspective…that FEW…ever do this sort of thing; thus…how much of the story do you truly miss, how boring can this story be, and how easily forgotten as well. If we sort of ‘Gloss’ over the story, we miss its significance and the importance of each character. And that would include Haman. As we already see, Haman is a very smart person. He is seeking more and more Power, More riches, more of everything! Why? Haman is like everyone else, even in this day and time. Haman likes his comforts, the best of food and drink, the best of homes, and besides that…He wants everyone to KNOW who he is.

Does this sound like people of today? You know it does, simply because people are just that…people. Would your life be better, more enjoyable if you were rich? Of course it would…but is that all there is? Let’s remember, wealth is only for the Living! It can also keep you from seeing how life truly is for all people…does that sound familiar of some people today? WOW.

Let’s move a little bit Laterally.

Little has truly changed from those days…to today. The King had a huge kingdom, all of the Middle East and into North Africa. That being the case, the King needed his advisers to watch everything for him and make all the needed changes. The King would need a huge Army; and in those days there would be all sorts of different Soldiers needed to make war, to defend the Kingdom and all of its people. By the same token, it would take Cities of people to help and support the Army, to provide the armaments, the individual Armor for the soldier as well as his swords and spears, Bows and Arrows.

Again, not much has changed up to this day and age; am I not correct? No matter what Base or Post you go to, there are people all around that support the Military with whatever they need. Of course, this would require food and water for the Troops as well as for all the people making everything for the Troops and their specific animals, Horses and the like.

The troops would need housing and a place to congregate, places for enjoyment to de-stress and find comfort, and places for their Families to live and thrive. We would be able to see that the entire Nation would be required in these efforts; thus, the advisers were critical. Think of how many advisers this nation requires to be the Super Power it is today. Again, if you stop and think about it, the entire Nation is required! Blacksmiths, Farmers, Cattle Drivers and Ranchers, shipbuilders, chariot designers and builders, etc. And again, these people need to be taken care of, to be fed and watered, to be housed and furnished…obviously it is a daunting task!

When it came to the King, everything had to be quick and concise and still have all the information needed. Back in those days, a mistake could cost you your life! The King also was made to be very exacting; a decree once made could not be undone…even by the king himself. ‘Finagling,’ if you will, became important to get around such mistakes, by whomever! Well…except when the King would blow a fuse and rampage about!

You’re the King

As King Ahasuerus, you are the power…right? And as we have shown, you need your advisers to be an efficient King, and you need Haman to be your right hand; otherwise, you would be trying to make every single decision…yourself! Impossible, right?

Think of how much time you must spend listening to others. How much do you trust them? Would it be easy to forget anything? Please notice at the end of Esther 2, you have been saved from assassination by Mordecai; and yet, was anything nice done for Mordecai? WOW.

As of late, your first Queen has snubbed you in front of the entire Nation, and you chose to exile her. Now you have a new Queen. How will she fare for you…or will she be another Vashti? Oh, the Drama of it all! And…what about Haman? Good, bad, or indifferent? Could it be that Haman wants to be King…by dethroning YOU? Maybe being King is not all it’s cracked up to be…Hmm?

You’re Esther

So you’re the ‘Fairest of all the nations maidens’…Wow…you caught the eye of the King! (shivers…shivers!)

So now you are queen! Whoooo….careful now! What are your thoughts? Do not forget Vashti and what all happened to her! You are a Godly Woman, a Jew, here in the Palace with your Uncle who raised you, just outside. What are your duties? Surely you have some…right? How are you feeling? What are your thoughts? Feeling a little scared? I know I would! Keeping the ‘Balance’ – what a job that would have to be for you! Got a Big Head? It would be hard not to feel some of that…right?

It is squirm-y to be caught between the King and someone like Haman, am I not correct? How delicately should you deal with others like Haman without making any enemies of anyone? Sort of like being caught between a rock and a hard place, right?

Vashti was a good and beautiful Queen; thus, she was not executed but exiled for Life. But it could have gone really badly if the King had so chosen! As Esther, you must be above that sort of thing; thus, you must be different…and thoughtful! You must be Gracious to a fault, always thinking before they do. The position is fraught with holes and deception as well; one must be very careful.

As Haman

You are a crafty sort of person…dedicated to promoting YOU. As the absolute Second in Command, you are aloof, self-serving, and especially motivated like no other! The Branch you sit on can be very perilous, and the fall would be Eternal. Your house is built right next door to the King’s Palace, not quite as plush as the Palace, but very, very close. You must be all things for the King and a true hard-nose for the subordinates…all of them! You are conniving and deceitful…when needed. Always to promote you first!

So let’s leave things as they are for now while you continue to engage yourself into your particular Character; study that person, own that person, and you may find it very enjoyable.

May the Lord Bless each and every one of you in this endeavor. I know how this feels; I have done this a number of times, and I enjoyed each of them. Just make sure you stick to what is written in the Bible; the rest is conjecture at best. Let me know what you think of this.

To be continued

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

All Scripture comes from the King James Version of the Bible