What Happens Immediately After the Rapture? :: by Clay Smith

What Happens Immediately After the Pre-Tribulation Rapture?

Jesus is coming back to take his bride, the Church, off the earth to keep her from going through the Tribulation period that’s primarily mentioned in the book of Revelation of the Bible.

The word rapture is not in the Bible. It’s Greek for “harpazo” which became the Latin word “raptus,” and thus became the English word “Rapture.” It means to carry off or snatch up, and this biblical prophecy is located in several verses. On Rapture Ready’s home page in the left-hand column, you can find the meaning of the rapture titled: “The pre-Tribulation Rapture.” Rapture Ready explains it very well.

Before I begin to explain the meaning of this article I am writing, I would like to establish some facts that are relevant to the subject matter.

Fact #1: There are scriptures in God’s word that support this coming event.

Fact #2:  This is what God’s word tells us, and his word is authoritative and absolute truth. Nothing you or anyone can say or not believe will ever change his Word. It’s set in heaven. Good luck with that.

Fact #3: This event is future and can happen immediately even while you are reading this article (in the blink of an eye). Actually, that is the gospel truth as they say. Please read 1 Corinthians 15:52.

Fact #4: This event will happen all over the world all at once, and the Holy Scriptures do not give us any specific time it will occur. It could be either day or night depending on where you are in your time zone.

Fact # 5: These scenarios that are going to happen after the rapture are so obvious, there’s no second guessing them.

I, like every other believer in the pre-tribulation rapture of the church, wonder what will really take place right after this worldwide event including what will happen in the days following. Will the seven-year Tribulation start immediately after, or will there be a “gap” of hours, days, weeks, etc.? No one knows for sure; each believer has their own opinion.

I’m not writing this to frighten or cause anxiety to anyone, just realistically revealing what it’s going to be like in real-life drama unfolding on the unsuspecting world. I’m sure I’ve left out a lot of exhaustive details that others can add.

But know this: this is a wake-up call for those who have not trusted in Jesus Christ as your Saviour; this is what you have to look forward to and go through if you haven’t.

This is my humble “opinion” based on what I believe from God’s Word, King James Version. Many believers have varying views on when this biblical event will happen.

I hold to the belief of what will take place in this regard just like the folks here at Rapture Ready.

Many of you have studied and researched videos and different resources on the rapture, tribulation period, Second Coming of Jesus, end times and much more. I’m not trying to cover these in any way, just focusing on one part of all of it.

I’m also not going to give any scriptures here; and I’m not going to preach to you. But I do know this: Like any other believer that has studied this subject with any seriousness and sincerity, it’s going to be chaotic and dreadful at the very least. If the word doomsday has an appropriate definition, this will be it, literally, of what’s coming.

A lot of us have seen the “doomsday and end of the world movies” that depict terrible scenes. I’m sure there are a lot of articles in the Rapture Ready archives over the years from writers that explain this in more detail that you can research.

I’m not claiming to “get all this exactly right,” just throwing in common sense in what will happen when something of this magnitude affects human life on this planet.

Remember: everyone has their own view on how all this will take place. Some think not much will be affected due to the rapture, and others might not even be aware anything happened at all, depending on where they live.

Others think it will affect most everyone immediately. When this does happen, it will be nighttime in one part of the world and daytime in the other part.

In the twinkling of an eye:

All of a sudden, millions of people disappear off the face of the earth simultaneously. They vanish immediately from wherever they are and whatever they are doing, even sleeping.

These people that have vanished are Christians who have trusted Jesus Christ as their Saviour; and he has taken them up in the clouds (scriptural) to be with him in heaven. Refer to Fact #3 above.

This will cause immediate chaos and travail all over the globe, especially in populated areas. Loved ones and friends disappear in front of the ones that did not make it. Only their clothes and all manmade items on their person are left. Babies and children under the age of accountability are gone in an instant with some grief-stricken parents and relatives likely wanting to commit suicide. This will be so devastating to them. What happened?

Aircraft with Christian pilots will go down unless the secondary pilot or navigator can keep it flying. What will happen when all these planes crash into populated areas? We can only imagine the devastation that will cause in populated infrastructure everywhere.

Imagine the car wrecks on all the roads and interstates when the drivers disappear from the vehicles. All the freeways and roads will be a nightmare in a thousand different ways. Imagine the “road rage incidents” that will take place in these gridlocks. One wreck ties up a freeway for hours sometimes; what will it be like when tens or hundreds of vehicles crash? How will authorities clear all that mess and pandemonium?

Same thing with trains crashing without engineers to stop them.

We all have seen TV scenes and various videos of riots with anarchy, scenes of weather emergencies, social unrest and rebellion, and terrible accidents and deaths that are hard to comprehend. There will be fires and explosions happening; look at all the big fires in California and the Midwest states that are ongoing even now. Chaos will look like that.

There will be confusion, distress, anarchy, wars, madness in many forms, breakdown of society; you name it. Looting, lawlessness and criminal chaos will be the state of affairs everywhere commencing at stores, businesses, homes, vehicles, etc.

Think about chemical plants (I worked at one, and if no one is at the control room watching the process, bad things happen), gas and nuclear plants, factories, big machines and equipment running. What happens there? Things go boom. People die. Hospitals, physician centers, etc., will lose many of their staff in the rapture, and they will be overwhelmed with victims they can’t take of.

Military installations will be on full alert, and there could be martial law set in place temporarily till things calm down.

Imagine the people that will raid stores, gun shops, groceries, and other businesses. A lot of people will just be in mindless shock, not knowing what to do or where to go. They most likely won’t be able to travel anywhere except by motorcycle, bike or walking to who knows where. The gangs in big cities? Oh man; pure lawlessness!

Many of law enforcement, EMT’s and firefighters will be gone also. How can the departments respond to a crisis of this magnitude? There will not be enough help. No one knows how long it will take to recover from this “mess.”

If the rapture happened in church on a Sunday morning, what would that look like? Would everyone be gone, or only a few left? The ones left behind will be weeping and in despair because they will know what just took place.

Government leaders will come up with ideas on where all the people possibly went.

Maybe this is where the antichrist steps in!

Aliens will probably be the first reason. “Beam me up Scotty.”

Those Christians were taken, those religious nuts that went to church to worship God all the time.

A New Age of Enlightenment has begun, and those who were not able to “evolve” into a higher consciousness were removed.

The Mandela effect

CERN Collider

The list goes on…

After this world event calms down (I know; not the right word to use), and societies try to get order established, there is someone who will rise up to have all the answers for everything. This person is called the antichrist who is mentioned in the Bible. When he signs a (false) peace covenant with Israel, the seven-year Tribulation begins.

There is so much to this “new event” after the rapture that this is for another article altogether. I will leave that for another time, but there are articles already on this that you can research.

I will leave this to you to determine where you belong in this equation. If you have any questions, contact me or one of the other writers. You don’t want to go through this. Make Jesus your Saviour and inherit eternal life through him, and escape this horror. If you think the time just after the rapture is bad, read the book of Revelation and find out about all God’s judgments during the Tribulation.

May God Bless You All,

Clay Smith