God Gave Us a President :: By Thomas J. Miranda

God Sent President Trump 
In the early days of civilization, people sought out a leader, such as a conquering general, and allowed themselves to be ruled by that individual. This was followed by worship of that leader or the religion that the ruler prescribed. Usually these forms of worship involved a drift to a satanic religious cult including animal and human sacrifice and an array of idols to be worshipped!

What set the Israelites aside was that they worshiped an invisible, powerful God whom no pagan god could match. But, the Israelites were not satisfied with their invisible God and demanded a visible god. So the Israelites asked the prophet Samuel to ask God for a king (1 Sam. 8).  Samuel warned the Israelites that if they chose an earthly king, they would be subjected to bondage. Ignoring the warning, God permitted them to vote for Saul to be their King, a bad choice.


So throughout history we witness the rise and fall of leaders, some good, most bad as history repeats itself!

We in America are now living this saga over again. We continue to elect bad presidents and wonder why the country is in the state of decline. Our last great President was Ronald Reagan who loved his nation. Since Reagan we have had terrible presidents, especially the previous one. So, finally a day of reckoning arrived; and as if it came from the pages of the Bible, we elected Donald Trump – an unexpected outcome.

It is the opinion of this writer that the election of Donald Trump election has Spiritual Implications; that is, the Hand of God was with the American People to give us one last chance to remain a Constitutional Republic. Consider the alternative. What would this country look like under the guidance of Hillary Rotten Clinton? She would have continued the disastrous rule of Barack Obama and driven the United States to oblivion.

There was no way that President Trump could have succeeded with all the odds against him, unless God intervened!

This past election has some serious issues for all Christians. We need to recognize that we are now facing a showdown between God and Satan, and you can assume which candidates were on Satan’s ballot! I am so disgusted with the churches, particularly my own, which supported Clinton though fully aware of her sick background of deceit, lies, criminal activity and old-fashioned dishonesty.

In the case of my church, the Pope ordered a program to brainwash Catholics to vote for Hillary. The church sponsored seminars to suggest that even though a candidate may have one or two unsavory flaws (abortion and homosexuality as approved by Clinton), Catholics should put aside these minor distractions and vote for her anyway.

The leader of the session I attended at Little Flower Church was a Notre Dame Professor who was well trained in indoctrination. (Pity the parents who send their children there to be indoctrinated by his ilk.) I asked my Pastor why we did not hear from the pulpit the danger we were facing in the coming election; and he told me that they could not speak from the pulpit on political matters. (Strange that the seminars on indoctrination were acceptable?)


Christians must wake up to what is happening in our lives today. We have lived through years of continuous warfare planned and executed by evil men and women who live in the shadows. Some informed members of society have taken time to learn of people like the Bilderbergs (President of Notre Dame Rev. Hesburgh was a member), the Illuminati,  secret societies like Skull and Bones at Yale and Harvard who nurture promising traitors, The Aspen Group and others. George Soros is a menace to our society and an ordained traitor who works and financially supports causes that war against our Constitution and our way of life.

Those who study End-Times Issues are clearly aware of what is coming; and what is shocking is that our Church Leaders are completely asleep at the wheel, more concerned with ‘important issues’ like Global Warming, recycling and other issues of no spiritual value. I have felt uncomfortable in my own church mentioning the word “Jesus Christ” lest I offend someone. Have we gone this low in our spiritual journey?

We have a way to fight back and should get into the fray with both feet and armed with the truths of the Bible in our hands. Our major way to fight back is for Christians to stop being afraid of acknowledging our Lord Jesus Christ and believing that we are near the End Times predicted in Scripture. God has provided us with the Armor of God to withstand the wiles of the devil (Eph. 6:11-12).

In our current situation, God has given us a leader who can draw out reluctant Christians who must put on the armor of God and go into the battle that is coming sooner than later.

Could anyone have ever dreamed that we would see in the White House a President in the midst of Preachers praying for his success and for our Country? Did you ever think that we would hear from the President the Name of God used so often in his public discourses? Did you ever hear a President make a controversial but true statement that upset the dishonest press, then immediately back off when dissension occurs?  Not President Trump!

This God-sent President has done more in his short time in office than anyone before him. His critics, the Democrats who have no pool of good ideas, are only distractors and incapable of solving any real problem, except raising taxes.

Christians must come to understand that there is a real spiritual battle waging between God and Satan, and the churches are the main target of Satan. Witness the siren song of False Prophets selling ‘feel good’ religion, yet ignoring the evil that will befall us. Major churches like the Anglicans, Catholics and Methodists are struggling with scandals and dissension in the ranks while televangelists are reaping great financial rewards but leading the faithful far astray.

In a spiritual war, one must arm themselves with all the necessary tools available. The most important aspect is our relationship with Jesus Christ since He will be leading the charge. The next logical element of the force would logically be the churches. Unfortunately, that is not an option. Churches are failing to recognize their role in the final scenario and continue to entertain their flocks rather than warn them. The Televangelists have made a lot of money fooling the uninformed by their programs of wild music and dancing instead of preaching to souls who are hungry for the truth. These are the false prophets that Jesus warned us about.

Major churches like the Catholic Church continue to be mired in scandals that are driving away thinking members, while covering up sex crimes of members of the Church’s highest positions instead of dealing with the problem. The usual mode is to throw the guilt upon the victims, many of whom are children, transferring the guilty to another hunting ground without alerting the congregation of the monster in  the room, or paying out large sums from the ‘second collection’ to pay lawyers.

Televangelists like Jimmy Swaggart and those like him who have exorbitant salaries, homes and lifestyles prey on the need of the faithful who are seeking truth and willing to pay for it through the ‘gift offering.’

Satan and his minions are busier than ever as we approach the coming Waterloo event that has been promised and is certainly coming.

Christians must remain awake and armed to fight the wiles of the devil and be prepared. Jesus warned us and we had better pay attention. Buy an alarm clock for those in the clergy who are sound asleep. Better yet, throw a Bible at them and wake them up!

God sent President Trump in our hour of need! Christians need to pray for his success and to thank God for sending him.