The Islamization of the West Pt. 2: Barack Obama :: By Vanessa Panas

September 11
When Muslims wanted to build a mosque near the 9-11 site, they said it was to build a bridge between the US and Islam. There was a mistrust of Muslims after 9-11, and rightfully so. They didn’t build that mosque to bring unity; they built that mosque to show they conquered the US.

September 11 was not some random day picked by these terrorists. September 11 has a deep-rooted meaning in Islam. September 11 is a day in history where the Christian West and Islam had conflict several times, with the Christian West being victorious. The opening of that mosque to the Muslim world said “America is open for business.” And our elite politicians went right with it.

The Great Siege of Malta, September 11, 1565

One firsthand account tells us of watching the Turkish Ottoman Empire approach the shore and the horror they witnessed. The Muslims used psychological warfare by crucifying some of the knights they encountered. The witness said, “Wooden crosses pushed out by the enemy to float in the harbour, and crucified on each was the headless body of a Christian knight.”

On seeing this, the captured Turks imprisoned in the dungeons were taken from their cells and beheaded one by one.

The Muslims were ready to engage the Knights of St. John and their fearless leader, Grand Master Jean Parisot de la Valette.

“The heads of his Turkish captives were fired from his most powerful cannon direct into the Muslim lines. There would be no negotiation, no compromise, no surrender, no retreat.”


Malta was saved with the help of Sicily, for Europe and Christianity. The Knights of St. John had won.  Only 10,000 Muslim Ottomans made it home out of 40,000. It was a brutal battle with the Christian Knights fighting until their death; only a few survivors remained. The Christians fought back.

September 11, 1609

The Muslim expulsion from Spain was a result of Muslims not integrating with non-Muslims. They were accused of Taqiyya, meaning they secretly still worshipped Muhammad and Allah. This is what they still do today. The Koran forbids them from having non-Muslims as friends.

September 11, 1697

The battle of Zenta resulted in Sultan Mustafa II and the Ottoman army, at the crossing of the Zenta River, being decimated. The Ottoman artillery was lost, and an estimated 30,000 Turkish soldiers were killed or drowned. The Holy League forces lost only 300 men.

Muslims are not simply fleeing to the West because they are in fear for their lives; they want YOU to be in fear of your life. This is about conquering. This is in the Koran, and this is what Muslims are ordered to do – CONQUER THE LAND OF THE INFIDELS. They want to murder non-Muslims, especially Jews and Christians.

Quran 9:30 “And the Jews say: Ezra is the son of Allah; and the Christians say: The Messiah is the son of Allah; these are the words of their mouths; they imitate the saying of those who disbelieved before; may Allah destroy them; how they are turned away!”

Qur’an 3:28 “Let not believers take disbelievers as friends and protectors rather than believers. And whoever does that has nothing to do with Allah, except when taking precaution against them in prudence.”

There will always be that small, violent, fringe element who claim to be Christians, but if they are not following God’s law or His rules, Jesus did not say to murder the unbelievers.

If a Christian or Jew doesn’t eat pork, they simply don’t eat pork. Islam, however, will murder you for eating pork. They will murder you for any number of reasons. Halal meat (or kosher meat as it is known in Judaism) is a commandment.

When it comes to Islam, there is no coexistence as the leftist bumper stickers proudly scream. Islam’s main goal is to conquer the West. Nothing has changed in 1,400 years. There is no radical Islam; there is ISLAM. Conquering the West is what all Muslims want.

Quran 17:16 “And when We wish to destroy a town, We send Our commandment to the people of it who lead easy lives, but they transgress therein; thus the word proves true against it, so We destroy it with utter destruction.”

It’s clear that the crime committed in the West is moral transgressions, and the punishment is utter destruction.

We hear the sob stories of how they must flee their own nations because of the danger of “radical Muslims.” Yet, when they enter Western nations, the first thing they demand is an acceptance of their religion without integration. There is no acceptance of Christianity in Muslim nations, so why are we being forced to accept and embrace a religion that calls for our annihilation?

When the president of the greatest nation ever built denies its Christian roots, we have a problem. Not only did former President Barack Obama go on a national apology tour, but in one moment on national television he denied the United States ever being a Christian nation. Is Obama a Muslim? Your guess is as good as mine, but I dare say he’s not a Christian.

Speaking of Obama, I highly suggest you watch the hour-long speech/lecture he gave in South Africa. This wasn’t a speech on Mandela; this was a message to the US. As a matter of fact, it sounded an awful lot like a call for a civil uprising against Trump supporters. It sounded like a call for a racial war. This was not supposed to be a part of my next article, but it’s too important to ignore. I guess that means there will be a part 3 and 4 of my article. Things are moving fast!

The entire speech had a racial undertone—not one single mention of the white genocide happening right there in front of him. His speech gave the black men and women in the audience an excuse to murder more white neighbors. It was all very divisive, all doom and gloom. Obama said the US isn’t the greatest nation in so many words and our past doesn’t matter. Then, with a straight face he did it; he spoke of the current border situation and children being “ripped” from their families.

BUT, what really got me the most was, “THOSE KIDS IN CAGES COULD BE MY CHILD.” (Trayvon could be his son, remember?) HE talked about kids being taken from their families at the border, a practice he expanded. He was also responsible for separating 90,000 children from their families.

When President Obama claimed Trayvon could be his son, it set off riots. Now the kids he locked in cages in 2014 could be his imaginary child?

President Trump separated 2,400 children and has started to reunite them. He also wrote an executive order that stopped the separation of families. Yet there is mock outrage at President Trump.

The entire speech was racial and divisive—not one unifying word.

He spoke of Globalism, Colonialism and Imperialism. As he spoke, I began to realize he was speaking to the United States, more directly to President Trump and his supporters. I thought, did he just call for an uprising? I then lost my train of thought on part two of my article I had been working on. But I think Obama’s speech is exactly what my article needs. For in it he called for everything I was warning that was coming here to the US.

He used South Africa as a backdrop to speak directly to President Trump and conservatives in the US. Are you paying attention yet? Nothing they have tried against President Trump has worked. It’s almost like there is something standing in front of him smacking down every ridiculous allegation.

Obama reshaped our world. President Bush helped get the ball rolling. These two globalists live behind secured gates, so why would they care about you or your family?

Obama also made special note that he was only an “honorary member” of the white, rich and elite club. The audience roared with laughter, even though Obama has been jet setting with these white, rich and elite since he stepped out of office. He has now broken normal protocol of a former President. It’s unheard of, and at the time GWB left office, the left would have been outraged if he began to speak to the media and give speeches on the current administration.

Obama’s speech dripped with globalism; only in that Obama way did he somehow turn his globalist agenda onto the Republican Party. I was extremely confused at the beginning of this speech because he was bashing all of the problems globalism has caused, that HE CAUSED. He talked of Layoffs in manufacturing plants and poverty, less money in your pocket or your job given to someone who will do it for less money.


He threw in discrimination of women and the black community. Obama said there is an institutionalized oppression in the US. He also said there are disparities in income between blacks and whites, but then slipped in that “the more things change, the more they stayed the same.” Another racial dig.

He stated that the Russians meddled in the 2016 elections, meanwhile ignoring the fact that he meddled in the Israeli elections. Then he went into a long lecture on Trump supporters. In so many words, he called us white nationalists and claimed that we don’t want anyone not like us around.

The Democrats have been in meltdown mode since President Trump met with President Vladimir Putin. He has a lot on them, and they know it, from Hillary’s deal on uranium to secret deals and meetings. Did he tell Trump what he knows? The Democrats, including a few RINOS, are running scared.

Obama went on to say the populist movement was “reactionary politics.” He was very smug; even as a white genocide is happening in South Africa, he stoked the racial flames there, but he was stoking them in the US as well.

New videos are emerging of white men and women being attacked for no apparent reason across the US. Many have a MAGA hat or shirt. Sometimes it doesn’t matter; you’re a Trump Supporter and that’s enough.

Obama claimed the economy is good due to steps HE took while in office. Without naming Trump supporters, he said we voted the way we did out of a “politics of fear,” whatever that means.

He spoke of far right parties, nationalism disguised as patriotism, and imaginary censorship of leftists in America. He claimed (without naming Trump supporters, but you know exactly who he is talking to) that Trump supporters promote hate, paranoia, propaganda and conspiracy theories.

He then, in that smooth Obama way, said that America has come to a crossroads and that there are two visions for humanity, that we will be remembered in future generations by the story we choose—the side we choose.

He then caught my attention even more (if that’s possible) by saying globalism is just a small detour, and those fighting Trump have no choice but to move forward; and he threw that word democracy out there again. Remember, we are a constitutional Republic. There are huge differences between the two. (See part 1)

He joked of having hard evidence of corruption in the Trump administration while not naming the Trump administration; but again, the undertone was “Trump Supporters” are the oppressor and the authoritarian class with rabid nationalists, that patriotism is a code way of showing Nazism and racism.

The speech was just over an hour long, and I’m going to delve more into what our former president said later in this series.

What Obama said in this speech was outrageous. He, along with the Democrat Party, is calling for a civil uprising and racial war in the US. As he spoke to a crowd full of adorers, he never once mentioned the white genocide happening. He never mentioned the white farmers that are being slain. He almost seemed to give their murder justification.

South Africa’s new president, Julius Malema, said without land redistribution they cannot build a united South Africa. This means taking land and even homes from white South Africans. Obama made it clear that they are getting what they deserve. The claim is these white property owners stole this land hundreds of years ago. They are being blamed for what someone else did, hundreds of years later. Sound familiar?

Barack Obama had nothing but praise for Malema, many times laughing and joking – and again, ignoring the genocide around them. Obama’s speech should be a wakeup call to every conservative and especially supporters of President Trump. It’s not conservatives that want a civil uprising; it’s the globalist Democratic Party that is pushing for one.

When you have people like Maxine Waters pushing for civil unrest without being forced to resign, we have an issue. When a sitting president can be investigated at the taxpayers cost for well over a year and not one drop of evidence has ever materialized, we have an issue.

When the Democrats want a Cold War with Russia and scream in horror that President Trump met with a world leader who, btw, is the world’s number 2 super power, then we have a problem.

President Trump kicked Obama’s “reset button” back to Hillary. Will this be a lasting peace? Probably not, but did President Trump do again what the obstructionist Democrats promised to do and couldn’t? Absolutely. In fact, when President Trump ran against Mitt Romney, he denied there even was a new Cold War. Remember that? Obama knew exactly what he was doing to this country.

Muslim groups like CAIR have been labeled terrorist organizations in certain Islamic countries, including the US, but Obama embraced them. He not only embraced CAIR, but opened our public school systems to their indoctrination. When you have young children told they can’t pass out Christmas cards because of the imaginary “separation clause” but are encouraged to wear Islamic dress and pray to Allah, there is a huge problem.

Islam infiltrates, brainwashes and conquers every nation they’ve mass immigrated to. Countries like France, Germany and Sweden criminalize their own citizens in order to promote Islam. Leftist women are embracing Islam at all costs. The religion that literally treats them like second-class citizens, the religion where women have no voice or choice, is being embraced by women from the Democrat Party.

People all over the US are being forced by employers to take sensitivity training classes. These are nothing more than re-education classes. Are camps next? If the Democratic Party wins more seats in November or in 2020, that’s exactly where we are headed.

In the UK, churches are closing and mosques are opening in their place. In the streets all over Europe, from Germany to the U.K., thousands of Muslims take to the streets in prayer. They close shops, they stop traffic, and if you dare protest then you are a racist and Islamophobic. There’s one major thing to take notice of though. ISLAM IS NOT A RACE! It’s a religion. It’s a barbaric religion with a long history of rape and murder.

Think that Hitler was the first to “brand” the Jews? Think again. Islam began branding “people of the book” 1,400 years ago, both Jewish and Christian.

Child rape is rampant in Islam. In our United States military, our boys are defending our nation and have been ordered to stand down and are even prosecuted for attempting to protect little boys from brutal rape. Our young men that have taken an oath to protect the innocent have heard screams from young boys as they were raped.

Islam is on a Mission to ban anything they find even remotely offensive to their sensitive ears. Who else does this sound like? The Democrat Party. Jesus specifically told us that in the last days people would be easily offended. They aren’t offended at abortion. They aren’t offended at child rape. They are offended if you’re a Christian.

“Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you, and you will be hated by all nations for My name’s sake. And then many will be offended, will betray one another, and will hate one another. Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many. And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold. But he who endures to the end shall be saved. And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come” (Matthew 24:9-14).

There is one thing Obama was right about; we as a nation have come to a crossroads.

If you haven’t accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, then do so now! Time is running short, and He will come “like a thief in the night” (1 Thess. 5:2).

Vanessa Panas