Fall of the Church: Sideways Slide of Anglicanism :: By Denis Bowden

I have been mailing a fellow member of my erstwhile congregation at my local church for several years. He is an elder of the church and a very nice guy. However, as he is heavily involved in services in a lay capacity, I don’t believe for one moment that I’m reaching him: there is never any return mail or indication that he is reading my stuff.

Maybe he has deleted me from his list of approved contacts? Who knows? So, should I stop mailing him? Maybe I should. However, I’m taking the attitude that my written thoughts, as mailed him, could also be sent to our wider RR watchers. So here goes.

I was discussing with him my disappointment regarding what I consider to be ‘the sideways slide of Anglicanism.’ And I mailed him thus:

Hi………, (my anonymous fellow parishioner),

In watching the recent changes within Anglicanism/Episcopalianism, particularly as it pertains to the jurisdiction of Canterbury, I have become increasingly disturbed and alarmed.

First, past the post in this category, is the advent of male and female homosexuals into the clergy.
Next, is the rollover of the traditional sex orientation as it relates to the definition of male/female as is clearly stated in Scripture.

And all is leading to the determination by the Satanists to refine what Almighty God prescribed in the Beginning, particularly as the Word was given directly by the LORD to Moses.

So, let me commence with Moses’ first contact with the Almighty upon the Mountain where, nearby, he was acting as shepherd to his father-in-law’s sheep, when suddenly he was confronted by the Burning Bush.

Moses at the Burning Bush

“Then Moses asked God, ‘Suppose I go to the Israelites and say to them, ‘The God of your fathers has sent me to you,’ and they ask me, ‘What is His name?’ What should I tell them?’ God said to Moses, ‘I AM WHO I AM. This is what you are to say to the Israelites. I AM has sent me to you!’ God also told Moses, ‘Say to the Israelites, ‘The LORD, the God of your fathers—the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob—has sent me to you. This is My name forever, and this is how I am to be remembered in every generation’” (Exodus 3:13-15, Berean Study Bible).

Now Moses was raised a Prince of Egypt through his adopted Mother, Pharaoh’s daughter. There are biblical mentions of him writing on Aaron’s staff. This serves to indicate that he was literate, no doubt the recipient of a classical education in the Royal Household. Although it is scripturally recorded that he was, at the beginning, ill at ease and not very confident in his own ability to speak in a commanding manner, nevertheless, the LORD told him that He would speak for him through his brother Aaron.

That he became much more confident over the years as he matured in the ways of God is confirmed through Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and in Deuteronomy, right up to the end of his life. We can clearly ‘see’ that now he has become an erudite individual. He has developed and shown great knowledge that is gained only by studying and many years of leadership under the direct supervision of the LORD Himself.

Now this is very important because it is clear that there are, at the very least, four great books of the Bible directly attributed to Moses (Exod; Lev; Num; Deut) in which are recorded the forty-year journey/battles and sins committed by the wandering, embryonic, Israelite nation (though as yet, not gifted by the LORD as a landed nation).

Then, as we sum up the length and depth of the statutes, obviously having been transcribed into the Law, we must ask the obvious question. Did Moses speak all of this from memory only?

I allude to the huge volume of data that comprises the emerged Law. There are many, many pages of such statutes and ordinances; and Christians accept that the Law (in its entirety) was given Moses by GOD at His specific direction.

To me, it becomes plain that Moses must have had them recorded in written form, either by himself or Scribes that accompanied the Israelites or who were part of them. I most certainly believe that this conclusion is unavoidable, in fact, incontestable. And I believe therefore that we must accept the written testimony of Scripture itself, specifically as it is written. First the Torah, then from the Hebrew to the Greek, and later as taken into the New Testament.

An Exhortation to Obedience (see Leviticus 25:18-22; Deuteronomy 11:1-7; Deuteronomy 28:1 &14)

“Hear now, O Israel, the statutes and ordinances I am teaching you to follow so that you may live, enter, and take possession of the land that the LORD, the God of your fathers, is giving you. You must not add to or subtract from what I command you, so that you may keep the commandments of the LORD your God I am giving you. At that time the LORD commanded me to teach you the statutes and ordinances you are to follow in the land into which you are crossing to possess” (Deuteronomy 4:1-5).

And finally:

Introduction to the Law:

“This is the law Moses set before the Israelites. These are the testimonies, statutes, and ordinances Moses proclaimed to them after they had come out of Egypt, while they were in the valley across the Jordan facing Beth-peor in the land of Sihon king of the Amorites, who lived in Heshbon and was defeated by Moses and the Israelites after they had come out of Egypt” (Deuteronomy 4:44-46).

On the basis of this historical recording of what we understand took place, as a result of divine intervention, I make this statement: If doctrine IS NOT 100% true to its divine Scriptural origins, then truly, how can a professing Christian believer describe it as ‘authentic,’ let alone, in faith, condone it as that to which we should ALL profess and adhere?

Rome, Orthodoxy and Canterbury all accept Scripture from an allegorical perspective. This arose mainly from the writings of Origen, around 800 AD (and accepted subsequently as Roman/orthodox doctrine). By getting rid of the prevailing literal interpretation of Scripture, the denominational church immediately gained for themselves a magnificent capacity to interpret the purity of Scripture in whatever way (their wayward) spirit moves them. And my personal observation is that they were waywardly moved in the most error-ridden way deliberately so by some of those who now are venerated as ‘church fathers.’

Nowadays, it seems to me that every few months we are advised by the media that both Rome and Canterbury (Roman Catholicism & Anglicanism/Episcopalianism) have decided (upon their allegoric interpretation of the Scriptures) that some additional ‘latitude’ is possible to better comport the church to fit society. This is, scripturally speaking, an illogical fit. The true church was missioned to help lead society to repent through Yeshua, NOT conform themselves to society at large. Why? Because society at large is broken and sinful. Why then would those calling themselves ‘of the true faith’ wish to walk that path unless, of course, the immediate goal was simply to win converts?

How odd is this? Because most Bible-based believers and literal theologians believe that this same ‘society’ is now so corrupt and depraved that, quite frankly, as said Rhett to Scarlett in Gone With The Wind, “Frankly Scarlett, I just don’t give a damn!” And neither does society at large ‘give a damn’ as it ‘plays’ and lives life to the hilt – a society without care of consequences either to life or limb and certainly not with any fear of any so-called outcome upon its members’ respective souls.

Sadly, today many denominations can clearly be seen to ‘write-off’ convicted believers in Jesus Christ as Savior. Frankly, they constitute a nuisance, demanding answers that many in the clergy will not or cannot answer because they and their churches are not truly scripturally based. And worse, the Father Himself has now apparently (in some churches) long since disappeared into the realm of mythology.

Some denominations have even moved so far as to simply ignore the Cross and that supremely wonderful sacrifice He made to save us for eternity—that same Cross without which there is no sacrifice for repentant believers; and Christianity itself thereby becomes a charade, an evil ruse, a satanic joke playing upon our deepest hurts and shame. Such a slide of doctrine leaves us with no hope and certainly, no paschal lamb to cleanse us for eternity because of our mistaken belief.

Anecdotally, I well remember once going to a High Anglican Church (one which follows an almost Roman rite and doctrine). I was on holiday but wished to attend a Service on Sunday morning. After the Service was concluded, the Anglican priest shook my hand, and full of the spirit, proclaimed to me and others ‘that he had just found God!’ He was a middle-aged cleric, and I concluded had been in the priesthood for many years and only now had found his Savior. I shiver when I think of how many there may be just like him in the modern church, though I applauded his conversion at last.

Knowing this, one might well ask, what does motivate the denominational church? Where do they intend to take their dwindling congregations (if not to Hell with them)?

Our Jesus, our Yeshua, is currently being replaced (apace). This faithless divergence is led by clergy with a deep, social concern for this present world and its encompassing natural environment. And on top of all is the gross sanctification of our insane worship of celebrity, and running equal place – our love of self.

The clergy is drawn from society with few apparently appearing to truly be called by God. As such, why be concerned when their views reflect their own societal roots? Conversely, a true faith-based pastor with a literal understanding of scripture is drawn out of and AWAY from society. He belongs to the LORD, and his teaching will immediately reflect that. This is why it is so vitally important to read your own Bible regularly, listen closely to your pastor’s sermons, and CHECK the sermon references for truth and accuracy.

Why then, on this basis, should they of the denominational ‘church’ leadership countenance a belief system built upon true, Bible-based scripture, particularly the 27% of which is relative to prophetic judgment? A judgment that prescribes a world destined to pass away, as did its predecessor in the Great Flood of Noah? Brethren, once you move from truth to allegoric fiction, you can freely adopt any position to suit and pander to a society already consigned to Hell. Worse, you can keep telling them that they have no need to fear: ‘God loves them!’

Also, we should not forget that the great denominational churches still, on the surface, claim salvation through the Grace of Jesus Christ. And of course Catholicism via its own mainly self-developed/interpreted sacraments – both still claim to speak a pure, faith based, theological doctrine, even as their high clergy continue to move them sideways. They mutually claim scriptural support for their respective doctrinal positions because, ‘they are God-breathed.’

The basis of their claim/s is that they therefore subscribe to a doctrine that allegedly, with love and compassion, can win us for God.

From a literal interpretation of the best of the known and respected translations, how then should we, who continue to walk steadfastly in biblical literacy, judge them in order to make a decision as to whether we should stay or walk?

Even based solely upon a literal interpretation, we can see plainly that many of the ‘little chips off the block’ of the great denominations are drifting precariously to the edge of Gehenna (Hell). Gehenna is described scripturally as that great abyss in which many of this passing world will forever lie in torment. If we conclude that that is a correct assumption to make, then what of the great denominations themselves? Personally, I believe that some of the so-called ‘church fathers’ have much to answer for. They have left us in spiritual limbo from the time they seized the power of the gospel and then took aim at the Jews.

And so yes, I have aimed my commentary bow at those so-called Christian churches that have become a self-perpetuating enterprise. Many of these allegedly ‘new’ evangelical movements sit like great Queensland Cane Toads (a foul and loathsome creature), sated with great assets and financial wealth. Typical of them are those very popular new movement/cultish churches demanding of a large and getting larger, tithing systems.

In return, they recompense their joyous congregations by providing high-class, ‘feel-good’ theatre, group togetherness and a sing-along in massive auditoriums filled to the rafters with thousands of ‘spirit’ moved souls. I have watched them in action from time to time. Without doubting the sincerity of those who have lovingly embraced such churches, I somewhat come away with the feeling that I was witnessing a group dynamic. And so, I was visually reminded of a certain similarity to the euphoria that grips a large pop concert with an audience of thousands mesmerized by the shared spectacle of swaying bodies with highly charged endorphins.

Pray for any and all of those who have become part of misled congregations. Some of these souls have been sold a pup that even goes so far as to tell them ‘that seeking fame and fortune can even be theirs with no strings attached!’ This particular type of phenomena is part of what I can only describe as ‘the heaven on earth’ belief system. As such, there appears little incentive to worry about the state of their respective souls when Yeshua appears as Judge. Ask the question, ‘would you describe such church movements as Christ-centered?’

The link below is a great example of the internal, spiritless rot that ensues when we replace the purity of literal spiritual leadership with false doctrine and teachings, supplanting it with something that actually is empty and spiritually Godless (divorced from the fatherly embrace of the Great I AM).

Clergy and congregations walking this path seek, as did Satan before them, to aspire (whether they realize it or not) to become a god of their own creation.

The Episcopal Church Begins Process Of Reducing God To ‘Gender Neutral’ Status In Their Book Of Common Prayer

Scripture (which Anglicanism has for centuries described as ‘God breathed’) states unequivocally that we should refer to our Heavenly Father in the MALE gender. There now has emerged those who would even (in this postmodern depravity) ascribe the FEMININE gender to the deity. They are falsely led by the obnoxious bias of a very militant movement, colloquially referred to as the ‘Feminazi.’ And believe me, they are right out of the box insofar as extremism is concerned.

Their mantra sings a song of male replacement into a subordinate universe wherein women rule and the spirit of manliness (itself ‘God-breathed’) is broken into some pathetic caricature of what the LORD intended when HE divided the sex of mankind into two halves – male and female. God help them! They represent the legion of the lost and sit well alongside the new genderless movement.

What does the Bible say about ‘God-breathed’ Scripture?

Statement of Faith, Got Questions Ministries, Section 1: The Bible

We believe the Bible, comprised of the Old and New Testaments, to be the inspired, infallible, and authoritative Word of God (Matthew 5:18; 2 Timothy 3:16-17). In faith we hold the Bible to be inerrant in the original writings, God-breathed, and the complete and final authority for faith and practice (2 Timothy 3:16-17). While still using the individual writing styles of the human authors, the Holy Spirit perfectly guided them to ensure they wrote precisely what He wanted written, without error or omission (2 Peter 1:21). – Gotquestions.org

The Book of Revelation (largely ignored in present-day teaching) as it was revealed to John the Evangelist by Yeshua Himself, describes the state of the modern church succinctly and to the letter. Most of it, we are taught, will fall; and surely it is now well on the way.

What, however, of the congregation at large? Most of us go blithely to Mass or Morning Prayer/Holy Communion. We recite the rote prayers as we are prayed over, then listen to virtually a rote sermon which runs strictly to a defined scriptural roster of what shall and WHAT SHAN’T be preached. Following this, we adjourn for morning tea, have a chat, feel good with ourselves and the world in general, then go home thinking all is well. We have fulfilled our devotional obligations for the week.

In fact, we are as described in Revelation (lukewarm). And brethren, that is why I believe that these spiritually dangerous changes are presently introduced so easily. They slide in silently, minus any criticism from those whose contented backsides grace the pews. Either we, the congregations (at large), are brain-dead zombies or at the very least, scriptural illiterates.

Anglicanism’s Book of Common Prayer has its Genesis in Luther and the Reformation of the English Church. The Book of Common Prayer is Anglicanism’s own Lutheran utterance of ‘HERE STAND WE!’

How can we STAND if our posture is, in fact, like puppies lying on their backs with all four paws in the air, waiting for someone (in our case) to scratch our allegoric ‘bellies’ to make us feel ‘good’ about ourselves? And of course, we must ‘feel good’ about ourselves to convince ourselves that God loves us even if we no longer attempt to pick up our own Cross and walk because, really, it’s either too hard or…let’s face it, ‘who does that anymore?’ We presently live within a society where we look to others to pick up our burden/s for us, so why tell people that Christ demands (yes demands) that we pick up our own personal Cross and walk the hard yards home?

We Anglicans claim some of the greatest evangelists in Christendom. How would they view what is happening? If doctrinally the ‘Church’ leads us in a satanic direction, then those clergy, at whatever level, that are seen by God to countenance this are forfeit. The Bible clearly states this, not I.

How bad will it be for the rest of us? We are now, step-by-step, accepting the lies of those who have infiltrated the clergy at every level. And we accept it because ‘we don’t wish to make waves,’ and certainly, God forbid, that anyone ever describe us a rabid ‘fundamentalist.’

So, my dear friend, I forward this to you as my brother. And I simply say, ‘watch’ and then make up your own mind. There are many present-day believers who like to consider themselves part of modern evangelism. An evangelist for the Christ is surely one who takes ALL the message in its holy purity, inclusive of the hard truths, to the world.

Modern evangelists tend to believe also that a great evangelical revival is coming. This is in spite of the Bible stating conclusively that such a revival WILL NOT take place until the Days of Tribulation commence – and that surely, when the final peace treaty is signed with Israel under the direction of Anti-Christ. In the meantime, what do we see? A world that is passing now so quickly into its final bacchanalia of depravity. And we are ALL part of it. The insidiousness of its satanic call leaves ALL of us stained and soiled.

Yes, I know that very few in modern Anglicanism, and certainly NOT in Roman Catholicism, speak this way. Yes, I know it labels me in the eyes of many of the so-called ‘enlightened’ as almost a dangerous fanatic. And yet, our Great Commission of evangelism has two prongs: The first is to bring the Gospel to the world (whether they wish to hear it/believe it, or not). But the second prong is our personal commission to be a ‘watcher.’

In the scriptural sense, a watcher is he/she who ensures that, when we see ‘the enemy’ approaching, we ‘who stand on the wall’ warn our brothers and sisters of the nature of the threat. In that, my brother, let it be said that I now pass the telescope to you.

Maranatha (come LORD, come).

Denis Bowden