Warning from the Watchmen on the Wall :: By Alice Childs

The Status Quo is About to Be Upended

We are watching every precursor to last days events falling right into place. As horrific as things are here and everywhere else for those who are believers and for the world in general, it’s so exciting to see every little piece of the end-times puzzle fitting right into place.

We are living in a weird place between what appears to be on one hand a return to American pride with a seeming chance at restoring “peace and prosperity,” and hanging over the cliff of complete devastation on the other. It is a weird dichotomy in which we are living. We could well see Isaiah 17 erupt in the next few weeks or even days (I am NOT predicting anything, merely surmising based on current events).

Turkey’s Erdogan (the modern-day Sultan wannabe) just solidified his hold in Turkey in their latest “election,” while in Russia, Putin, that sly old KGB fox, is working behind the scenes doing all he can to strengthen his hold in the Middle East, just biding his time until he feels the time is most advantageous for him to strike Israel.

And what event would be big enough for Putin to feel that he was free from the almost certain ramifications and retaliation from the United States, Israel’s staunchest, most ardent ally and defender? Why, an America that has been devastated and decimated by the rapture would certainly be a major green light for Putin to believe that he had a clear shot at what he’s always been salivating over – Israel’s “spoils” of oil and natural gas (God’s “hook in the jaws” of Gog as per Ezekiel 38-39).

Iran is openly pursuing her nuclear goals again, thumbing her nose at the whole world while the UN – the Useless Nations – sit idly by defending the tyrants and blaming Israel for everything wrong under the sun.

North Korea is back to her old communist ways also continuing to go forward with its nuclear program despite the recent peace talks between Kim Jong Un and President Trump.

Meanwhile, within the morass of the so-called Palestinian Authority, Abbas has one foot in the grave and the other on a wet banana peel with the Palestinian people being used as cannon fodder in the PA’s continuing suicidal hatred of Israel.

Bashar Assad in Syria thinks his situation is solidifying (all the while, the evil grand maestro Putin is playing Assad like a master violinist playing a Stradivarius). Iran is continuing to become more entrenched in Syria – especially Iran is being drawn into DAMASCUS. Israel knows she’s going to have to move soon against Iran’s continued presence in Syria because she (Israel) cannot allow Iran a stronger foothold there (can anyone say Isaiah 17?).

Almost every volcano in countries all along the Pacific Rim are in some state of eruption with many more once dormant ones becoming, not only active, but causing rising death tolls and destruction as they awaken and strengthen. Sink holes are opening up all over the place as the very ground underneath our feet becomes more and more unstable. Kilauea in Hawaii is continuing to erupt with no sign of stopping or even slowing down. The Yellowstone caldera in the US is waking up; and now, low and behold, geologists have found another super volcano, unknown before, lying under the New England states.

A new strain of Avian flu has breached the species barrier between birds and humankind, and is already beginning to make a slow burn throughout China. If it breaches the borders there, there is a high possibility that it will be poised to become a global pandemic along the scale of the Spanish influenza of 1917-18 that killed in the tens of millions worldwide.

All forms of social media and internet giants such as Google, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, et al, are cracking down on free speech in any form. Facebook – the NWO’s global version of George Orwell’s Big Brother – is tightening its “security” by the end of next month, which means that the global social- engineering giant Facebook will take another giant step in making it much more “secure” from the likes of us: political conservatives, and more importantly, Biblical believers (their real enemies).

Once our ability to freely spread the gospel, defend the faith, and speak truth in an open forum is severely compromised or shut down completely, then there won’t be any point for the Church to remain here. Besides, as we plainly see now, very few are listening anyway.

In Revelation 3, Jesus tells the Church of Philadelphia that He knows that she has “but a little strength.” Well, the Remnant Church is right there now. The very next thing of which He reminded the Philadelphia Church was of an open door that only He could open and close.

I am NOT making any predictions, nor am I setting any dates for the timing of the rapture, so let’s get that established now. All I am doing is giving a “watchman on the wall” report of the lateness of the hour and of the impending event that is going to rock this world like nothing ever has before—an event that will shatter forever the status quo that the majority of the world is clinging to with such futile hope. Jesus is coming for His bride; and when He does, NOTHING will remain the same from that point on. So get ready. Come to salvation NOW if you are lost.

I know I’m “preaching to the choir” here, but I want us all to be encouraged because we really ARE right on the cusp of the rapture. Hang in there believers and keep on keeping on. I expect that July (if we even get there) or the rest of this year, should we still be here, has the potential to be very significant. Keep looking up!