After the Rapture #34 :: By Dick Ainsworth

After the Rapture – Part 34
Really spreading the Gospel

I came across a fantastic tool in spreading the rapture and tribulation truths of the Bible for the crazy uncles of this world (or as Sally Law has referred to recently on RR—the “deplorable Jesus people”), for them to use in their witnessing efforts. It is from Pastor Billy Crone at Get-a-Life Ministries which features such guest notable Bible teachers as Jan Markell, Dr. David Reagan, Nathan Jones and Pastor JD Farag. I came across this DVD set from a Rapture Ready article posted May 22 by Pastor Crone entitled “THE SEALS: A panoramic view of the first half tribulation.”

It is a 10-DVD set that is heading for my left-behind box if I am still around to put it there. But they grant permission and also encourage you to print off your own copies to distribute to those who need to know the end-times Gospel. They also encourage public showings and, along with the reprinting/copying rights, there are no fees or charges. Just use their production to further spread His Word.

I thought I had a pretty good understanding of the four horsemen of the apocalypse in Revelation 6; but this DVD set blew my socks off, showing me just how little I did know. I didn’t clock the running time of these showings, but it is about 20 hours of sound Bible teaching from both the Old and New Testaments.

Here are a few highlights from this series, along with my added comments and observations:

Many of us usually talk about the antichrist (“the man with the plan”) and the false prophet. But this series explains how there will be many antichrists, many false prophets, many messiahs, many saviors, etc., on the scene during the tribulation period that the new baby Christians left behind must cope with for up to seven years.

After the rapture, deception and false teachings will skyrocket as will the new age movement. The extreme liberal left will get everything they want without opposition. Many atheist groups are already planning “rapture parties” to celebrate the mass disappearance of the “hater Christians.” Probably a lot of the same people who will be celebrating and giving each other gifts at the murdering of God’s two witnesses midway through the tribulation period (Revelation 11:10-13).

After the rapture, when the antichrist is revealed (the white horse), a brief peace will come into being. Then many worldwide wars will break the peace.

The wars will be extremely brutal; it will be more of a worldwide slaughter with all militaries on earth going completely mad and even killing those on their own side and in their same uniforms and armies. This 7-year worldwide full-scale slaughter will not stop until late in the tribulation period when Christ Jesus returns with His army of raptured saints (or else no flesh would be saved).

Famine and starvation will be another cause of massive death worldwide as starving people will attack each other for their next meal. Cannibalism will be commonplace with many mothers killing their own children for food. “Survival of the fittest” will become law, and God will allow this to happen because those left behind rejected Him and His laws. So live by your own laws for a while and see what happens, you demonic know-it-all’s?

It goes into detail on how the beasts of the world will attack and kill many earthly inhabitants. It examines governmental and religious leadership’s quest for overall world population control, also Satan’s end-times holocaust for Christians and Jews that will make Hitler’s WW2 slaughter look very small and mild.

The evil powers of the world will mass kill many using gas and germ warfare, much of which was developed in WW1 and WW2, but recently used by Syria and others including terrorist groups. Some of the killing agents presently in existence are Ricin, Mustard gas, Chlorine, Sarin, VX, to name a few.

Satan-inspired-and-led terrorist groups like ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc., will be rejuvenated with new greater strength at inflicting pain, suffering and death on Jews and Christians in these times. And Satan himself is the world’s leading terrorist.

World health experts report that the once-controlled black plague, bubonic plague, plus other deadly diseases are lying dormant, awaiting to be awakened.

Christ Himself will open these 7 seals that will lead to the death of one-fourth of the world’s population (1.8 billion), with decaying corpses piling up in streets and cities for the scavengers and buzzards to feed upon. This is “the beginning of sorrows” (Matthew 24:3-8). And there will be 14 more trumpet and vial judgments to go, not counting these seal judgments, which will eventually account for half of the world’s population to die horrible deaths.

A thorough and graphic section on massive earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, etc., is presented – while earthlings are dropping dead from heart attacks (literally “scared to death”) from God’s fast approaching wrath of judgments, amidst the false cries of many on Satan’s team who will still be pushing the false “peace and safety” line.

They report on DUMB (Deep Underground Military Bases) where high-level leadership has built underground cities as their hiding places from God’s wrath and judgment. They are renovating old ICBM missile silos – plus there are countries like New Zealand, for example, which is a hotbed of luring people to their underground projects, aimed to market to those hoping to escape the upcoming apocalypse. The easiest and cheapest way to escape is to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior now. Instead of going underground, you go up into the clouds.

I want to break in at this point to clarify that the purpose of my “After the Rapture” series is not to be misinterpreted to conform with Revelation 6:15-16 (where the powerful left-behind non-followers of Christ pray to the earth, the rocks, the mountains, etc., to fall on them and protect and hide them from the face of God in judgment).

This series is aimed at hiding new believers from antichrist, his gestapo, and the evil elements on earth until Christ’s return, in which the new believers should rush out to meet their Lord and Savior face-to-face. While the lost are scared to death of meeting Jesus, the new followers are eager to finally be with Him and onto their way to the thousand-year millennium and an eternity of happiness, freedom and safety.

It is a shame the new believers had to do it the hard way and meet Jesus face-to-face after the hell of the tribulation period. It would have been so much easier to have met Him in the clouds at the rapture.

It would be so much better for the lost to face Jesus in judgment, confess and repent now than to pray to a pile of rocks to hide them from God’s love. They had rather die in the rocks than be rescued by Christ. Another poor misguided choice.

The 7th seal is a half-hour of dead silence and is God’s final warning to the world that remains. Some call it the “heavenly hush” and suggest that this might be the time when the 144,000 Jewish witnesses and teachers are introduced to the remaining left behind?

Many prophetic graphics picture all four symbolic horses (white, black, red, pale) rushing out together onto the tribulation scene. I personally believe this is accurate. I don’t believe they come out single-file, so to speak. War will continue while famine, disease, beasts, etc., appear at – or nearly at – the same time.

God’s Word is so despised by this present world that anyone who speaks His Word will be killed and martyred in those times. Webster’s Dictionary defines “doomsday” as the destruction of the world. But a great many left-behind converts will be saved and move on into the millennium, which is not of this present world. I was shocked and amazed to note how many times this DVD series showed how many times God warned us of the scroll/seal judgments in the Old Testament alone!

This DVD set comes in 20 one-hour chapters which can be shown to a group in ten or twenty evenings, allowing for discussion time after each program. The first 16-chapters are on the actual “Seals” documentary, with the final four hours being one-on-one interviews with Pastor Crone’s guest Bible teachers. It is a riveting series where I didn’t find any dull or boring moments whatsoever. And it is Biblically thorough.

After watching the 20-hours, I immediately wanted to watch it again as it is so fast-paced and complete that I knew I missed a great deal. But I was tired and needed to go to bed for a while! I’ll do it in the morning!

The constantly increasing barrage of evil we see repeatedly today isn’t a drop in the bucket of what is coming after the rapture. The left-behind people will experience up-front and firsthand the gigantic and awesome power of God’s intense wrath on earth. The left behind will be there in the midst of it all, and many will be on the receiving end of His wrath. The rapture is the true escape provided by Lord Jesus.

This documentary is also great for those who don’t believe in the rapture at all. And my first thought about halfway through the series was that I definitely had to rewrite or modify some of my left-behind letters for my going-away box.

If you can’t convince any to go in the rapture, it should give them very good reason to head for the wilderness and try to hide-out from Satan’s evil world where, hopefully, they will spiritually wise-up. You crazy uncles won’t be here on earth to advise, answer questions, lead and organize. So study this DVD set to make one last-ditch effort to wake up those that are spiritually asleep.

The 10-DVD set is available for only $49.00 with no shipping costs added. They didn’t copyright the series and urge you to run off your own copies and/or hold public showings at no cost to you.

Contact them at: or phone (775) 410-3754.

Updating the list

I put together a short list in article #32 of supplies, equipment and tools those left behind might need to survive in the wilderness when the tribulation period hits. But I am sure many of you readers also have items on your mind that need to be added to the list.

So email these suggestions to me ( as I plan to update that list in the future.

Reader Feedback

“My name is Kieran Roberts, now an avid reader of the Rapture Ready website articles and an occasional commenter. I read your article #29 and it was very informative. I would like to add something more.

“The worst disease or plague to hit mankind was Black Death in 1343. It started in China then made its way along the Silk Road and by boat, where it hit Britain.

“The mouse and rat population had already exploded by then due to feral cats and dogs, having been removed because some bureaucrat had decided that they were a problem. Also that year was unusually wet, and the harvest rotted where it fell.

“The death toll from the plague was 250 million, one-quarter of Europe’s population at the time.

“The plague does rear its ugly head from time to time even now. And a recent newspaper report here (I live in Australia by the way) said that the plague was causing trouble in Madagascar.”

RON MARON emails again, doubting the words of God in the Bible. His email is as follows:

“You do realize, of course, that Satan is a myth that was used to describe maladaptive behavior over 2K years ago, don’t you? I have worked as a Psychotherapist for over 35 years and interacted with over 1K clients and NEVER saw anyone who was affected by ‘evil spirits.’ The concepts of Satan were used to describe something happening that they had no way of identifying otherwise.

“We have made great strides in understanding human behavior since ancient times. Present-day Christians who believe in Satan use it as a catch-all for all of their, and other’s, bad behavior and fail to take responsibility for their own acts. ‘The devil made me do it’ is meant to be a joke and not a state of reality.”

(Dick’s response): “I’m not going to argue with you as you are very set in your God-bashing beliefs. This isn’t the first such email of this sort from you to me.

“No, I didn’t know Satan was a myth? So God kicked the “myth” Lucifer out of heaven.” And the “myth” snake deceived Adam and Eve in the garden? And Jesus was tempted by a “myth” for 40 days in the wilderness? And the list goes on and on and on.

“Christians do take responsibility for their acts. It’s called “confession and repentance.” And “The devil made me do it” is not a joke. It is the truth.

“You haven’t seen or met anyone affected by “evil spirits?” Try walking down the sidewalk of any town or city or turn on the evening news and you will see plenty. Ever hear of Hitler or Stalin or Herod, to name just three?

“Your email is proof that Satan does exist as he has you believing he doesn’t exist. The only way you will believe differently is when you actually meet Satan yourself, but you will surely have to meet with ‘Someone else’ face-to-face first? I pray things will change for you and that your final judgment meeting will not be an unpleasant event?”

Dear RR readers and prayer warriors: As you read in this exchange of conflicting beliefs, Ron needs prayer from all of you that the Holy Spirit of God will grab ahold of his heart and soul and bring some light into his darkness. Please pray for him.

KAT WERBELOW emails the following:

“I am a new reader of RR and just recently read one of your columns about the rapture. I am very interested in your “uncles group.” I currently don’t have a church family “yet” because those I have visited either lack a group for 50-year-olds or the preaching is just too shallow and not prophetic at all.

“I have been teaching myself BIBLE PROPHECY for about seven years and still can’t get enough. It would be such a gift to find a group or church where I live that is like-minded. This is why I am interested in your group.

“May GOD BLESS you and your ministry.


(Dick’s reply): “As far as I know, there are no age requirements for going to heaven!”

Kat lives in Clovis, California (Fresno County). Anyone in that area, or if they know of anyone in that area who can provide Kat with church group information can send email to:

The “crazy uncle’s club” is a figment of my sometimes warped imagination. I dreamed that up as a way to describe the many crazy uncles many family members truly wished didn’t show up for the annual family Thanksgiving Dinner because he dominates the conversation with his end-times Bible prophecy talk. These hostile family members don’t realize that this Thanksgiving Dinner just might be their last?

If anyone has similar questions, I sent Kat the RR “After the Rapture” back articles #23, #19, #18, #14, #6 and #1.

LANGSTON ROWE writes: “Maybe you should talk about the church buying freeze-dried food and having that for the left behind. Or maybe putting in some underground shelters for them? I have been going to a Southern Baptist church for 61 years and I have never heard a preacher mention this. All they can talk about is a building program or more staff members. The truth is they don’t expect the rapture to happen in their lifetime.

“Personally I am worried about my black lab being locked up in my house when the rapture happens. He doesn’t have a choice, but I did buy him a self-watering pail that will last him 7 days. Then what?

“And I am not saying I am not worried about the ones left behind.”

(Dick’s reply): “Those are good ideas and suggestions, but I think you would be better off if a group of you crazy uncles got together and did it yourselves? It depends on the types of churches in your area. Finding a church these days that believes and teaches that the end-times are near is indeed very rare.”

Prayer’s Answered

Just thought I’d update you on recent events. The prayers are truly being answered, for which I am truly grateful.

From PAULA PARSONS: “My dad Tony has now accepted Jesus as his Savior. My sister-in-law Val has started to question things. Her mum died last year; she went to church with her during her later days. Since her death, Val has continued to go to church; she says she has found a huge peace but hasn’t yet accepted Jesus.

“My daughter (Rachel) is really progressing on her journey and has seen some amazing answers to prayers with regards to her work situation. She was praying to God to give her a sign that she was where He wanted her to be, as her job isn’t what it was promised to be when she started. The next day she found a Bible tract that had been placed in amongst the straws, and salt & pepper sachets. She was “God smacked” to say the least.

“She had also been praying for more hours so she could pay her bills. She was promised full-time hours and had only been given part-time hours. However, she left it all with God; and about a week later, she was told she was now getting full-time hours. This store rarely gives full-time hours out, so there is no doubt in my mind she is definitely where God wants her.

“We are so grateful for everyone who prayed for our situations.

“I am also so happy that your family is starting to come to Jesus. And I am happy your health is improving. Both Rachel and myself pray for you daily.

“Thank you, Dick

“Paula Parsons”

Also an email from SANDY MERRIFIELD which reads:

“To Dick and all of my Brothers and Sisters in Christ. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It means so much to know that my prayer requests are being read all over the world. I am seeing the power of all your prayers, and I am seeing the LORD AT WORK in my family as well as experiencing a greater strength and peace in my own walk with Our Lord and Saviour.

CYNTHIA is most grateful for everyone’s prayers for her family, and she reports that she is seeing positive results firsthand. Her daughter and her husband are getting closer to Jesus. She received more encouragement last week when her daughter surprised her with a statement when speaking of sobbing while watching Christian singer, Michael Ketterer (here) She said, “Mom, he is so filled with the Holy Spirit! Cynthia had not heard her daughter speak of the Holy Spirit, nor be affected in that way before.

FYI (prayer requests)

As you might notice in this #34 article, the “Prayer Requests” section is beginning to grow. So I did some totaling-up FYI (for your information).

So far, 26 individual prayer warriors have sent in requests for the RR world to act on. Here is a breakdown of what has come in so far:

159  individual salvation prayer requests

11  health, illness & healing prayer requests

4  entire family salvation without a count or individual names

3  asking God for spiritual strength and guidance

3  miscellaneous

This might serve as a guide to those of you who are a bit reluctant to email in prayer requests? Remember, God does not get tired and weary of hearing what you might think are too many prayer requests. So do it today.

Prayer Requests

Please note that I frequently rerun prayer requests for good reason. (1) Some readers might have missed it the first time it ran. (2) It never hurts to pray for the same things over again. God does not get weary with too many prayers. (3) The more we pray, the farther down the hole we stuff Satan. All prayer gets good results. There is no such thing as too much prayer.

I would also appreciate it if those of you who send in prayer requests would get back with me when you see good results from the group prayer. Just a quick email. I like to run these results as it is an encouragement to those who are praying for you and yours, plus it also encourages others to send in prayer requests as they see others getting positive results. And those total strangers praying for you appreciate your “thank you” and will pray again and maybe even harder.

Email your prayer requests to:

MISTY writes, “Hello Dick, I hope you are feeling well in your illness. I pray that your family will come to be saved. I thank you for your wonderful articles.

“Please pray for my son, Samuel. He is a disabled adult who is struggling on so many levels, especially anger with God over his condition. Please pray for his healing, peace, and future.

“Please pray for my brother, Rob. He is a homeless, unsaved, drug addict. Pray for the salvation of his soul.

“Thank you and God bless you.


CHRISTINE CIAK emails, “I have five children; one is saved. Please pray for the other four plus my two oldest grandchildren.

“Also my mother and sister are staunch Catholics, as are my in-laws. Please pray that God will tear down the barriers that Satan has put up so they may know the truth.

“I have six other brothers and sisters who have fallen away (or were never really saved); pray that they too will come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

“Lastly, pray for my husband (not saved) and me as I struggle with a sadness I can’t seem to shake.

“Thank you, and I’m praying for your requests, too, dear brothers and sisters.



“My name is ROBERT BAKER. I am requesting prayer for the salvation of my wife Kerry, my three sons and their wives or girlfriend, my 7 grandchildren, my 3 brothers and 2 sisters and their families, my 3 sister-in-laws, my sister-in-law’s boyfriend John who is going through testing for possible pancreatic cancer. Pray for our overall health and my strength in the Lord.

“Thank you my Lord Jesus.”

JEANIE CANNONE is requesting prayer for her daughter Mel and also for her granddaughter that they may soon open their eyes and hearts to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Jeanie also just finished chemo and radiation treatments and is bed-ridden with two fractures in her sacrum. She knows the Lord’s grace is sufficient for her healing. Please pray for her and her daughter and granddaughter.

JENNIFER McPHAIL is requesting everyone’s prayers for many of her family members who are yet to be saved. “Please pray that the Holy Spirit would move into the hearts of my five sons and my husband to put a deep desire in their hearts to know Him more intimately, to read His Word and to pray.

“I would also like prayers for boldness and courage to share the Gospel, and that I would be a blessing to my Lord and Savior.”

COLLEEN BOUTWELL is asking for your prayers for her “adult son (Nick). Pray he will come to know Jesus as his Savior. He suffers from depression and anxiety, and this has become very crippling for him. Pray that he will become financially secure with a decent job that he will be able to handle.

“Pray also for my family, my sister Robin, BIL Stevens, my nephews Taylor and Jake, my niece Stephanie and all those in my family that need to be saved.

“Please pray for relief of medical bills for my daughter Jennifer and SIL Stanton.

“Thank you so much,

“In Christ

“Colleen Boutwell”

KAT WERBELOW is requesting that you keep praying that Kat can find a church home and fellowship group in or near Clovis, California (Fresno County). Kat can be reached at:

DIMPLE MERIDEITH is asking for prayer for her great-granddaughter who is so unhappy over being bullied at school that she is suicidal. She is undergoing therapy at this time. “Also please pray for my son to accept Jesus and repent of his sins. He was raised in the church but was mistreated as a boy and is very bitter towards the church.”

KATALIN is requesting prayer for her “husband, sons and their girlfriends, nephew, sister-in-law and parents-in-law to be saved. We have an awesome God and He hears our prayers.

“I am also praying for everyone on your prayer list, too. Keep writing. May the Lord bless you and your family, too.

“Love, Kali in Sydney (Australia).”

EVERYONE PLEASE PRAY for all those who do not know God’s word and promises, and that the barriers of Satan will be torn down and Jesus’ light and truth will shine through before the rapture. Pray for Ron Moron that the truth of Jesus Christ will soon become clear and evident to him as the time of the rapture and His Coming grows near.

KAY CREED is requesting prayer for her daughter and three granddaughters that they will come to know JESUS before it is too late.

Their names are Audrey (daughter), Malcomb (16), Emmett (13), and Nile (11). So every time you say “AMEN” you have remembered this earnest plea for their Salvation in JESUS before it’s too late.

Audrey’s husband and the kids’ daddy (Joel Olson) died suddenly and mysteriously while out of the country (in England) 6½ years ago. Details at:

Or you can Google: Dr. Joel Olson PhD ….. Political Science Professor (agnostic and liberal) NAU. Flagstaff Arizona.

Joel was also one of Kayla Mueller’s professors at NAU (maybe you remember her being held hostage in Syria ….. and was killed by Islamic terrorists that took her hostage and held her for years while they tortured her to death.

Kay’s daughter (Audrey age 48) made a profession of faith when she was eleven, but turned away from The LORD in her 20’s and is not raising the children to know the LORD. “My heart is breaking!

“She has completely rejected The FAITH, me and all of my values. Nothing about her life from that time forward makes any sense to me. I am just desperate for them to come to KNOW JESUS IS LORD and SAVIOR!! …. I know our time here is short.


“Kay Creed”

SANDY MERRIFIELD is requesting prayers for God to continue to strengthen her family’s walk with the Lord and also her own greater strength and peace in her own personal walk with the Lord.

She is also requesting prayer for all of our family members in Christ worldwide who are being persecuted in His Name. Pray for strength, comfort and peace for all of them.

COLLEEN urgently requests your prayers for her lost family. She writes, “Please pray that my 2 nieces and 8 nephews, 3 brothers-in-law, one ex sister-in law, one brother and 4 sisters will have a revelation of who Jesus Christ is, that they will accept Him as their Savior. Please pray that they will have others that know Christ who will come into their lives.

“Please pray that each one of them will have their eyes opened to the truth of who Jesus Christ is and their need for Him. Please pray that my husband will have a hunger to follow Christ.

“Please pray that God will cure my health issues so that I might have the physical strength to serve God and seek after Christ. Please pray that my heart will be surrendered to Him and that I will be led by God and His Spirit.

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I have lost my focus and will to even know how to be a testimony in these times.

“In Christ alone.


(Dick’s comments): Colleen hasn’t lost the focus and will as to how to be a testimony for Christ. People who have lost their focus and will can’t write a prayer such as what Colleen just did. Satan is the author of confusion, and it is he who tricks people into believing they have lost their focus and will. If Colleen wasn’t doing God’s Will, Satan wouldn’t be battling her so fiercely trying to convince her otherwise and for her to just shut-up. But Colleen is a true prayer warrior who doesn’t let illness and physical ailments stop her from serving God and being a strong witness.

KATHY FRAZIER is requesting prayers for several of her family members. Her “87-year-old Dad is not saved and has a very hard heart towards anything to do with God.

“Also please pray for my older brother and his family, my younger brother and his family, that they all will come to Christ. And also my daughter that she draws closer to Jesus.

“And please pray for my Mom, who has been diagnosed with a rare cancer three years ago, and so far has been in remission (she’s outlived the prognosis by 2½ years!). She is experiencing some symptoms that have her worried, even though she just had a great check-up and lab work with her oncologist. Pray that she feels better soon! I love my Mom so very much.

“And please pray for my husband’s parents who are not saved either. Please pray for them!

“Thank you so very much, prayer warriors! You are so appreciated.

“In Christ.

“Kathy Frazier”

SHERRY asks for your “prayers for salvation and deliverance from drugs for my adult son …… His name is Joe.” And also for her “daughter, Amy, for her relationship with the Lord be restored, and for her healing from several health issues she has been having.”

Also pray for the salvation of Sherry’s two grandsons.

“Thank you and God Bless all of you.”

RHONDA WILLIAMS is requesting your prayers for the unsaved members of her family which includes her two grown sons (Daniel and Charles), her two granddaughters (Amiyah and Saniyah) and three sisters and a brother (Faye, Vickie, Sharon and Greg). Please pray for them all.

Rhonda has nine (9) nieces and nephews who do not know or accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. So Rhonda is requesting prayer for all of them by name:

Brother and sister Christopher and Misty need Christ in their life. Misty claims to be Wiccan. Also pray for nephew Jake.

Brothers Travis and James also with brothers and sisters Tabitha and Matthew, and Steven and Christine.

Rhonda also says, “It’s exciting to know our prayer requests are going around the world”

MARILYN YORK requests pray for her entire family, including her brother and sister.

GRETA BRYANT needs prayer for her lost family that consists of three grown sons with families, plus her husband and his family.

LIGHT OF THE WORLD ministry in India continues to struggle trying to recover from the devastating Hindu terrorist attack that burned their church building to the ground, plus many of their teaching materials, tracts, Bibles, etc.

Please pray for God’s Blessing over Pastor Param and wife Asha’s youngest daughter Amulya and her husband Solomon in their recent marriage. This is Deevena’s younger sister. May God Bless the entire family ministry as they continue to serve Jesus during their many hardships and stumbling blocks placed upon them by the devil.

Also pray for their safety as they travel to remote areas to preach the Gospel to young and old alike. May God guide and protect them with his protective hand against the evil that confronts them continuously. May God protect their street pastors who witness on the streets of their cities bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost and unbelievers. Pray for the widows, orphans and others in need of God’s Blessings. And also for their youth Bible class groups.

You can contact and get more information on this ministry from Sister Deevena at

CYNTHIA is asking for prayers for her daughter who has major health problems, and that is why the court awarded custody of her now ten-year-old son to her atheist ex-husband. His girlfriend later moved in with him and is constantly keeping the whole family situation in turmoil by doing everything she can to try and limit contact.

Cynthia’s daughter has visitation, but not enough. If her health problems could be healed, they could go back to court and get the custody ruling amended. The son is unhappy in his present situation and wants to be with his mother, step-dad and grandparents more. This child is not allowed any exposure to Jesus Christ and His Gospel by this atheist dad who presently has legal custody.

Cynthia is asking for prayers for her daughter’s faith to continue to grow and for her son to turn his life over to Christ. Due to ADD he had a hard time when he was in school, including some bullying. His dad’s Catholic family didn’t treat Cynthia or her children the same because they weren’t full Italians and did not become Catholic; and this caused a lot of hurt and affected her children greatly during their growing years, and still does.

Please pray that God will come to their rescue and also find a way for her grandson to learn about his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ so this family can be together forever after the rapture.

THE USA NEEDS GUIDANCE from God’s Holy Spirit to lead many lost people to God’s Saving Grace. The president and his family, along with the vice-president and his family need protection from Satan and their deceiving ways as our nation’s leadership tries to lead this country closer to God. The president’s administration and staff are under continuous attack from the earthly forces of the devil and need God’s help to battle through these evil forces to do what is righteous for Americans in the eyes of God (Daniel 2: 21). So please pray for the entire Trump administration as they try to follow and enforce God’s Laws and Commandments.

Also pray for America’s many enemies and adversaries within the USA and from the four-corners of the earth that they will come to Jesus Christ and their hearts will be changed for the good, and away from sin and evil.

MATT JACKSON requests prayer for the Rohr family and their daughter Rachel. He also wishes the Lord would find a way for him to come into contact with this family again so he can continue to witness the ways of the Lord to them.

DICK wants to express his sincere appreciation to those who have prayed for the salvation of his family and his improving health. Some of his family members are really coming alive spiritually, and it is easy to witness to them now and answer their questions. But please continue to pray for them as some are not on solid ground yet.

The doctors told Dick he is showing improvements health-wise. Pray his health will still improve as he is now taken off the antibiotics. Dick does not fear death as he knows eternal life awaits him. But he prays to God he can be raptured by Our Lord while still alive on earth rather than raptured out of the grave since he wants to do the Lord’s Work up until the very second Christ calls him home (Philippians 1:23-24).

PAULA PARSONS is requesting more prayer for her good friend Nicky White as she undergoes her second round of chemotherapy. She was violently sick after the first round.

Paula is also very thankful that your prayers have led her dad Tony to finally accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Continue to pray for him so as to help him grow stronger in his faith.

Her sister-in-law Val is now going to church and is asking questions about the Lord and finds a huge peace there but has yet to accept Jesus into her heart. Please pray for Val that the Holy Spirit will guide her down this straight and narrow road to eternal salvation in heaven.

Paula also wants to thank all who prayed for her daughter Rachel who is now a follower of Jesus Christ. Let her grow rapidly in her faith and become a strong prayer warrior for those who need prayer.

Rachel and Paula both are requesting prayer for the health and saintly well-being of Paula’s mum/Rachel’s grandmother. She is yet to come to Jesus as her Savior thus is still suffering violent dreams and haunting nightmares along with intense fears of death, all of which is placed in her mind by Satan as she sleeps. When she awakes Satan has placed the fears of death in her heart and soul. Pray that she will soon accept Jesus and that Our Lord and His restraining Holy Spirit will place barriers around her to block all of Satan’s evil tricks and deceptions. Our Lord will protect those who belong to Him.

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