And It Shall Come To Pass :: By Denis Bowden

When modern Israel was born in 1948/49, it appeared to have small chance of success, particularly as the day following the Declaration of Independence/Statehood FIVE large, well-equipped, Arab armies marched upon what appeared to be a defenseless rabble.  Most of us are well aware that something inexplicable occurred.  The Arabs were defeated.

An embryonic State, comprising around 600,000 Jews, many of them straight out of the Holocaust Death Camps, has subsequently risen to become one of the most feared military establishments in the World.

A case in point:  The F35J is America’s latest front-line fighter jet.  Its technology is top secret, and those specially chosen States given access are strictly forbidden to alter the tech in any way.  That is, all except Israel, who is now permitted to include their own high tech into the airplane.  One particular innovation is the ultra high tech/electronics that are built into the pilot’s helmet, placing all flight-control data and automated weapons discharge, missiles etc., at virtually a flick of the pilot’s eyes.  Israel is the first to fly this fighter in actual combat. And oh…they also designed/developed the modern military application of much of the drone technology.


I also never cease to be amazed at the literal unfolding of the prophetic destiny of the Jews, always referred to in Scripture as God’s chosen people, specially selected to be a nation of priests before Him and, ultimately, to participate in the final evangelism of the World.

There is little doubt that the end of their long Diaspora and return to the Promised Land has begun to come to pass, exactly as Scripture said it would happen.  Prophecy states that many millions more are to be brought back to their ancient homeland, very soon.

Prophecy also speaks to the treasure/bounty that would be found in Israel and promulgated through the special gifts that would also begin to be granted to the returning Jews of the Diaspora as they resettled the Land.  As I type, it becomes more apparent day-by-day that The LORD’S favor is fast unfolding. And again, conforming to prophecy, their return from their long Diaspora conforms to the promised return of the King of kings and Lord of lords.

A race allegedly destroyed (like so many other former nations before them now lost, almost in myth), has not only risen from the ashes, but…with its racial characteristics and culture intact.  Roots of the Hebrew language were also preserved; and now, of course, it is re-instated as the national language.  Not Aramaic/not Greek/not English and certainly NOT Arabic.

There are more wars prophesied.  However, the curse that fell upon ancient Israel because of her idolatry is now being lifted.  The prophetic nature of that curse now turns upon those who would destroy that which God Himself said He had set apart from the rest of mankind.  But he would, in the first instance, punish the people dreadfully for their centuries of sin – chiefly, their disobedience.

However, the LORD said that He would not utterly destroy them as had occurred to both the Assyrians/Babylonians and the ancient Egyptians.  GOD said that ultimately He would return them to favor.  The nature of the lifting of that Curse is now in play, that those that come against Israel and curse its very existence/people will in turn have the curse reversed upon them! Further…and worse for most of the world’s nations, those that took it upon themselves to inflict horror upon the Jews during their Diaspora would in turn be ‘dealt with.’

As Al Jolson remarked, “Brother…you ain’t seen nothing yet!”

Like the Roman Catholic Church, my own church (Anglicanism) flatly denies the prophetic nature of that which is presently unfolding before their doubting and blinded eyes.  That doubt comes through deliberate manipulation of Scripture to virtually ‘rewrite’ the outcome of Christianity to a belief system that suits the false doctrine they sell.

They jointly maintain an unscriptural belief system that says that all prophecy not only comes to fulfillment through Jesus Christ but ENDS THERE.  If one takes the trouble to actually read the Bible, you will see that much MORE would be fulfilled through Jesus.

The position of the church is that, certainly, the valid grounds for our full, spiritual salvation must come through admission of our individual guilt, our remorse and acknowledgement that there is a way to God….ONLY through confession that Jesus is LORD.  ALL who would be saved for eternity MUST COME TO GOD THROUGH HIM.


Most of my friends and family and, of course, inclusive of the many who happily claim that they gave themselves to Jesus and therefore, ‘all is well,’ completely deny what literal scripture actually says.

These are the major claims of Rome, and of certain modern mainstream Protestantism:

Prophecy is complete

The Bible must be understood from an allegorical perspective and certainly NOT literally

Replacement of parts of the scriptures are necessary to achieve true understanding



Most of the Old Testament (it apparently ceased in importance once the New Testament was written)

The book of Revelation (even after a clerical/theological degree, it is considered to be in the too hard basket)

The Return of Jesus as King of Kings/Lord of Lords, exactly as He said it would happen AND WHERE

ALL scripture that relates to the end of the current Church age (including any mention of the ‘snatching away of His chosen BEFORE the terrible period of Trial descends upon mankind, and most of the Earth’s population perishes)


A nice, sugary series of sermons, most of which ignore the state of the world

Catastrophes are mentioned from a social-help perspective but rarely related to prophetic scripture (generally never)

A church that now backslides on all previous doctrine which, in itself, was built by the truest of the Fathers upon prophetic scripture

A church that CANNOT stand against the world and, therefore, offers little hope or sanctuary or preparation for what is to come

A church that attracts less and less adherents from a society that increasingly has no sense of sin, shame, and certainly little desire to confess them before an UNKNOWN God.

How unfortunate.  How sad, because we are taught that if, by your own desire/actions, you are deliberately UNKNOWN TO GOD, when the Day of Wrath eventuates, then it will prove exceedingly difficult to claim Hope and Salvation (saving Grace) from a Master who is reluctant to claim you as His servant.

So please do explore the links and comments below as they relate to modern Israel.  If you can offer me some valid reasoning to account for even its present existence, I am more than happy to take it aboard.  Oh…and I have heard the stories that it exists because of a long-range plot by the Rothschild Family to control the Middle East, and similar ones that the New World Order is using the Jews to start World War III so they can capture all the oil/mineral resources.

Seventy Years of achievement:


Perhaps the largest, commercial gas/oil find in the world.  Two huge fields off the Coast of Haifa.  The first find now in commercial production and a pipeline through Greece is promulgated.

Commercial oil well spudded in.  Location: Golan Heights (the ancient land of Bashan)

Huge shale/oil deposits found.  Not yet commercialized

A significant find of precious stones and diamonds particularly found near Haifa.  Commercial production to begin soon.

Gems hidden away for Messianic era found in Northern Israel

From Breaking Israel News:

“They invite their kin to the mountain, where they offer sacrifices of success. For they draw from the riches of the sea and the hidden hoards of the sand” (Numbers 33:19, The Israel Bible™).

Many people read prophecy; some understand its relevance in current events; but Avi Taub, CEO of Shefa Yamim, took it one step further and founded a multi-million dollar mining and exploration company based on prophecy. Seventeen years later, prophecy is still at the core of his successful corporate vision.

Taub grew up in the precious stones business. His family had a diamond polishing plant and dealt in manufacturing and marketing jewelry. In 1989, Taub, a follower of Chabad Hasidut, visited Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson. The rabbi, known to his followers simply as “the Rebbe,” was spiritual leader to millions of followers of the Chabad-Lubavitch sect of Hasidic Judaism, who passed away in 1994. With very little explanation, the Rebbe told Taub to begin mining.

Taub entered into an unsuccessful project in Australia. He struggled to understand the Rebbe’s message. Through a friend who was also a follower of the Rebbe, Taub was made aware of a video in which the Rebbe made a remarkable statement, given to then-mayor of Haifa, Arye Gurel, in 1988:

“In Haifa, there is a sea. One shouldn’t become intimidated by something that is deep,” the Rebbe said to Gurel. “This is the uniqueness of Haifa – that it has a sea and that there is a valley, and in the valley are precious stones and gems. The Holy One, Blessed Be He, did a wondrous thing; he concealed them in the depths of the earth, and in any case, in the depth of the river.” – source

Zion Oil (listed on Wall Street) has spudded in a well in the Jezreel Valley near the Tell of Megiddo and approximately 21 miles from the recent discovery on the Golan Heights.  This company drills using both seismic survey and the guide of prophecy.



Denis Bowden