Stand Up for the Truth :: By L. Perry Wilbur

What saddens me most about this end-times era, increasingly since the turn of the century, is the lack of respect for the truth. About three to five percent of television news tells the truth, or at least that’s the way it seems to me.

More truth, in my view, is on certain radio programs (the talk shows) at specific times of the day. There is still a lot of truth on the internet, if you know the truthful websites to go to and read them.

I thank the Lord for leading me to Rapture Ready, which is without doubt the most truthful and inspiring website on the web. Their news reports are the absolute truth, and reading the news there each morning is a highlight of my day because I know I’m getting the truth.

I say all this because my work, my career, has been professional writing. I’ve been a magazine writer, author, and columnist for thirty years, so it saddens me, and hurts, when so many magazines and book publishers never reply.

In the great second half of the twentieth century, a full 80 percent of magazines, book publishers, and agents at least respected the writer enough to respond and reply. If today’s writer gets just a few replies, he or she is lucky indeed. I know it’s a digital world, but magazines are still being published every month.

Make no mistake about it. Censorship of material is increasing. Written material deemed too nationalistic, patriotic, Christian, or even just mildly inspiring, is “off limits.” Even the e-mail account “home base” can, and will, zap your material, or page away, or continually knock you off line. In these end of days, I believe this censorship will continue to increase. And just think – now they can even blame it on the “deep state.”

Anyway, some time ago now I turned my writing career over to the Lord Jesus and asked Him to be my manager and agent. With His guidance, my years as a writer produced thousands of published magazine articles, 31 published books, a number of national bestsellers, one Hollywood-produced television script, and five national Honor Awards for writing from Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge.

In these end of days, when truth, faith, love, and respect for the Lord (and His Ten Commandments) are fading, and Christians are being treated like outlaws, I say DARE TO STAND UP FOR THE TRUTH, for Christ, who died for us all, for freedom of speech, the reverence for life, patriotism, honesty in government, the rule of law, and all other values, and “lovely intangibles,” that made America great in the first place.

“I am the light of the world” Christ said. “He who follows me shall not walk in darkness but have the light of eternal life.”

In gratefulness to all who make Rapture Ready possible, I would like to close with one of my column installments. No magazine, or newspaper of today, wanted it of all the ones I contacted. Most never even replied.

I hope this column might INSPIRE those who have made Rapture Ready such an inspiration for me.

“Inspiration Corner” by L. Perry Wilbur

This is a new column with one objective, which is to inspire you and urge you to inspire others. The main focus is to lift your spirits and offer hints, plus guidance, for more inspirational living in difficult times.

The column will present some short items and other longer ones, but all are meant to encourage and help you in day-to-day living, your work, problems, and overall life. We hope you will let us know when we succeed in this goal and when we do not. So here we go with the first column.

No doubt about it. “In the Still of the Night” is a pure, rich melody that somehow lifts the listener out of the earth arena into a spiritual land of warm sunshine and harmony. Talk about melodic flow. This song, an international standard, has an abundance of it.

“In the Still of the Night…as I gaze out the window…at the moon growing dim…my thoughts all stray.” Yes, the words are a perfect fit to the music.

You listen to this gem of a song, and the stress falls away…like feathers from a pillow. You can sense the rhythmic beating of your heart and blood pressure drop to a thimble size…or in that direction.

Above all, the song sends your spirit soaring with eagles to glorious new heights of splendor. There is something mysteriously wonderful about the night and nighttime.

Have you thought about it? The night softens the harshness of the day, the assaults made on the human spirit. Like a marshmallow dropped in a cup of cocoa, the night can soothe the soul within each of us.

Certain music and special songs can help us in our daily lives. I know when I hear my favorite ones. I seem to go mentally traveling. Like magic, I’m on a train through the mountains or watching a blazing dawn as it breaks.

Somehow, beautiful music can remind you of something Saint Paul said: “There is an earthly body… and there is a spiritual body.” Marvelous melodic music can fill your soul with that thought.

Take our own incredible Milky Way Galaxy, one of millions of other galaxies in a universe so vast and glorious that it’s almost beyond comprehension. Now scientists and astronomers talk of “multiple universes” and assure us that there are indeed many others and not just one.

Humans can more easily understand simple truths like “God is love. It says so on my pillow.” The idea of multiple universes stretches our minds to the outer limits.

Then once again we realize how impossible it is to fully realize the greatness and goodness of our Eternal Father of the Universe, the universe we are living in now and trying to learn about and understand.

“Like the moon growing dim…on the rim of the hill…in the chill, still of the night.” This music of the night speaks to our hearts, minds, and spirits.

May each day of your coming weeks and months be a happy one…a good one. They are all fleeting. Cherish your faith like the bright, shining star that it is. And hold this thought: Nothing can separate you from the love of God.

  1. Perry Wilbur

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