Jan 15, 2018

Situations in Need of Prayer

Natural Disasters: The largest wildfire in California records (began Dec. 4) has just been declared fully contained (Jan.12). Over 1,000 structures in 440 square miles were destroyed. Evacuees returned home only to be hit by devastating floods and mudslides at the Santa Barbara coast (haven for the wealthy, celebrities and tourists, but also contains modest homes). Rainfall in Southern Cal Tuesday was 18 times more than required to produce debris flow. 19 people are known dead, and rescuers continue to search for the missing in thick mud, 10 feet deep in places. Burned ground without vegetation made the hills vulnerable to falling debris, including enormous boulders. Many of the 9,000 residents remain evacuated. Authorities are testing ocean waters, as there is sewage in the storm runoff.

Famine: People in socialist Venezuela are so hungry that mobs attacked cattle with rocks to kill them for food, while Venezuela’s leftist dictator ate during a televised speech. In Marxist/Socialist/Communist rule, history shows us that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Venezuela’s socialists destroyed a once booming economy; its policies caused the country to run out of ‘other people’s money.’ This is the leftist economy looming ahead, brought on by today’s welfare policies.

Pestilence: Medical experts are predicting the worst flu epidemic in history this winter. Already the entire continental US is experiencing widespread flu outbreaks, the first time in the 13 years of the current tracking system. Many report hospital waiting rooms jammed with flu victims, medication running out and IV bags in short supply. This year’s flu involves the dreaded H3N2 strain that causes more complications and is difficult to prevent. Also a mix of flu types, including highly infectious, virulent Aussie flu has swept across Europe in recent weeks. And China is suffering from a severe flu epidemic that is flooding hospitals, with people waiting for treatment.

Christian Persecution: In China, Communist Party authorities demolished a Christian church it obviously perceived as a threat to its atheist, rigid political and ‘social control.’ The church, constructed with $2.6m (£1.9m) in contributions from worshippers in one of China’s poorest regions, had grown to 50,000 members. Previously at this church, the building was smashed, Bibles seized, and church leaders were arrested and sentenced to prison. Freedom of religion is guaranteed under China’s constitution, but authorities use excuses to attack churches. Communism shows no respect for religious freedom or human rights.

Sexual Immorality: Liberal Washington State now allows a 3rd sex option on birth certificates. In Canada a group will hold “naked swim day” at a public pool, and children are encouraged to attend. It will be staffed by government employees and says it’s “open to people of all ages…all genders, sexual orientations, and anyone in between.” Does that also include pedophiles? Surely, they’ll attend.

In Manchester, England, the principal at Altrincham Grammar School for Girls says the word “girl” will not be allowed since it could result in transgender pupils being ‘misgendered.’ At a recent Manchester school conference, a mental health boss said teachers should avoid calling pupils ‘boys’ or ‘girls’.

The Demonic: Sony Pictures is releasing Slenderman in theaters this spring – a tall, gaunt, faceless character in black who preys on children, luring them to his den. You may recall this “fictional” Internet character that two 12-year-old girls claimed caused them to stab another child 19 times so he would leave them alone. He’s now a character in children’s Minecraft games as well.

Nation Against Nation (the word in the original Greek is ethnos – ethnic): Many white South Africans have warned about open war on whites there, and they see it beginning in America. One wrote in to Dave Hodges Common Sense Show: “Our government and our political parties are more authoritarian than they are in China or were in Stalinist Russia. …Our third largest political party is openly Marxist and the national song is ‘Kill the farmer.’ This is what our current president sings at his political rallies. Our second largest party is socialist.” Read more of “A Planned Genocide in the Making: The Final Solution for White Males (South African Warnings to Americans about What Is Coming)” at http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2018/01/10/a-planned-genocide-in-the-making-the-final-solution-for-white-males/

Global Government Agenda: President Trump is frustrated, trying to keep the US from falling under the liberal left’s global dictatorship agenda. Dick Durbin, attender at Communist and Socialist rallies, claims Trump used the S word (in a closed-door session of about half a dozen lawmakers) to describe the chosen countries from which the liberal left insists on shipping people to our shores. Others said they didn’t hear that word. Regardless, instead of trying to fix cities in our own country that the Democrat party runs and ruins with their policies, they want to bring in more immigrants who would put more strain on an already overburdened system, not to mention terrorists who get through.

White House spokesperson Raj Shah said, “Pres. Trump wants to make our country stronger by welcoming those who can contribute to our society, grow our economy and assimilate into our great nation.” A sociologist in West Africa said, “President Donald Trump is absolutely right: When you have heads of state who mess with the constitutions to perpetuate their power…” Another African source said that Trump only said what many Africans say behind closed doors about the continent’s most troubled nations, adding, “The Democratic Republic of Congo and Zimbabwe are ‘s. . .holes’ run by a. . holes.”

The Stage is Being Set: The Bible speaks of the last days (Matt 24; Luke 17 & 21; 2 Tim 3; Dan 9:27; Rev 13, et al) when this, along with other events such as mentioned here, will be the case and will become more rampant, until Jesus returns. Pray for the rapture to occur before the liberal-left globalists get their New World Order in place that we know is coming and will be evil. The left behind will experience it for sure.

“For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be” (Matt 24:21). “But this is your hour—when darkness reigns” (Luke 22:53).

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