Trump and the Pharisees :: By Thomas J. Miranda

When Jesus Christ was born some two thousand years ago, His enemies sought to destroy Him. Herod was the first in realizing that Jesus was a threat to his kingdom. So Herod ordered the death of all boys in the area under the age of two to be slain (Matt. 2:16-18). This was the first of many threats to Jesus’ life and forced Joseph to flee with his family to Egypt, fulfilling the prophecy of Hosea (Hos. 11:1).

When Jesus began His ministry, His first death threat came from none other than Satan himself! In the temptation in the desert, Satan asked Jesus to throw himself from the pinnacle of the Temple because, Satan declared, the angels will save you (Ps 91: 11, 12). Had Satan succeeded, God’s plan of Salvation would have been interrupted.

Later on, Jesus encountered many death threats because He became a menace to the Pharisees, whose power and position would have been lost if Jesus succeeded in drawing the Jews away from the control of the Pharisees. For those who wish to pursue the many threats to Jesus’ life, read the New Testament.

With the election of Donald Trump – a whole new type of President – the Establishment faced a major threat to their power and control. Even his own party fought him at every turn, including a hostile and dishonest press and an opposition party who were blinded by their hatred for this President.

As the current President began pushing his programs, the opposition arose from under the rocks and began to discredit him at every opportunity. They dismissed his programs and spread lies, just as the Pharisees did with Jesus, to derail any progress he sought. Many lies were told of this President without any shame on the part of the perpetuators.

Nightly news programs from the left were all biased against Donald Trump, and many blatant lies spewed from their studios. A special prosecutor was drummed up to investigate imaginary misdeeds against President Trump. The Radical Left began talking impeachment, and is still holding out for that possibility.

The current climate in Washington is so similar to the climate during Jesus’ First Coming to earth where the stakes were so high for Christians. Likewise, after thirty years of leaderless presidents, we now have a real President who can lead us out of the mess left by his predecessors.

Those who support this President must work hard to beat back the forces who are dedicated to promote his failure. This is our last chance to save this great country, and we had better take it!