What Does Conservative Vs. Liberal Really Mean? :: By Dave Cogburn

There is a war going on in the United States right now, and it’s one that has been going on since the 1960’s. Today it has almost reared its ugly head to the nuclear war stage.  It is the war of conservatives vs. liberals, or the right vs. the left.  BUT what does that really mean – conservative vs. liberal?  Conservative and liberal compared against what?  And there is only ONE simple answer – God Himself.

God created us and is invisible to us, but He has NOT abandoned us.  Our sin separates us from Him, which explains His invisibility.  However, God knew we would fall and He would have to stay invisible.  And even though the physical universe and all life on earth “reflects” Him and His creation handiwork, He also knew that would not be enough; and thus, He blessed us with a Supernatural book to live by – the word of God, our Bible.

It tells us everything we need to know in order to have a relationship with God, to have relationships with each other, how to live our lives, and live in a way that not only pleases Him but will bless us immensely when we follow His word and His ways.  It tells us how everything began and how everything will end.  Approximately one-third of the Bible is prophecy or simply the future written in advance; and prophecy “validates” the Bible as, indeed, the word of God.

In terms of how we are to live our lives, He has given us His Ten Commandments.  Living in accordance with God’s laws and God’s ways is the perfect “standard” by which we will please God and be blessed by Him.

So God is the “measuring stick,” if you will, that we compare to when it comes to conservative vs. liberal.  God is the outermost extreme “right,” and only Jesus has lived His life at that level.  All people who live their lives as close to God’s standards and God’s laws are considered conservative, because they are trying to live in accordance with God’s laws and God’s ways. And the more conservative you are, the more to the right you lean as you try to stay as near to God’s ways as possible.

So what is liberal?  The simple definition of liberal is “more;” It is more of “something.”  If someone is offering me ice cream and I say could I have a ‘liberal” portion, please, that means I would like more than usual; what you are offering me is not enough.  And there are many, many people who see God’s laws and God’s ways as too restricting, and they don’t like it.  They want MORE than what His laws and ways to live our lives describe; and the further “more” they pull away from His laws and ways, the further LEFT they go.

A couple of good examples are: Today God’s laws and ways say that marriage is between a man and a woman only, and that abortion is wrong.  Liberals or the left say no, that is wrong – marriage is also a union of two men or two women vs. a man and woman only, and abortion is permissible.  Liberals also say that your gender is not biological but is what you think or say it is.  God made us male and female, but they disagree with that.

Politically correct is more about “sameness” and feelings.  Biblically correct means working hard in a capitalist, free society to achieve success and reap the rewards of your efforts.

Politically correct is not capitalism, but is socialism, and is not about achieving success and reaping more rewards than others. Instead it is sharing your rewards with others who don’t work hard in order that they don’t have their feelings hurt and to keep everyone as close to the same as possible.  A prime example of this is that several states are now considering eliminating the Valedictorian in their schools, because they want everyone to “feel” the same and don’t want any hurt feelings from those who are not the valedictorian.

It was in the 1960’s when we started seeing everything change: when we started kicking God out of our classroom and then out of government and out of our country, basically.  The liberals who were in the minority at that time became emboldened when that occurred, until they became the majority.  I will talk more about that later in a different article on tolerance.

But up until the 1960’s, our laws and our way of living were a lot closer to “biblically correct” than it is today.  This is what you have when the conservatives are in charge and in control.  However, today the pendulum has swung far, far to the left to where our nation has reversed our way of living from biblically correct to “politically correct.”

Politically correct is the polar opposite to biblically correct.  When the left-wing liberals gained the upper hand, our laws and way of living have changed over the last few decades to the extreme state we are in right now: where homosexual marriage is legal, abortion has been legal since the early 70’s, and the liberals have almost succeeded in eliminating Christmas as well as many other things.  Politically correct means Christians are the bad guys, and persecution will only get stronger the more power the liberals have.

This move to the left has been growing for several decades, and this is what you “naturally” get when you eliminate God from your lives.  However, the left got a super-strong booster under President Obama.  Under his administration is where we got homosexual marriage, transgenderism, more denigration of Christmas, and Christians being persecuted and tolerated less and less.

However, God did a wonderful thing in our Presidential election last year.  He gave us a President who is not a part of the establishment, who is an outsider, and someone who loves America and wants us to go back to our “old” biblically-correct days when we were GREAT.

Has anyone noticed anything “different” in our nation today due to the election of President Trump?  This is a rhetorical question.  There has never in our lifetime been a President who has been treated with such vitriol and hatred.  Our nation is practically having a civil war over what is going on under President Trump.  Why is that?

It is because of all the “power” the left has gained over the last few decades under Democrat “and” Republican Presidents, and especially under President Obama.  They do not want to see their power erode in any way.  They see President Trump as a genuine threat and danger to their way of life. And their fear is so great that the left-wing liberal media no longer cares about being “seen” as having a liberal bias.  Their ONLY concern is to destroy President Trump as fast as possible and do whatever it takes to take him out, no matter how legal or illegal it is.

Liberals are “internationalists.”  They put the United Nations and the international community “ahead” of our own nation.  Their intent is to erode and do away with America’s sovereignty in order to have a one-world government at some point.  Of course, we know the Bible tells us that eventually we will have a one-world government, but we just don’t know when.

President Trump is not an establishment type of person or an internationalist, and his main concern is the United States of America and making us great again.  He is for a sovereign America, and that scares the living daylights out of left-wing liberals.

Look at some of the things President Trump is doing:

He LOVES people who serve in the military and law enforcement.  The liberals despise them for the most part.

Just yesterday he said that we will start saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again.

President Trump is VERY patriotic and loves our flag and national anthem. And when people stand and show respect for the flag and anthem, that is all about unity to recognize and appreciate our freedoms, our military and especially the men and women who have died to give us these freedoms.

However, when some NFL football players started protesting the flag and anthem, they did so by “not” standing but by taking a knee or sitting down.  Their purpose was to say to all the people standing in unison supporting our flag and freedom, HEY, get your eyes off the flag and anthem and look at ME.  This is all about ME and my problems.

The “right” is all about the masses and the “left” is all about the individual.  We can thank President Trump for speaking out against the NFL for allowing this.

President Trump also sees and understands that we were GREAT in our biblically-correct days and have lost that in our politically-correct days.  And thus, he wants us to make America GREAT AGAIN, which means running our country under conservative, biblically-correct laws and standards vs. politically-correct laws and standards.  ALL of this is why we are having a civil war of politically-correct liberals against biblically-correct conservatives.

As Christians we KNOW that all of this since Adam and Eve is spiritual warfare; but as we enter what appears to be the very last of the last days before the Lord comes for His bride in the rapture, the severity of our warfare has intensified to levels never seen before.

What is happening right now before our eyes resembles a pressure cooker where the top is rapidly spinning just before it blows.  Many think the rapture just might be the event that will blow the top off the pressure cooker and bring on the tribulation period and all the horror that comes with it.

Maranatha!  Come quickly, Lord Jesus, for Your bride.

David Cogburn