Is Our Theology More Important Than People? :: By Lucie Kirouac

As God’s Family, Is Our Theology More Important Than People?

In Christendom, most of the emphasis is put on churches, Bible colleges, religious blogs, programs and activities.  We are more centered on our doctrines, traditions, distinct beliefs and theologies as if they were all that matter.  They have all caused divisions and given birth to so many denominations, which have destroyed the unity and harmony within the body of Christ.

Our mandate is to reach out to the masses out there that need our attention, our caring and our sincere love—in action!  We live in our big bubble theorizing about God for good or wrong reasons…

The Lord sends us into His field where people need to hear about His gospel of love and forgiveness.  They also need to be tended to in their everyday living REALITIES.  That’s what matters the most to them.

In my long walk with Christ, I’ve been truly affected by so many divisions, hypocrisy and indifference toward those inside God’s family.  Our tendency is to criticize, judge, shun or even reject brethren who think differently or who truly suffer in some aspects of their lives without the hope of getting healed.  They must keep going it alone, not knowing who to turn to!

Shame on us, because Christ remains unconditional in His love for us.  We are His Bride!  As our Groom, how does He feel about our ways and attitudes?

We take pride in discussing our opinions, thinking ourselves spiritually superior to the other brothers and sisters.  How is that all relevant to our daily lives and concerns?  We need and should receive compassion, human kindness, encouragement and support.

Read the Bible and discover how Christ has lived and delivered all those who turned to Him, the great Doctor of our soul, body and mind.  The self-righteous were left behind, so sufficient they were as they despised and rejected their Messiah!

Only what we do in God’s name and love counts.  If any one of us is sick and given a meal or time for comfort, should we concern ourselves whether that person is a Calvinist or an Armenian?

If in our poverty we are given food or money, is being a pre-millennial or post-millennial of importance?

If you are in a hospital and someone sends you a get-well basket, will you wonder what denomination that person belongs to?

I could write about other cases, but my point is that when we live in deep, meaningful and authentic ways, nothing else really matters.  When we idolize belief systems and make of our theology an agenda, it becomes anything but selfless love!  The Lord’s gospel message turns to propaganda, friends turn into customers, and your relationship with Christ into a RELIGION.

Even if our theology is intellectually sound, if it’s not delivered with respect and kindness, it’s worthless.  Our faith is evidenced by the WAY WE TREAT OTHERS.  Of course, getting to know the Bible with the help of the Holy Spirit is of utmost importance, no denying it.

Learning to live and love God’s way selflessly, sacrificially and in healthy ways makes the world a better place.  We owe our devotion to God’s family but also to those who don’t know Him and long for our understanding, compassion and tangible help.

God in His essence is pure and undeniable love.  He remains in control of His universe and humankind despite Satan’s attempts to destroy His credibility and prevent souls from meeting Him to receive His forgiveness.

Sad to say, too many Christians fail in their mission to love with respect and a genuine heart.  As a child of God, I have been far more mistreated and misunderstood by those who claim to know and love the Lord than those who don’t belong to Him.

God’s family receives blessings, enjoys victories and even miracles, but it is also cruelly and severely treated, shamed and even rejected!  We will all face Christ as we go home to be with Him.  What excuse will we have for abandoning our own?  I understand that we all have responsibilities, activities, jobs and whatever else, but neglecting the brethren who need a compassionate, non-judgmental heart is mean.  If we ignore them…we fail God!

All of you who are involved in different ministries, be an example and walk the talk.  We all have the power to build someone up, to harm if not destroy a child of God, or to cause a person to refuse Christ because of our selfishness and meanness.  Do you get that?

If you say you don’t have time to love and care, you need to reorganize your priorities.  Loving doesn’t imply getting into close or intimate relationships with all Christians or those soliciting our empathy and help.  There is a fear of involvement for whatever reason, right or wrong, but we cannot close our eyes to hearts crying out for love and help.

All humans are unstable in their ways, and some need counseling.  Ask the Lord to guide you as to whom you should introduce into your life to avoid conflicts and heartbrokenness.  We all make mistakes, so forgiveness remains a must even if it becomes necessary to leave or part with someone out of necessity.

Lucie Kirouac