Our Men Are Under Attack: Where Are the Women? :: Vanessa Panas

Every morning over the last month, as I read the news, I see another sexual assault, another abuse allegation, another rape allegation, another sexual harassment claim. There is a very common trend in all of this. The vast majority of these men are left-wing democrats—donors of Bernie and Hillary. There is a problem going on—a big one. This problem is bigger than you think right now. Our men are under attack – not the men that are doing these things – I am talking about God-fearing men; the conservative men; men who put God first and take care of their families; those who work hard, love their wives and take care of their children; the kind of men that threw their bodies over women they didn’t know to shield them from bullets in Las Vegas. My husband would do that. Would yours? Then defend him!

It all started with Weinstein, and I thought it would end with him, the sacrificial lamb. All of the allegations against him kept mounting and piling up, and his peers were quick to denounce him. As they denounced him, they secretly thought, “Better him than me.”

But it didn’t stop there. The abuse allegations just keep coming. We have popular shows being canceled. The L.A.P.D is investigating nearly a dozen allegations. Russell Simmons has just been accused. Al Franken has a photo with him smiling gleefully into the camera as he gropes a sleeping female’s breasts. We are talking big names here. And then this morning comes a new bombshell. Four more women have come forth and said former president Bill Clinton sexually assaulted them after 2001– that is “after” leaving the White House.

The left has decided that ALL men are abusers, especially white men. Ladies, where are you? Your fathers, husbands, sons and brothers are under attack! My husband wouldn’t sexually assault someone. Would yours? Defend him. Stop being silent as the left spins their evil misdeeds into a problem of ALL men. It’s not all men!

It’s not men with the fear of God in their hearts. It’s not men that profess Jesus Christ and mean it, and try to live for Him. It’s not our men. Ladies, stand up for them, whether it’s in Facebook or Twitter or at the grocery store. They can’t defend themselves because they are then accused of being violent with words. They need you now more than ever. Don’t let our men be included with their men.

Jesus commanded husbands to “love their wives as Christ loved the church,” and likewise, women “love your husbands as I have loved you.” What does that mean to you? Have you really thought about that passage? Jesus Christ laid down His life for us. He knew what He would face and He did it for us, to give us everlasting life. He has prepared a beautiful paradise for us with Him. He gave you eternal life, and that there is enough. Ladies, remember that passage and put that passage in your heart. Speak out and defend your men. Instead of #metoo, how about #notmymen! Loud and clear. If you won’t stand for them, then who will?

Our Men Are Under Attack
The problem with women right of center or even “all the way to the right” women like myself is that we may get angry reading what is said but we don’t act. It’s time to act. Are we not warriors of God—the one true God, the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end who created all?

When He commanded men to love their wives as He has loved them, He was not only talking to the husbands. Jesus was talking to you too. You also are bound to defend your husband and love your husband as Christ loved you. That means unselfishly, without complaint, even when it’s hard—but most importantly, as Christ loved YOU!

Don’t be silent anymore. Don’t sit back and allow your husband or your son to be accused or lumped in with these leftists in Hollywood and Washington, D.C. Above all, bring Christ into your life. The time of the end is now. The mark of the beast is here, the image of the beast is here, the false prophet is here, and the great falling away is happening as we speak.

Stand strong. Defend your faith. Defend your rights and keep defending the president of this country. I believe now that we will prevail. They are being exposed. Pray for this country, pray for your family and be silent no longer. We can no longer let the left control our thoughts and actions. And whether we want to admit it or not, we have allowed them to. No more. You found your voice for President Trump. Now find it for your husbands and sons!

Vanessa Panas