The Tribulation Chronicles I : A Message from the Missing :: By Alice Childs

As I am beginning this series of Tribulation Chronicles, everything is going along pretty much as it always has. Life continues to slide along, spooling out — unwinding like thread pulled from a skein of yarn. People are still getting up and going to work; children are (as I write this now)  in the full swing of their school year, counting down the days until the Christmas break and preparing for the downhill slide of the school year. Some people are getting married and starting families; others are coming to the end of their lives. People are buying groceries, going on business trips, doing laundry, working on projects, paying bills, and simply doing the myriad of things that make up life in normal times.

However, with increasing frequency, “normal times” aren’t as “normal” as they used to be, are they? Our society is not as gentle as it once was. People are much more self-centered and callous. Children (and adults as well) are less respectful, a lot less kind than before; and our culture, indeed the entire world, is much less safe than it used to be. There is no denying this fact.

There is a palpable fear that is growing within the hearts of everyone everywhere. Regardless of where one lives, there is an indefinable “something” that permeates the very air — a sense of looming danger that is disturbing and disquieting — a sense of an impending disaster that lies just beyond what we can see. As Shakespeare once said, it is obvious to anyone who is honest that “something wicked this way comes.” Indeed, if you are honest, you too must admit that you can feel an ill wind of change headed our way.

Well, you are right; something is coming. A gathering storm is on the horizon, and when it hits, it will come suddenly; and for many who are too self-absorbed to notice, it will come unexpectedly. The repercussions that this cosmic change will leave in its wake will be be cataclysmic beyond anyone’s ability to comprehend. It is those who will be in the aftermath of this “event horizon” that these series of “letters to the left behind” is meant to address.

Overall, for the time being, everything is still relatively ticking along like it always has, with the exception that the road of life on which we are traveling is a lot more bumpy and fraught with dangers both seen and unseen.

There are ominous events occurring now that are building like great thunderheads looming in the distance that are getting larger, stronger, and nearer — ever nearer. The fury of a great storm is about to be unleashed.

There is an imminent event that is going to break in upon an unprepared and largely unsuspecting world like the sudden explosion of a great caldera; an unforeseen disaster that will leave in its wake devastation on a scale unknown before; an event so unprecedented that there is no frame of reference within human history with which to compare it. When it comes, this event will, at any moment, change everything; and all that will come after this unprecedented moment will be the likes of which this world has never experienced before, or ever will again.

A change is coming all right, and for those of you reading these chronicles on this side of this event, take these words as a warning; for time and life as you have always known it is about to run out. This coming event can and will happen in an instant of time too small to be measured or quantified.

To those who will not heed the numerous warnings that have been literally shouted  in every venue available by those of us who will have left this earth in this coming event; to those of you who didn’t listen to your family, your friends, or others like me who tried to tell you — to prepare you — those of us who pleaded with you, witnessed to you, endured your scoffing and anger when we tried to warn you; we who prayed and agonized before the throne of God on your behalf; it is to you, who will be the “left behind ones,” that these series of messages is written.

You wouldn’t listen before, but after the event has taken place, everything will change; and then, perhaps, you will at last be motivated to hear what the missing ones have to say. So I am going to write to you from the perspective of where you (will) find yourself post event. In essence, these letters come to you as a series of messages from those of us who are now (will be) among the earth’s missing ones.

So, without delay, let me tell you now precisely what has (will have) happened. I will tell you where we have gone, who is among “the missing,” why we have been taken,  and why you were not.

I will also leave for you in this series of chronicles, a detailed accounting of what is coming in your very near future. What you do with the information that I and others like me will have left you will likely impact your personal safety. But much more importantly, what you choose to do with the information we will have left for you will determine the eternal destiny of your immortal soul.

As you may have guessed by now, this “event” that I am referring to is none other than the rapture of the Church of Jesus Christ — the “catching away” of every genuine believer (along with all babies, young children, and the mentally infirm or handicapped) who by faith alone, placed his/her trust in the atoning death, burial, and bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ–God the Son. This is the very same Jesus who came to Earth in human form in order to pay in full the sin debt owed by every single human being alive — all who are cursed by sin.
This entire world system — this entire global sphere — is slated for destruction, because the wrath and vengeance of Almighty God is about to commence upon this wicked, vile, sin-loving, debauched, Christ-rejecting world. He is going to judge, in perfect righteousness, the inhabitants. He is about to exact justice on rebellious man, and to restore to its intended perfection His creation which sin has utterly corrupted. Life as you have always known it will NEVER return. You need to understand and accept this truth right from the start.

That’s the bad news. You need to know this and accept it for the absolute reality that it is. Wishing it were not so, denying the reality of it, or ignoring the truth of it will not change the things that are coming, not one iota. It was your own refusal to accept the gift of God’s so great salvation which would have spared you this time of judgment. Your pride is why you now find yourself left behind here to have to endure this time of coming darkness and woe.

But do not be dismayed. There is yet HOPE. The Lord who is “rich in mercy” is still willing to save “all who will come to Him by faith.”

Even in the midst of the horrendous, oncoming judgments that God is about to mete out, He is willing, for a time, to extend His mercy and His saving grace, because God is love and He is “not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.”

You made a tragic choice by refusing His great salvation during the Church Age — the Age of Grace (the time when God was calling out of the world a people unto Himself — those whom He called His body and the bride of Christ). That “age” or era closed when the Church of Jesus Christ was raptured — snatched out — of this world; when each member of the true Church (both the living and the dead “in Christ”) was changed from our mortal, sin-corrupted bodies into new, immortal, glorified bodies and taken to the “Father’s House” in Heaven via this event the Bible calls the rapture (catching away) of the Church.

I will go into more detail regarding the rapture event in the next letter so that you will clearly know and understand the truth of what has happened. For as you will see, Satan, the Father of  Lies, the “god” of this world system, has already prepared a LIE that is so audacious, so convincing, that only those who turn to Christ for salvation will not be taken in by it.

Once the Tribulation begins, the world will only have seven more years left under this fallen Luciferian system. These last seven years will be the most horrific, most devastating, most cataclysmic, most dark and violent time this world will have ever known in all of human history. Seven years — that’s it, before King Jesus returns in righteousness to renovate and to restore “Paradise Lost.”

Let me end this letter today with the most important thing  – the only thing that now matters – that is the salvation of your immortal soul. For you see, the sobering truth is this:  you will almost certainly lose your life during this final seven years. That is just the plain, unvarnished truth; and if you should die lost, continuing to reject God’s offer of salvation, then you will spend eternity in a literal, burning place known as the Lake of Fire. I cannot be any clearer or more truthful than that.

The reality is this: very few of the possibly five to six billion souls left here after the rapture will live to the end of this seven-year time of the Tribulation — very few. In fact, Jesus Himself said that if He did not return to bring a halt to this time (if He allowed it to run its course unimpeded), that no flesh (no living creature, including man) would be spared. This is how devastatingly horrific these last seven years will be.

So before we go any further in this series of messages to the left behind, let me make sure that you know how to come to salvation. Your physical life will likely end during this time; however, your soul is immortal. And you (the conscious, sentient, core of you) will exist in complete consciousness in an immortal body forever — either in Heaven in a new glorified, immortal body, or in Hell in an immortal body that can never die but can and will suffer agonal torment forever. Your final destination all depends on the choice you make right now.

None of us is guaranteed that we will live even the next five minutes. We are all merely one last heartbeat and one final breath away from eternity at any given moment. So please, if you are reading this missive and millions upon millions (perhaps billions) of people worldwide have instantly disappeared without a trace, then you have already made one tremendously poor choice. Please do not make another by refusing God’s offer of salvation again.

How to be Saved

(1) Why you need a Savior

You need a Savior because you are a sinner. “There is NONE righteous, no, not one” (Romans 3:10 ). “For ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23).

“For the wages [penalty] of sin is [eternal] death, but the gift of God is [eternal] life in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 6:23).

You see, we are not sinners because we commit sins; we commit sins because we are sinners. It’s what we are intrinsically. We are born sinners under the curse of sin; and as such, we need a Savior.

(2) What you must do to be saved

You must believe (place your faith and complete trust) in the Lord Jesus Christ alone.

You must believe that Jesus Christ is God who came to Earth wrapped in human flesh, and that His death paid in full the wages (penalty) for all of  mankind’s sins. You must believe in His sinless life, in His atoning death, in His burial and in His bodily resurrection from the tomb, according to the scriptures. This is the only gospel that saves:  Salvation is by God’s grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.

“For I delivered unto you first of all that which I (the apostle Paul) also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; and that He was buried, and that He rose again the third day according to the scriptures” (1 Corinthians 15:3-4).

“That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and believe in thine heart that God hath raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved” (Romans 10:9-10).

Please keep reading the chronicles, as in them I will give you details of all that is soon to be coming upon the earth. Take these messages to heart, because post rapture, once a “covenant” between Israel and “the many” is confirmed by a coming, charismatic world leader, then there will be only seven years left, and you are not guaranteed that you will live even the next seven minutes.

Until next time…