Thy Kingdom Come; Thy Will Be Done: Part 1 :: By David Hammacher

The other night, after listening to several prophecy updates, I went to bed with a heavy heart. My mood was one of question marks. It was wrapped in confusion with a little dash of “God, why ARE You letting this happen?” kind of thing.

I do thank God for the opportunity to even listen to prophecy updates from the various men of God via Facebook. It amazes me that, unless you’re actively following world events from a Biblical perspective, a lot (most?) of what’s happening now, globally speaking, escapes the notice of the man on the street. More and more I can see the manipulation of the media as to what they deem important for the sheeple to know and what they’d rather keep to themselves – things that don’t advance their warped narrative.

I think it’s safe to say that TV news has already shown its ugly face of bias on countless occasions; and, mournfully, fake news is now a common phenomenon. It’s tiring. People’s opinions are far more malleable than I used to think, and that’s scary. Hitler once said – and I’m paraphrasing here – the bigger the lie, the more you pound it into the masses. They’ll buy it in the end. Voilà! It works! Moreover, I fear that some of these ‘journalists’ actually believe the nonsense they spout off. They themselves are pitiful victims of manipulation by people who think they can outfox The Ancient of Days. Wow! It WILL be a very rude awakening, indeed! Keep building that end times bunker, dude. The Wrath of Almighty God will be most unwelcome, I can assure you.

Thank God for the remnant who are taking notes and refuse to be hoodwinked by an elite group of spiritually-bereft power brokers who want to enslave us based on their evil, antichrist designs. They are Satan’s willing servants, and probably most of them don’t even realize it (though some may but don’t care). They are preparing the scene for the coming man of lawlessness – a.k.a. the antichrist – and from the looks of the direction everything is heading, millions will end up being deceived into throwing their eternity to the demons of Hell. They’ll be dancing and hopping up and down like Mexican jumping beans in their adulation of the one who wants to ravage their very souls forever.

No, God is NOT all warm and fuzzy, and He’s not here to cater to our selfish whims. Jesus Christ is NOT some sort of social justice warrior that the Leftists feel they can use to justify sin, either! He IS The King of kings and The Lord of lords, and He IS Holy and Righteous and Sovereign and Eternal. He IS WORTHY.

One of the key points I’ve managed to glean from the aforementioned updates was that God is now beginning to ‘wean’ His people from this world because we’re going HOME soon! It’s almost time to get married. Hallelujah! We can certainly help ourselves (and God) by making a decision to avoid and even shun the things this world holds so dear and re-focusing our attention on God and His Kingdom. I, personally, am praying that God would help me release those things of this fleeting existence that stand in the way of a deeper love relationship with Him and to give me everything that draws me closer to His Loving Presence.

I look at the current administration, and I find myself shaking my head in consternation at the daunting task it has ahead of it. I believe that the POTUS isn’t always being given the full story by his ‘advisers.’ Pray that he finds his way to truth in terms of the media and intelligence briefings. Pray that God purges Washington and the White House of people whose agenda don’t serve His.

The overriding lawlessness can be a real source of discouragement, and it’s imperative for the Body of Christ to stay in The Word and in prayer and to encourage one another on social media. Pray the title of this post; and I believe that God, in His Infinite Wisdom, will dazzle the planet with His Answers. He’s on the case in a way that Perry Mason would have only dreamed of, for He IS Perfect in orchestrating the affairs of men. He will accomplish His Noble Purposes under Heaven in His Manner, and He will use those of His choosing, not ours necessarily. We need to let God BE Who He is – Sovereign!

As Christians we are learning more and more that Satan, the father of lies, continues to use the lamestream media to do his bidding. He is the ultimate liar; and they are puppets in his game of deceit and treachery, which ultimately is intended to steer as many people away from Jesus Christ – The ONLY One Who saves – as possible. That’s his primary objective. At any rate, I know Satan wants to wear down those who love Jesus, and we have to pray against that. We also, as mentioned above, need to let go of this world. It is against the values we hold dear, and it does NOT honor The Blessed Redeemer we serve. Why even try to imitate it? It’s an exercise in futility at best. We’ve got something miles better in store for us!

“But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform our lowly body to be like his glorious body, by the power that enables him even to subject all things to himself” (Philippians‬ ‭3:20-21‬ ‭ESV).‬‬