Book Review: ‘The Paradigm’ :: By Greg May

Jonathan Cahn joked that he may have to leave the country for a few years after his latest book, ‘The Paradigm’ is released.  Of all the books he has written ‘The Paradigm’ is most similar to ‘The Harbinger’.  It is an ancient biblical mystery that lies behind what is taking place in our day.

‘The Paradigm’ is a master blueprint that not only reveals the big picture of what’s taking place before our eyes but even the details of the events of our day.  It even reveals specific people of our day.  This 3,000-year old blueprint has determined the rise and fall of governments – even who will win elections and who will lose more accurately than modern pollsters and analysts.

It even reveals when specific occurrences must take place down to their exact years, months, and even days – including the exact day of a presidential scandal, the time and manner of Osama bin Laden’s assignation and even the exact day of 9/11.  In fact, it is so exact one would have been able to pinpoint the day of the tragedy years before September 11.

It goes right up to the present, to this last election which it foreshadows and beyond.  It gives revelation on what lies ahead of us and what the future holds as it brings forth a prophetic warning.  It also reveals critical keys to know how to overcome and live victoriously in times like these.

‘The Paradigm’ compares ancient leaders – for and against God – with their modern-day counterparts with astonishing accuracy.  For example, did you know that King Ahab and Queen Jezebel reigned for the same length of time Bill and Hillary Clinton were in power – 22 years.  Ahab and Jezebel promoted the same agendas as did the Clintons:  Ahab and Jezebel encouraged the sacrifice of infants to the pagan god Baal and Bill and Hillary pushed for abortion.

Cahn shows how the Clinton’s ‘Whitewater Scandal’ mirrored King Ahab’s coveting Naboth’s vineyeard and do you remember Monica Lewinsky?

  “The King’s scandal will begin with his transgressing the law of
   the Levites.  So too the judgement of his sins will be linked to
   Israel’s priestly tribe.  Thus the King’s fall from his sin to the
   judgement of his sin will be intrinsically bound to the tribe of

Monica Lewinsky not only bore the name of the Levites – she was one.  She was a descendant of the tribe of Levi – of the same people who in ancient times upheld and carried out the law that King Ahab had broken, the law that led to his downfall.  When King Ahab had Naboth charged with bearing false witness and had him stoned to death, that constituted the breaking and desecrating of the Levitical law in coveting, false witness and adultery; it involved the desecration of a Levite.  As it was with Ahab in ancient times, so it was with his antitype, Bill Clinton.

This is just one example of the fascinating comparisons of ancient leaders with their modern-day counterparts that are revealed in ‘The Paradigm’.  You’ll be amazed as you read of the striking correllations of Osama bin Laden, Obama and Donald Trump as their biblical antitypes are revealed.  ‘The Paradigm’ ultimately shows that God is truly in control – over all things and through all things – even down to the most minute details and in every moment of our lives as He promises to heal our land only if His people humble themselves and repent.