Anarchy, Disaster and America :: By Don McGee

It is obvious that anarchists and the havoc they are causing are having a negative impact upon our country. Their motive is typical of anarchists; they want what they call complete freedom in life. They want a society where there are no rules for living and no accountability for their actions. Many anarchists claim that no one should have an abundance of anything, and that all things should be equally divided among all people. That is why they are prize targets for those wanting to impose socialism or communism upon a free market society; they are already leaning in that direction.

All of that is obvious. But what is being missed is the real reason behind it all, and that is because the reason is spiritual in nature. And we can be assured that American society will never invite spiritual cause/effect into the arena of public debate on this issue. Time and again Christian apologists have attempted to explain spiritual cause/effect to secularists, but they are as clueless as a wild boar hearing Beethoven’s 5th. And 1 Corinthians 2:14 explains this disconnect, “But a natural man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually appraised.”

In context of this situation in our country, a distinction must be made between motive and reason. Motive is personal; it is the internally held worldview behind a person’s conduct. But, reason is different because it is rooted in an external influence that is often unknown to those involved.

Satan is orchestrating this present turmoil, but a growing percentage of Americans would never admit this because the existence of an evil spirit being who would enable and exploit destructive behavior is foreign to their thinking. And that is just fine with Satan as long as his goal of lawlessness is reached, for that is the ideal situation for the introduction of his man of lawlessness, a man whom the Bible calls Antichrist.

Human conduct is always the result of influence. In his base state the natural man is influenced by his Adamic nature to often act like a child; that is, he wants what he wants, whether he earns it or not, and he wants it now. He is always looking for something free no matter the cost to others. Though all things are created by influences that have costs associated with them, anarchists do not care about such costs.

That the result of anarchy and socialism is mass, across the board poverty means nothing to those making such demands. And though Satan exploits this to no end, it matters not a wit to him if anarchists are irrational. The only thing of importance to him is the inherent lawlessness in such movements, for this is the kind of social condition that brings panic usually followed by the rise of a charismatic liberator.

At this point it is important to make something very clear. As American Christians we are mostly tuned in to what is happening in our own country. But, we must not lose sight of the fact that Bible prophecy was not written in context of the North American Continent. What we are seeing in our country has already happened in other places with many successes for Satan. Presently it seems that our country is just one of the final dominoes that must either fall completely, or be sufficiently damaged to the point of being impotent in worldwide affairs. This will expedite Satan’s efforts at global instability.

Some people are beginning to wonder if America’s deep divide politically and socially will morph into unbridled anarchy and social turmoil which could be critical factors in America’s eventual crash as a constitutional republic. They are wondering if super-wealthy global financiers with no national allegiances (such as George Soros who admitted, “I carry some rather potent messianic fantasies…” LA Times, 4 October 2004), can possibly incite and exploit this atmosphere of unrest to a point where martial law will become the new norm. Is a crisis looming that will prompt drastic government action? It just might be so.

Relatively new to American anarchism is a hate group called ANTIFA, an acronym for “anti-fasc ists “. These are mostly middle class white college kids who have a burning, visceral hatred for those they label as nationalists and political conservatives. They are violently hostile toward people they think are anti-black racists, yet do not have the testosterone to stand against anti-white racism. They are all for free speech as long as it conforms to their view, and those who disagree become recipients of their cowardly violence. Essentially they are brain-washed socialists/anarchists who believe they have license to assault and destroy in the name of their two-faced political correctness.

But, like others of their caste these are mere pawns in the hands of a malicious, evil spirit being. Satan does not care about their agenda as he does not care about the homosexual agenda, the transgender agenda or any other depraved agenda that is destroying the stability of our country. His goal has nothing to do with the goals of these people; he simply wants to orchestrate a situation that will bring society to such a place of desperation that citizens will demand the government do something no matter the cost to liberty. Eventually, as the world moves deeper into the caldron of anarchy he will have a man ready to step in and say, “I have a plan…”

Some are plunging their heads deeply into the sand saying this will never happen in America. Think again. Just 50 years ago nobody in their right mind would have thought that TSA bureaucrats at commercial U.S. airports would have the authority to essentially grope passengers boarding airplanes. Immediately after the Muslim attacks on 9-11 much of the public protested this new policy, but such protests have mostly grown silent today. And it is all in the name of this foolish idea that a nation can successfully exchange liberty for security.

Natural disasters like Katrina and Harvey have proven time and again that looters, anarchists and other such plunderers will, like wild beasts, mercilessly prey on the weak and vulnerable. We might wonder what liberties Americans will be willing to relinquish in the false hope of quelling massive outbreaks of violence, especially if they come face to face with anarchists as unarmed, helpless citizens.

Many Americans already see large fractures in the Constitution because of the Muslim attacks in 2001. Ten years later, in 2011, the fidelity of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution was further eroded. In a little publicized case the U.S. Supreme Court decided in an 8-1 decision in Kentucky v. King that police, in certain situations, can now kick down doors when they are not in hot-pursuit and without a warrant. Certain situations? That is a very slippery slope with no firm stops along the slide into the dark pit of totalitarianism.

Still, it can’t be certain that anarchism in and of itself, accompanied by martial law, will be the critical factor in America’s fall. Satan does not know this either, but he is exploiting the situation to the fullest because he knows, as some Christians know, that it will at least be favorable to his ultimate plans. He is the reason behind all this, but his eggs are not all in the proverbial one basket. Though he does not know exactly what will happen, he does know that anarchism will definitely lend itself to societal fear and desperation.

So, will God allow some other kind of dreadful event(s) to afflict our country? Barring full-blown national repentance and a national turning to God the answer is yes. Is it possible that this could happen before the church is removed? Yes. This kind of talk is anathema to most Americans, even to most Christians. But, our concern should have nothing to do with what most people think, Christian or not. Our concern should be with what God might allow to happen to any nation that flaunts its brazen debauchery in His face.

Any student of the Bible, and especially of Bible prophecy, knows there will be no national revival in America, or any other nation for that matter, in these last days. And any nationally elected leader who would attempt to lead such a national repentance would immediately be lampooned and caricatured as a fool worthy of impeachment and a straight jacket.

So, what might God allow? He will allow whatever He wants, but many Bible students believe that the most likely event will be one of three general scenarios, or a combination thereof: enemy attacks, economics, or natural catastrophes. And the interesting part about this is that any of those events can act as a catalyst for further anarchistic conduct and martial law. Though these are not sure things, they should be kept in mind.

Another Islamic attack. Only a fool would think that the Muslim world has decided to not press its attack on America. It makes no difference whether it is Sunni or Shite, American liberty is not compatible with Islam. One is equally foolish to believe Muslim immigrants want to assimilate into western culture. They want to control and change it. Media outlets parade their “experts” before the American public, and they speak of our Muslim “partners” in our efforts. What will it take for us realize that, in the end, we have no real Muslim partners in any of our efforts? Evidently 9-11 didn’t have sufficient shock value to do it.

Economics. No matter how any financial expert tries to spin it, when a country is $20 trillion in debt with this fiscal year’s interest on that debt at $276.6 billion, that country is on the precipice of bankruptcy. And the pathetic thing about this is that most people, especially those with the entitlement mentality, think we can just print more money to cover it. And some of those entitlement people are in the Congress and Senate.

Natural calamities. Catastrophic weather systems are mostly what we are seeing today, but that is not the worse thing that could happen. Nine of the 23 largest super volcanoes in the world are in the U.S., the most recognizable one being the Yellowstone Caldera. The results of such an eruption are inconceivable. In addition to the immediate death and suffering, there will be long term air pollution, the destruction of water aquifers, power grids, highways, airports, pipelines, buildings, crops, communications, etc. Americans will suddenly be thrown into individual survival mode, medieval style. And it will be hard-core, dog-eat-dog survival.

Our country needs to be led into national confession and repentance for our national rejection of God. But, that is not going to happen. Further, catastrophic events will not prompt it, either. Perhaps on a personal level, but not on a national level because we have no such leader that is of sufficient spiritual strength. Nor have we had one of late, or else we possibly would not be wallowing in the sewer of depravity today.

There is one more thing that will happen, and it can happen at any moment. Jesus is going to remove His church from this world. We know He will do so prior to the tribulation, but what is not known is if He will do so before He is forced to send some kind of horrific judgment on this country. It is the opinion of many Bible students that this event alone will be sufficiently dramatic as to cause such social unrest that the world, including our country, will be demanding that somebody do something at any cost. It is very probable that somewhere on this planet Antichrist is alive and well, just waiting for the right circumstances to usher him in. The question that each one should be asking is: Where will I be one minute post-rapture? DLM