Black and White Facts :: By Bill Perkins

The uncomfortable truth about blacks in America today…

The book and movie The Help shocked a lot of people. So was Rick Santorum’s remark years ago about needing to get blacks true help: “Jobs instead of welfare.” But he was telling the truth.

When I was a young kid in the 1950s in Alabama, I distinctly remember getting on a bus and the bus driver announcing “Colored to the rear.” If you needed a restroom, there were always three from which to choose: “Male,” “Female,” and “Colored.”

It didn’t seem odd at the time that there were “white” and “colored” water fountains or that the city auditorium had a separate entrance to the balcony where the “colored” would sit. All the public schools were totally segregated.

In the 1950s and 1960s it was painful for many Americans, especially those in the deep south, to finally come to grips with a cold hard fact: White and black citizens had sinfully captured some 600,000 Africans from their homes and families on the African continent, brought them to America and sold them as slaves.

In the years that followed the civil rights legislation, giving blacks equal rights, America has tried to make up for her wrongs. Since the 1960s, billions of dollars have been spent to improve the lives of black Americans.

We’ve given the black community hugely disproportionate amounts of welfare, food stamps, Section 8 housing, Medicaid, poverty programs, tax credits, student loans, college scholarships and other specific advantages over whites–all meant to bring blacks up to the same standards white Americans have achieved.

To rid our guilt we’ve even resorted to reverse discrimination against whites through affirmative action and quotas in governments, businesses and higher education—all to give the black American an advantage so they could “catch up.”

So how is our investment in the black community doing in this decade?

Not so good. So badly in fact, all this “help” may have been worse than “no help” at all. Consider these sobering statistics today:

* A black man has an 89% chance of spending a night in jail before the age of 30.

* A black woman has a 70% chance of having a child outside of wedlock.

*A black person is seven times more likely to go to prison than a white person.

* A black person has about a 45% chance of dropping out of high school.

* Black on white crime happens 45% of the time while white on black crime is 3%.

* Black on white robberies are 139 times more likely than white on black.

* Black on white rapes are 100 times more likely than white on black.

* Blacks score 15% to 30% lower, compared to whites, on standard IQ tests.

* Black women are 5 times more likely to get an abortion than white women.

* In 2009, black household net worth was $2,170, compared to $97,860 for white. (That’s    incredible!)

Blacks hold a disproportionately number of local, state and federal government jobs.

Blacks are 10% of the U.S. civilian work force but hold:

25% of the jobs at U.S. Treasury;
25% at the Veterans;
31% at the State Department;
37% at the Department of Education;
38% at the Housing and Urban Development;
42% at the Equal Opportunity Commission;
44% at Fannie Mae;
50% at Freddie Mac;
55% at the Government Printing Office and;
82% at the Court Services/Offender Agency.

The average government employee earns $123,000 per year, compared to $61,000 in the private sector. This poses a huge future economic impact to the black community when the government is forced to cut back: “When” not “if.”

Making a bad situation worse, the visible race-baiting black leadership in America (Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc.) continue to push for more of the poorly thought-through government programs that have created these problems in the first place.

On the spiritual side, it is estimated that well over 80% of black churches don’t specifically teach the Bible as God’s inerrant and infallible word.

With Bible exposition lacking, and social sermons the norm, few blacks in America are armored with biblical truths-which is their only hope out of their ever-encompassing mire.

The bottom line is that blacks, as a community, are looking to the U.S. government to solve their problems when they should be looking to God.

Who says this? Jesse Peterson at one of the Steeling the Mind Bible Conference presentations: How Black Leadership Exploits Black America. It’s an eye-opening presentation showing how black leadership in America isn’t doing any favors for black America.

Peterson, once himself a victim of America’s “help” is one of the few blacks to both state the uncomfortable truths about blacks in America and boldly speak forth the answer: Repentance and turning to Jesus Christ.

Refreshingly, Peterson sees the Light. We pray his biblically sound message sheds the True Light on others the black community.


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