The Man for Such a Time as This :: By Steve Schmutzer

The events and reactions surrounding President Trump’s election may lend some perspective on portions of God’s prophetic Word. Let me explain what I mean.

In the short time since a large number of this nation’s voters soundly rejected a globalist agenda, I’ve watched the antics of the left with amusement and alarm. On one hand, they’ve reduced themselves to torrents of outright contradictions. On the other, they spew venom for which there’s no earthly antidote. At minimum, it is intellectual inconsistency, but I feel the matter is much closer to dedicated depravity.

Regardless of which response captures our attention the danger is that these people believe they’re right. Their intolerance of views unlike their own become a rabid determination to impose their values on others. And if anything is clear since November 8, 2016, it is this: The left justifies every means to achieve its agenda.

The disorderly Michael Moore is a case in point. He tweeted shortly after the election, “He’s not president for four and a half weeks. Next idea?”

I’ll translate, “We can still stop this! Our temper tantrums haven’t gained us sympathy and the recount campaigns backfired on us, but there’s no need to panic. Our deceptive propaganda and death threats to the electors didn’t work either, but we’ve still got time to ignore the rules. So, what other lawless actions can we scheme to disrupt the inauguration of Trump as president?”

January 20th has come and gone. Donald Trump is our legally-elected president, but that has not assuaged the left. Millions of deranged progressives feel exactly as Michael Moore, and some of them are openly calling for Trump’s assassination. There were over 12,000 such threats last I heard, and there will certainly be more. These sore losers feel justified in their despicable motives, because again—they think they are right!

The left’s conclusions do not emerge from confusion. They are birthed in hate.

Liberals spout a kumbayah tolerance and acceptance, but the real truth is they hate anything and anybody that doesn’t conform to their agenda. They’re hard-pressed to have civil discussions with anyone who holds a different view. Those on the left are more likely to attack those who do not agree with them because they think alternate views are wrong.

Doubt me? Try standing up for Jesus, unborn babies, strong borders or gun rights on social media. Defend marriage as being between one man and one woman. Support Israel and see what happens. You’ll face an assault on your intellect, your reputation, your genetics, and even your right to exist.

Those of us who subscribe to responsible views often fail to fully-recognize the intensity of this brewing storm. We feel secure behind our walls of tradition, order, and law—even as these institutions rapidly erode. While we boost with our like-minded friends congratulatory tributes since the election, we underestimate the intense hatred the globalists have cultivated against our values.

The truth is, two different sets of rules play out now—one for each side. Although the right has been deeply despaired with the elections of Obama, and with his “Make America Weak” policies, they never rioted in the streets, burned businesses, beat up bystanders, threatened to kill electors, shot cops, formed filthy communes in public places, encouraged assassinations, promoted anarchy, bankrolled mobs, shut down free speech, nor asked for safe rooms, teddy bears, pet therapy, and Play-Doh. The right is imperfect, but the conduct of the left is outrageously wrong.

It’s self-evident that liberals embrace whatever means serve their intentions, and if that requires them to abandon rules of decorum, so be it. They’ll shriek at Trump for his hesitation to support a Hillary win, then bawl “ad nauseam” that he’s an illegitimate president. This same double standard applauds Obama’s myriad of executive orders, but screams bloody murder when Trump signs his own to point our country back toward sanity.

Eight years of strategic attacks on sound morals, personal responsibility and godly standards have fractured our country’s most important foundations. America is now a grossly divided nation, and specific events through this period haven’t exposed this disunion as much as they’ve fostered it.

I know I speak for many when I say, “But I haven’t changed!” I’ve always been a supporter of Israel, a proponent of legal immigration, and an advocate of the nuclear family. I continue to believe in traditional marriage, the right to own guns, and freedom of expression. I think the government should be limited and business opportunities should be expanded. Unborn babies deserve to be protected, and criminals deserve to be prosecuted. I feel nations are better off when they are strong and sovereign, and secure borders have always been part of that equation.

There was a time when most Americans regarded these issues as I do, because my views are not partisan. They are based on common sense. But most elements of common sense decency have launched the left into a hedonistic rage ever since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president.

It’s not that the left doesn’t understand the tenets of logic and virtue, but rather—they don’t want them. This is why progressives are engaged in a calculated war against all things reasonable, noble, and proper.

How can we possibly comprehend what is happening here?

A number of Scriptures describe the future attitudes and behaviors of “those that dwell upon the earth” (Revelation 3:10; 6:10; 8:13, 11:10; et al). They’re prophetic insights into the globalist dogma in the final years before Christ’s Second Advent; they seem to describe what we’re seeing and hearing now.

While these passages lay out the character of those who have rejected Christ and are forced to endure the judgements of the Tribulation, they also link the irresponsible spiritual choices of those within this group with their consequent senselessness. The first situation results in the second one.

The Bible affirms itself, so let’s take a look at traits related in verses of Romans 1:18-32. They read like today’s news, and it explains some of the mindless antics we’ve seen from the left lately.

The text describes a descent into full-blown depravity, beginning with a choice to “suppress the truth by their wickedness.” Those who do this refuse to acknowledge the plain evidence of the Creator who is all around them. According to what is written in the book of Romans this evidence is sufficient to damn one’s soul—since it points to who God is and what He has done.

This is partly why the angel’s “eternal gospel” which is proclaimed to “those who dwell upon the earth” in Revelation 14:6-7, emphasizes God’s role in creation. When God made the world He was not just making a nice place to live. He was saying something very important about Himself to all who live in it.

But when people choose to be wrong with God, it naturally follows they will be wrong with everything else. That’s why “futile thinking” results from refusing God His rightful place. Such people would rather believe they came from a glop of goo than believe there is an Almighty God who created them in His own image.

This is a slippery slope, but it’s just the start. According to the book of Romans, these people become delusional. They display irrational beliefs and behaviors. Delusional people resist truth and corrective interventions because they think they’re right even when most people know they’re wrong.

Does this hit the bullseye or what?

It’s useless to argue with the far left because they’re already convinced of things that make no sense. Moreover, they believe they are wise, educated, and civilized—while anyone who is not like them is primitive, racist, and all together dangerous.

Verses 1:21-22 in Romans reference such people as “fools.” One translation says “they became insane.” Either works for me. Liberals fight for the rights of rats while they excoriate anyone who defends unborn humans. The left have it all backward. They esteem earth’s lowest creatures even as they despise their Creator. This is misguided godless fervor.

Man is inherently religious because he was made that way. He must worship something, and if he rejects God he will choose to give reverence to creation and the creatures within it. In this process, he will also see himself as a “god,” presiding over the planet, and believing he can, and should—control it. He will expect others to conform to his ideals, and he’ll rigorously proselytize these notions because his values refuse to bow to righteous standards.

What we are on the inside inevitably shows up in how we act on the outside, and according to  what is recorded in Romans; the society that consciously rejects God is one wherein the expressions and forces of homosexuality rise. It was true for Sodom and Gomorrah long ago, and it’s true for America now. It’s no coincidence that our last president said “We are no longer a Christian nation.” Then subsequently bathed the White House in the rainbow colors of the gay community.

This sepsis of moral decay infects America on many levels now, as the left celebrates corruption, endorses deceit, supports injustice, applauds chaos, and plots evil to unprecedented proportions. It’s all in plain sight. Their choices to deny God have culminated in frank depravities which are now their norm.

Beneath the left’s erratic frenzies, behind their constant lies and within their perpetual tantrums rests this one fact: They don’t want God. They don’t want His rules, His values, His followers, nor His chosen people of Israel. They don’t want any element of Him that challenges their choices or forces an honest look in the mirror. They don’t want God now, and they won’t want Him later as the world  continues to implode.

In the same way that unregenerate Man understands God is the Creator now, he will absolutely know that God is the Judge in the future (Revelation 16:9, 11, 21, et al). The world that God put together will be the world He destroys, and “those that dwell upon the earth” will see both displays to the same effect.

The evidence of God will be just as plain to humanity at the end of time (as we know it), as it has been since the beginning of time. But it will make little difference. The reactions of the deranged masses in the future will just be a whole lot more of what we see now.

And that end is coming into focus. Progressives have already embraced the fundamentals of the Antichrist’s one world political system. Five years ago, we hardly heard a word about “globalism,” but today it’s the shiny “new” paradigm by which all the left’s passions are measured. It’s not really new at all, but where biblical wisdom is absent, foolish ideals are repeated.

The globalists desperately want a one world government and proofs of this are stout. They advance the sketchy premises of climate change in order to enforce a universal set of rules. They promote dissolution of borders to blur sovereign territories. They over-regulate economies to weaken nations. They violate basic laws to incite chaos and promote controls on society, and they defend illegal immigration to overwhelm political and legal systems and to introduce confusion.

Most notably, the left abhors Christians, and they covet any opportunity to suppress the power of the Bible. Sensible Judeo-Christian values which find origin within the divinely-inspired pages of God’s Word restrain the agenda of the left. This is partly why the left hates Jesus (Mark 13:13), and His followers. They will stop at nothing to subdue those who would challenge their pagan Orwellian utopia.

William Golding’s classic book, Lord of the Flies, is a dark story of a group of boys who became stranded on an island after a plane crash. What started as their wonderful adventure descended into full-blown barbarity. By the time they were rescued, they had killed two in their group and had set their island ablaze.

As the story goes, one of the boys was overcome with emotion when he was rescued, and he “wept for the end of innocence [and] the darkness of Man’s heart.” Golding’s fictional story of what happened to a few boys who abandoned reason and acted without conventional restraints highlights the reality of what happens to men when they ignore God and resist His values.

In the end, the avalanche of godless reactions preceding and following Trump’s election are little more than a taste of the attitudes and behaviors that will flourish unchecked during the Tribulation. Willful deception marinates both points of history, and the lies which unregenerate people support now will be the same lies they choose to embrace in the future.

I believe America’s present politics are writhing in the clutches of a climactic spiritual battle. On one side there remain those who continue to support sound values, who clearly see right from wrong and who endure in exercising common sense. This group properly understands we are indeed a nation “under God.”

On the other side, there are those who have chosen to remove every element of God out of their lives. Their motives are filled with hatred, and they reek of foolishness with the many things they do and say. This group worships at the altar of globalism, and they endorse any lie which serves to advance that plan.

I have gradually become convinced that legitimate concerns stalk those who claim to be in the faith, yet choose to identify with the left. This dilemma is especially true as the left moves dramatically toward a militant-socialist agenda which finds little, if anything, in common with the teachings and practices of God’s Word.

Despite the fascist fits of the left, I believe Donald Trump is the man God wants in the office of president at this time—much the same way I believe God intended Barack Obama to be president for eight years. The Word of God teaches that God sets up and deposes rulers (Daniel 2:21), so no one assumes the leadership of the Oval Office without God’s sovereign control.

That said, the current behaviors of “those that dwell upon the earth” suggest the world as we know it is drawing to a close. The conditions for the  prophetic fulfillment of Christ’s Second Advent are falling into place, and that means our “blessed hope” (Titus 2:13), is nearly upon us.

Eternal glory awaits us!

Pardon me, as I hum a line from one of R.E.M.’s songs, “It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine…”