Choosing God’s Truth :: By Ronald E. Bostrom and Valerie Day-Bostrom

Have you noticed it is quite easy to identify a person who doesn’t know God … as to what comes out of his or her mouth?

An unsaved person only knows how to speak from his or her head—their mind, will and emotions. They are spiritually dead (in their spirit and disconnected from God). What may come out of such a person’s mouth sometimes comes out uncontrollably.

If the unsaved talk about God, false religions and/or cults, it is because the devil is functioning in their spiritually dead spirit in sin and lies all the time, and they don’t even know it is he who is influencing them. They do not know Jesus Christ and may or may not choose to know Him and will stay lost if they don’t.

You can identify a “Christian” from what comes out of his or her mouth also, and by what is written. The Holy Spirit, if you really know Him and His Voice, can show you what is not from Him. He can show you when someone is lying about other things also. (See Acts 5:1-11 Bible Story of Ananias and Sapphira.)

There are five kinds of Christians which I have observed from 1977 to this day, 2017:

  1. Christians who speak from their heads (which is the soul, mind, will and emotions), even though they may have been “born-again” and have their spirit lit with God. But they don’t really know Him and can’t hear His voice, and do not have an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. So they keep going with their heads with what all might have been put in there, thinking it’s  from their hearts (spirits), religiously imitating Man’s opinions and ideas about God and His Word. And what is heard can almost sound like an unsaved person to those that have ears and can hear the Holy Spirit’s voice. But because they refer to Bible verses once in a while or even in great volumes— they are thought to be mature or maturing because of the knowledge they know or think they know.
  1. A Christian who speaks from his or her heart (spirit); but when he or she speaks from the head gets it wrong. They can’t even tell the difference between  speaking from the head or the spirit, but they think it is all the same and they are maturing just fine. So they think! This type of Christian does not have a clear intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit and cannot hear His Voice.
  1. There is a type of Christian that is somewhere between number 2 and number 4, and still does not have a clear intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit as  much as they think they do, and are very visible to the unsaved world and the rest of the Church (Body of believers). Unfortunately many other Christians and even those who aren’t Christian can see what this type of Christian is doing, and recognize that it looks and sounds wrong—compared to what they  heard about Jesus and His early church. Or perhaps saw in a movie that was about Jesus, however accurate and or bad the movie might have even been.

Ministries who have these types of Christians are the most popular, visible and well-known worldwide, and are in a dangerous position. Many Christians  follow these ministries and their teachings because most think they know what God is doing in these last days. But they really don’t know and may miss the Rapture and lead many astray. They are very caught-up in their own ministries and themselves, and have many following them and their teachings but are not teaching how to know, hear and follow the Holy Spirit for themselves for these last of the last days.

  1. This Christian knows he or she is in Christ and speaks from the heart (spirit); speaking of what God provides and knows it is true to the Holy Spirit, because of the Holy Spirit’s teaching. He dwells within this man or woman. This type of Christians know not to speak just from the head about what they think. They know that is not where God will speak from, and God only speaks to the spirit because He is Spirit and so are his Words. These Christians have or are developing a truly intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit, and can hear His voice—or at            least are learning and really want to hear His Voice— especially in these last days.
  1. These Christians are like the Early Church (the REAL thing) who definitely have an intimate relationship with the Father—by, with and through The Holy Spirit, who ONLY speaks allowing the Holy Spirit to speak through their spirits and they do not speak their own words (doctrines, ideas, opinions or any such thing). They speak as The Holy Spirit speaks through them. You have to have a very personal  and intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit for Him to operate through you like this and allow Him to.

If Christians gets to number 4, they will get to number 5 quite easily in these last days. But Man’s pride (Satan’s foothold), has to get out of the way for this to happen. That is what Jesus was referring to when he said to deny ourselves; to deny our own ideas or opinions or that of others because they are not coming from the Holy Spirit no matter how RIGHT some people want to sound or think they sound—or have others agree with them in a popularity vote. God’s truth which can only come—by, with and through the Holy Spirit of God Himself.

When God speaks, it is His Word by His Holy Spirit. When you speak it’s your word coming from your spirit or your head or both. When God can speak His Word through your spirit, it is His Word by His Spirit through your spirit. Not your words originally from your spirit or your head—but His, through your spirit.

You see some were never taught that we had to unlearn or have our minds totally renewed to God’s truth … to eliminate everything we learned from Satan and the world in thoughts, words and deeds, and the many combinations of the processing of them and the ways that came with our life of sin (see John 17:17, 18, 19). They thought they were still okay when they became born-again and just learned a religious Christianity without an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. God is to be our sole Source of all, if we say we are His. That is how we will all be in heaven later as well.

Do you really want to find yourself debating God when all is said and done? Or would you rather know that you came into full-agreement with Him, yourself and His Holy Spirit with His Word and are walking in close intimate fellowship with Him?  (See Jeremiah 9:23, 24.)

We have only two sources of wisdom, knowledge and understanding behind what we think, say and do or act out from: There are two spiritual sources that can influence our natural lives and our spiritual lives, and God won’t allow the compromising of the two.

God is a jealous God and won’t share His glory with any, but those who really know Him, those whom He made them to be His Sons and Daughters, who and obey him. (See John 17:1-26.) Jesus’ prayer was and is still answered for all who believe and obey, especially for today and these last days.

The two sources that have influenced mankind from the Garden, before and after sin entered in are trying to still influence Man in sin or Christian-kind, until Jesus comes and reigns on the earth for 1000 years with His saints (which by the way is after the Tribulation of seven years is over.

It is either: God by His Holy Spirit or Satan. Right or Wrong; or Love or Hate; Light or Darkness; Life or Death; Truth or Lies; The Tree of Life or the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Just because we made a choice for Jesus and went to a church building and soaked in all the teachings—including all the books and multimedia forms, doesn’t mean we are not supposed to keep making the right choices for God’s truth and get to know Him intimately—by, with and through His Holy Spirit. And we are to be ready for the Master’s use in these last days … and not Satan’s lies coming through unsaved mankind or Christians and their pride (which is and means the same thing—not submitting to God)!

God gave you a right to choose but, you will be judged for your choice at the end, when there will be only you answering to God.