Do You Choose the Blue Pill or the Red Pill? Part Two By H.W. Leung

In the previous installment of this article, I had stated that, to someone who is spiritually asleep, notions about the spiritual realm, about God, and about Jesus Christ may seem nonsensical, even ridiculous.  This is because such a person has been lulled into a frame of mind where the ridiculous is blindly taken for granted as the rock solid truth, and the truth is perverted to be perceived as ridiculous.

For example, consider the matter of the origins of mankind.  There are two popular competing scientific theories regarding the origins of life on earth.

One theory says that all forms of life originated from an original ancestor, typically portrayed as a one-celled animal, and that the many different types of life forms that exist today are the result of chance mutations that have occurred over many generations and a huge amount of time.

Picture a tree-like diagram with an amoeba at the bottom of the trunk and a whole lot of branches. At the end of each branch, picture elephants, alligators, bears, giraffes, humans, etc.  Of course, we humans are supposed to be the most advanced creatures, so we are on the highest branch.

The other theory says that all life forms originated in different groupings such as elephants, alligators, bears, giraffes, humans, etc.  Picture a whole lot of smaller trees where each tree represents the “family line” of each type of creature. Although this theory allows for changes in individuals from one generation to another, these changes are within a range of variation allowed by the DNA pool of the creature type.

For example, two parents with dark hair may have an offspring with light hair.  This variation is due to a recessive gene in the DNA of the two family lines.  This is really healthy variation, not mutation. This theory says that there is no such thing as life forms transitioning from one type to another through chance mutations. For example, there is no such thing as a dog having mutants which eventually develop into cats.

So, which theory is correct?

The first theory requires that there be transitional life forms from one type of creature to another, the proverbial missing link, or rather, a continuous series of links.  Indeed, if this theory is true, then the fossil record should show endless multiple, ever-transforming streams of life forms.  However, the fossil record does not show this.

The second theory says that all creatures are created in their own kind, and this is what the fossil record clearly shows. This should end the debate right here. But let’s carry on just a little longer for argument’s sake.

The first theory says that life evolved from one kind to another by chance mutations.

Although mutations do occur, science has concluded that mutants are rarely viable creatures and typically die out. For example, animals in the vicinity of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident have mutated. Deer have been born with extra limbs. However, these mutants are typically weak and fragile creatures that do not survive.

Even if a viable mutant is produced, it is always within its own kind. For example, a person may be born with physical features outside of the typical range, such as having extra limbs, but the person is still a person.

The debate should really stop here; but wait—let’s carry on just a little further.

Suppose a mutation does occur in which the individual is so different than the original species that it could be the start of a whole new species. Suppose for instance that a person was born who had the physical characteristics of a cow. (Make believe that cows don’t exist yet.)

Maybe this person’s head is shaped sort of like a cow’s, and he has rudimentary hooves.  Being only a transitional life form which the first theory requires, let’s say that he still walks on his hind legs and that even though he has a tail, it’s not very long.

Think about it. With whom would this mutant-being mate to complete the transformation from the original human species into the new bovine species?

Pause for a moment. Let it sink in. Ridiculous, is it not? However, this is what the majority of people have been led to blindly believe in their false reality; and we are only scratching the surface of this debate. At this point, if you are a believer in the theory of evolution, and if you are honest, you are now compelled to see how blind your faith in it actually is.

Now, you might be thinking, “But what about all that I learned in school?  What about all the scientists who teach the theory of evolution?”

If you look behind the curtain, you will see that the wizard is not a wizard, and that you have been fed a whole bunch of lies. We dare you to take a look.

You see, most people readily accept the theory of evolution as the truth without a second thought because it is taught to them as the truth by people in authority. However, if you investigate this matter and follow the rabbit trail to its ultimate conclusion, you will find that this fundamental understanding of the basis of our existence is a lie.

People believe what they are trained to believe.  School teachers and students believe the theory of evolution because the school books they use portray it as the truth.  School books portray it as the truth because so-called scientists say it is.

On the contrary, it is a little known fact, outside of scientific circles, that true scientists, that is, people who truly adhere to scientific principles and methods, have soundly debunked the theory of evolution a long time ago and that those who still portray the theory as truth are not true scientists at all but rather blind followers of what has become, in essence, a pseudo religion.

Now back to the discussion at hand. You have arrived at the most important milestone of your life, and the choice you make now will set the course for the rest of your life here on earth and determine your eternal fate in the afterlife.  Do you choose the blue pill, or do you choose the red pill? Do you choose to remain asleep, or do you choose to be awakened?

Let me give you a bit of encouragement. Every person who has crossed the line and chosen to be awakened has obviously also been previously asleep. As such, we have experienced both states of existence, so we are in a good position to advise you on the right choice. Choose to be awakened.

Note this, if you keep your mind closed to God, you will not see Him.  However, if you seek Him out, you will find Him.


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