American Women – Would You Enjoy Being Beaten Up? :: by Pat Franklin

Fact: Islam condones beating women. The Koran declares: ‘…when you go to bed, hit them.’ This is in the ‘holy book of the muslim people’, Sura (chapter) 4:34. The Koran is supposedly a divine revelation to Islam’s founder, Muhammad, in the 7th century A.D. I wonder if the American women marching in protest would enjoy being beaten by their husbands in bed?

Fact: I personally saw a young girl in Morocco who came to me in tears. She held out her arms. Both her hands had been cut off. To this day I feel great guilt that I could not help her. All I can do is tell her terrible story, the girl with no hands, and tell the truth about Islam.

Had the girl stolen something? Sharia law has no mercy. The Bible, on the other hand, says: ‘He who has been stealing must steal no longer, but work, doing something useful with his own hands.’ Ephesians 4:28 Our God is full of mercy and loving kindness. He wants people to come to repentance and believe in Jesus, His only begotten Son. Allah, the false god of Islam, is the exact opposite of our loving heavenly Father.

Fact: A beautiful young muslim woman in Israel told me flat out: ‘Islam has no mercy.’ She was in hiding because her own family would kill her if they found her. Her crime: having a baby out of wedlock. The baby was with her, hidden in the home of a Christian. They stayed inside. The woman was terrified of being seen if she took her baby for a walk.

Fact: Britain has pledged to stamp out FGM, female genital mutilation – the cutting off of the clitoris of little girls aged about 5-9 . That this horror goes on at all can be laid at the door of Islam, because Muhammad did not forbid it, though some modern muslims are now demanding that the practice be outlawed.

Fact: the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organisation dedicated to destroying our way of life and imposing sharia law on the entire world, is reported to have been one of the chief organisers of the Women’s March the week of Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Fact: the oppression of women is at the heart of Islam. The hijab, muslim headscarf, is a symbol of Islamic womanhood. Why would any western woman adopt the wearing of this symbol of oppression?

Fact: Islam is totally intolerant of any other religion. ‘Whoever changes his religion, kill him.’ That is in Haddith 9:57. Muslims are not allowed to convert to Christianity. If they do, they are to be killed.

Fact: Islam is inherently violent. ‘If you do not go out and fight, god (Allah) will punish you severely.’ This is in the Koran, Sura (chapter) 9:39. ‘Fight the disbelievers near you’ is in Sura 9:123. ‘We will strike panic in the hearts of disbelievers’’ is in Sura 3:151

Fact: Not all muslims are violent; obviously most are not, because they are not running around killing people, but the religion itself condones violence. At the heart of Islam is pure violent evil.

Fact: I think that many muslims just want a quiet life, but if at any stage they choose to become violent, their religion gives them carte blanche to go right ahead.

Fact: Islam is inherently racist. It calls for the extermination of all Jews.

Summary: the religion of Islam encourages violence against everyone who is not a muslim. It has no mercy. It oppresses women. It is racist.

Question: Why are none of these facts ever mentioned in the mainstream media? Why are our people kept in ignorance? Everyone and his brother is accused of racism if they express the least opinion about virtually anything in the world. But muslims never seem to be accused, although their religion is racist to the core.

Why does no one call them out on this? Are the news anchors completely ignorant of what is in the Koran?

What of all those eminent professors in the universities? Can they not read? They are so anti-Christian, so pro-Islamic. The day after 9/11 I went out and bought a copy of the Koran and a book on the life of Muhammad. Please read.

Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of Britain, claimed at one time to carry a copy of the Koran in his shirt pocket. This made him sound so liberal, which he is of course, and so broad minded. I wonder if he ever read it. I did, and I was horrified. He claimed he could bring peace to the Middle East, but anyone who has read the Koran must know that there will be no peace while Islam is the main religion.

And why, when at last a new American government begins to take a stand, do the people start marching in protest? My heart is breaking for America, which has lost its way and seems to have lost the ability to reason.

And why do I put this article on the web? I am a nobody, with no power or authority, but I can read and I can think. The last thing in the world I want to do is read or think about Islam. It is ugly, mean, violent, dangerous, scary. I am only writing this because few people are telling the truth, hardly anyone, and no one at all in the mainstream media.

Perhaps they are too frightened. Maybe they have too much to lose.

I am scared too. But I am putting this on the web for love of the girl with no hands, the girl I could not help.