Looking Ahead Across the Sea – Clouds on the Horizon :: by Sean Osborne

28 January 2017: The election and inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the President of the United States of America appears to have thrown, pardon the pun, a gold-plated monkey wrench into the the whole gamut of many esteemed eschatological narrators or interpretations going back several decades of recent memory.

The most glaring of these appears to be the eschatological narrative which held that because United States of America is not specifically mentioned in any of the texts of Bible prophecy that its future would not be one of a globally dominant political, economic and military superpower –that its reduction would be to a level of near-certain irrelevance on the world stage. Perhaps these were man-made narrative interpretations instead of the binding inspired word of the Holy Spirit in interpreting Bible prophecy?

I tend to believe so and here’s why. The Word of God is a literal, living thing; the ancient texts are alive; always have been alive and always will be alive through the power of the Holy Spirit. As we all know, the Lord’s words will never pass away, and therefore they live in powerful resonance today as surely as the moment He spoke them. I don’t know about anyone else, but when I read the Bible I hear the voice of God speaking. I pray you do as well.

To continue, there is the fact that the Eschatology Today blog has expressed a strongly dissenting view with this particular “America is done” narrative from the get-go as all conscientious readers here are very well aware, even in full consideration of the effect that the Harpazo of the bride of Christ will have upon the United States and the world-at-large.

Pre-Harpazo, I have always believed that the United States of America is one of the young lions (one of many former colonies) of the western European “Tarshish” sea-faring mercantile nations mentioned in Ezekiel 38:13. This is as close to a Biblical mention of this nation as I have found within the Word of God. And it is no accident that western Europe and its former colonies are closely tied to Sheba and Dedan in this verse. This has been a fact since the overthrow of the Ottoman Empire at the end of World War I in 1918 and the establishment of the “Tarshish” mandate territories in the Middle East immediately thereafter. It was these same nations of ‘Tarshish’ which were also critical in bringing about the re-birth of the State of Israel just 40 years from the end of World War I in 1918.

Post-Harpazo, I believe the United States of America, based upon the obvious rationale, will have a very large role in global affairs within the last days fourth beast empire. I believe America is one of the toes or the right foot of iron and clay per Daniel 2; one of the 10 and then 7 horns on the head of the western beast per Daniel 7.

As I read the angel Gabriel’s thunderous prophetic instruction to Daniel (Daniel 8:15-23) there exists no disconnection whatsoever between verse 22 and 23, between the ancient Greek Empire, and its subsequent heir in the Roman Empire, and in the continuation of western dominance to the present day which Gabriel describes as “the latter time of the indignation.” From the Lord’s timeless perspective, those ancient kingdoms continue into our own. Ancient ruins in Greece and Italy do abound, but their modern versions were seen on globally broadcast living color television this past week coming from Washington, D.C. If Alexander, Antiochus IV Epiphanes or Caesar were alive today, they’d feel right at home among all those white marble columns. So too, I believe, will their soon-to-arrive heir.

At the present, a look ahead reveals there are a couple of items to be aware of. One item is that the special relationship between the United Kingdom and the United States is back. A “Tarshish” nation and the largest of its “young lions” together again. The United States hopes to assist in making Britain Great again. This is evident in the fact that Winston Churchill’s bust is back in the Oval Office where it belongs thanks to President Trump, who is of Scottish ancestry and was seen holding hands with PM Theresa May at the White House yesterday. Additionally, at the conclusion of the Paris conference of the week prior, the United Kingdom’s representative refused to sign the final communique which spelled out the meeting’s blatantly anti-Israel findings. This is a significant departure, and a possibly strong indicator that Great Britain may be finally shaking off the Islamic-inspired rhetoric and influences of previous years.

Another item to watch develop is what is being said by many of the worlds monetary experts who closely follow and forecast the potential effects of the populist revolts going on across the EU. There are elections coming in France (FREXIT) and Germany (GEREXIT) which could have a significant potential to radically alter the near-term viability of the European Union. Italy has already seen the result of a populist vote bringing down their charismatic pro-EU Prime Minister Matteo Renzi just six weeks ago. In Great Britain, the populist BREXIT vote will be challenged, after just five days of discussion, by a Parliament vote on invoking Article 50 for British withdrawal from the EU. These experts are strongly suggesting that the Euro currency could collapse within the next 18 months as a result of the changes expected in the ruling parties through the votes of the general populace.

The new Trump Administration is just a week old and already has become a change-agent like the United States has not seen in a great many decades. It is no exaggeration to note the President Trump has done more in a week to rebuild America than President Obama did in eight years trying to tear us down to a third world status. A look ahead shows great changes coming, and if the current trend is any example, these changes will occur on a very compressed time scale. One might say the days are being shortened. So much to do, so little time left.


Sean Osborne