Do We Get It? :: by Grant Phillips

I wrote an article on December 9th entitled “They Just Don’t Get It.” It is now just days away from the inauguration of Donald Trump for President of the United States. Since the announcement of Donald Trump’s November 8th victory over Hillary Clinton for President, many are feeling hope cruise through their veins again. It is especially being noticed among hardworking, God-fearing Americans, and even in the business and political world.

It is frightening to think of just how close we came to the continued and final dismantling of America. Obama has done everything he could, and is still wreaking havoc, to destroy the American way and turn this country into an Islamic state. If Clinton had been victorious on that election night this past November, she would have continued Obama’s rape and plunder of America and its citizens, but with intensified viciousness.

Do not overlook the fact that Obama and his Democratic colleagues have already caused so much damage, we are still in grave danger as a country and its citizens. Do not forget that many powerful people; in politics, in the media, in celebrity positions, in the financial world, and also in the Republican party want to see Donald Trump fail and will not hesitate to help him do so.

Currently, the liberal whiners are saying that Russia interfered with the election process, and that is why Hillary Clinton lost.

·        Consider this. This is nothing more than “the pot calling the kettle black.” Obama interfered in Israel’s last election process and they (this country’s leaders) have done this so often with other countries they (our “leaders”) should think long and hard before opening their mouths.

·        Also consider this. Let’s assume that Russia did interfere. Let’s assume they did ‘help along’ much damaging evidence about Hillary Clinton. Does it change the facts of any of Mrs. Clinton’s activities? No, it does not. Do you really believe that all the illegal and/or questionable activities of Hillary Clinton would have ever been revealed to the American public by our media or law enforcement? No, never. If I were guilty of  just a pittance of the ‘activities’ she has slithered through, our government would put me under the prison  and throw away the key, but yet, she is still free, and that is disgraceful. Think of others who have done far less but paid the price (and rightly so) for their actions.

·        I just thank God that many of the illegal and/or questionable activities were revealed because it helped to wake up a nation that has been asleep too long. Thankfully, there were enough who finally “saw the light” and the real person behind the fake smile and syrupy speeches.

What kind of President will Donald Trump be? As I have said before, I don’t know, but I do know what kind of President Hillary Clinton would be if she had won. It’s too scary to even contemplate.

I do believe that Mr. Trump wants to “make America great again.” I believe he sees in that phrase that we return to our roots; Christian background, obedience to our Constitution, protecting America’s citizenry, removal of those from this country who wish to harm us, putting Americans first in jobs, etc. Is it possible that he may be overcome by those who wish to continue the dismantling of America, or maybe overcome by selfish motives? Yes, of course it is possible. He’s just a man.

No matter how good the intentions, nothing is going to return us to the America of yesteryear until our hearts return to God. As long as we place our hopes in man, we lose. As long as we make anything and everything else more important than God, we lose. As long as we just give “lip service” to God, we lose.

I believe the Lord God has given us another chance, a final chance, to repent, not with words, but with deeds. I believe that God is offering more time for others to come to Him through Jesus Christ, the one and only true God, before He brings His wrath down upon this earth.

It’s up to us. The ball is in our court. However, it’s frightening when we consider that so many voters in this country sided with the Democratic Party at November’s election. Nevertheless, God over-ruled. Many of our states and commonwealths went Republican. Our Congress (Senate and House) has a Republican majority. Our President and Vice President are Republicans. Republicans say they are conservative and for preserving the Constitution, etc. Well now it is time to “put your money where your mouth is.” Prove it.

Donald J. Trump may be another President, the high caliber of Ronald Reagan, or the disappointing caliber of Jimmy Carter. We’ll just have to wait and see. Here’s the kicker. He could be as great as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan all tied together in a neat knot, but only God can fix the mess we’re in. It is that serious. This is why we so desperately need to repent as a nation and as individual Christians and keep President-elect Trump in continual prayer before God. God can use Mr. Trump to lead us back to sanity, but Mr. Trump cannot change our hearts. With changed hearts, I believe God will help us out of the mess Satan has made. However, if we continue to be rebellious before a holy God, no one will save us from God’s judgment.

In my opinion, I really believe this is Almighty God’s last call to us before He removes His bride and delivers judgment to a rebellious and sin-soaked world. I long for the Rapture just as much as any of you who long for that day, but not at the expense of seeing one person suffer the time of Tribulation. Every person coming to Christ now, on this side of the Rapture, will not suffer God’s wrath.

Don’t think for a minute that since we have won the election that everything will be okay now. Those who lost the election are very angry, and they have already shown how childish and evil they can be. They still have many Americans duped to the point of utter gullibility. They will use every dirty trick in their repertoire to defeat any positive movement forward. An example in point is U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama. He is Mr. Trump’s nominee for U.S. Attorney General and the accusations have already started. Let us be much in prayer that God will allow the right person to obtain the office that will help us out of the mess we’re in.

Be aware, that no matter how corrupt some people are (and they are about as corrupt as you can get) Satan is behind every bit of the corruption before us, and his is not a force we can overcome. He is much too powerful for us. We must continue to call upon God, with repentant hearts asking Him to stay the evil that seeks to destroy us.

All down through history God has used men and women, good and bad, to further His objective. If we as a nation turn back to God in true repentance, He will hear. If not, many nations, even the “apple of His eye,” have suffered divine justice, and we are no better than they.

Grant Phillips