They Just Don’t Get It :: by Grant Phillips

The election process has ended (Thank you Lord), but there are still plenty of those folks around blaming FBI Director James Comey, fake news, the deplorability of the average American, Russian President Vladimir Putin, the bunny rabbit and who knows what else. They just don’t get it.

The election of 2016 was so lopsided against the Democratic Party; the wizards of the media are still trying to determine where they went wrong. Hillary is still trying to squeak out another vote; even though she made it clear she would be a gracious loser. Of course, she never dreamed it would come to that. This person is so far out in left field, she’ll never get it.

Harry Reid is retiring (Thank you again Lord) but still defending the Democratic Party and delivering his own set of excuses. The Minority Party of the House of Representatives has again elected the California wingnut to lead them. They still don’t get it.

Donald Trump, and all those who rode into office on his coattail, won the election for one reason, and one reason only. The one and only God of Heaven said this is the way it’s going to be. You thought I was going to say it’s because the American people were fed up didn’t you? That’s okay. That is part of the reason. The other reason is because we were so fed up; we called out to Almighty God for deliverance and He chose to give us another chance. It’s called “grace.” We don’t deserve another chance, but nevertheless, we got it. I just pray we don’t blow it.

What I have stated thus far, and will throughout the remainder of this article, is my opinion, so don’t get your drawers in a wad, if I see things differently.

From what I have heard and read from the American people who actually live in the real world, there are several issues going on in this country that need to be changed, and we are fed up with having perversion and garbage shoved down our throat.

Many of our governmental leaders, both then and now, have been lousy, while others have excelled in their respective office. None have been perfect, probably because of a thing called “being human.” However, the leaders, primarily Democratic, we have had for the last fifty years have done more damage, most of it intentional, than all those before them. They have raped our Constitution, taken us back to the 60s in race relations, put us at great risk with our enemies by crippling our military, made us an enemy of God by our treatment of Israel, doubled the national debt, attacked Christianity, befriend terrorists and welcomed them to our homeland for an easy kill, endorsed and pushed down our throats sexual perversion, assisted in the removal of God from every venue of American life, supported and encouraged the murder of thousands upon thousands of our citizenry in the wombs of their mothers, and the list could go on and on. Obama can be credited for much of the inept and tyrannical governmental ‘leadership’ we have endured.

This is what we, the average deplorable ignorant Americans, are fed up with. Our homeland is turning into a battlefield and a whorehouse both at the same time. Many of those who have led us, and those who influence them, have no character. They are indulged in sin of every type, and their only desire is to continue in their sin and remove any reminder of their responsibility to a holy God.

We may have the best leader in the White House since Ronald Reagan, and we may not. That isn’t the issue. The real issue is “me.” What am I doing about “me” in respect to God’s clear provision of a ‘second chance?’ Am I as a Christian in ‘true’ repentance toward my Savior and Lord? Am I spending time praying for the new leaders of our country? They’re going to need it. Am I praying for my fellow Americans who are not Christian, but want to see this mess cleaned up? Am I praying that perhaps God will send a revival upon our land before He closes out the Church age?

Our greatest weapon against Satan and those who follow him in the debauchery that has befallen us is prayer. Don’t think for a minute that we can now sit back and relax while Donald Trump, et al will clean up this mess we have found ourselves in. He needs our prayers, as do the Vice-President elect, Congress, the Supreme Court, the Governors, etc. We need to become prayer warriors.

I’ve been as guilty as the next person in sometimes saying, “What can I do? I’m just one person.” Again, pray. Set aside a time every day for prayer. The most powerful weapon is a child of God on their knees in prayer. As we do that, the Spirit of God opens up our hearts in how to pray and what to pray. He takes our prayers to the throne of God and they are heard, every one of them.

When was the last time you tried to get some personal time with a high-ranking politician, or any politician for that matter, just to talk? We all know what a hopeless cause that would be. The door is always open however to God. Even though God is King of kings and Lord of lords He is always … ALWAYS … available for us … one on one.

The political and media pundits just don’t get it, but God does. He has heard our prayers, but let us not stop praying now at this critical junction of our country’s life. I can assure you the battle is not over.  Those who hate the name “Jesus” will not let up, and neither should we. Let us pray for our leaders daily and for the souls of those who do not know Jesus Christ, as Savior and Lord.

This respite God has given us may be the last call before He comes for His bride, the Church, and all hell breaks out from God’s judgment upon this earth in the Tribulation.

Grant Phillips