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Most fans of American football know what a two minute warning is. A whistle is blown to signal to both teams that there is only two minutes of time left in the game in which to play.

One would have to be living in the farthest areas of the most uninhabited region of this planet not to be aware of actions taken by the United States of America through the United Nations last week against the nation of Israel.

We have heard prognosticators, agnosticators, and commentators speak on this topic, adnaseum. Everyone has an opinion. How much thought have you given to this? Perhaps you are sick of hearing about it. This is not the end of this subject. The question to ask at this point is: for which team do you play? The two minute whistle has been blown. Did you hear it? Do you realize that a finite amount of time, preset and determined by God Almighty, is left in which whatever you choose to do with your life will be done. Make it count. Your eternity depends upon it.

If one only listened to the “real news” (ahem), one would be led to believe that the Nation of Israel hates Arabic residents living within it’s boundaries. Israel is the aggressor – always. Israel is racist. Yet, none of this is true. Israel has always defended itself. It has that right. All nations are against that tiny nation. It has become the burdensome stone. The nations spoken of in Psalm 83 are and have been “confederate” (of one accord or goal) against Israel. That is to wipe it from the map. And, Psalm 83 describes the meetings, the plans and the goals of these. One would believe all manner of lies if one didn’t have the ability to research the truth. It is always best to educate oneself with the facts before making assumptions.

Prior to World War I, Europeans of Hebrew ancestry began to pool their money and with the approval of the leader (Islamic Caliphate) of what was once Israel, for their ancestors resided there for some two thousand years before they were dispersed to other parts of the world for various reasons. It was agreed upon by all parties involved (and no, the UN had no say). There were large swaths of land, primarily in Judea, Samaria, what is now Tel Aviv, and areas that were available were purchased with private money. Families began migrating (with the approval of those residing in the area at that time. It is important to note here that there were less than 400,000 people identified as “Arabic” residing in all of that area at that time) back to their ancestral homeland. This is even spoken of by the prophets in God’s Word. Amazing, that book. 100% accurate – so far.

Events unfolded soon after this event that triggered World War I. Historical records prove that the Vatican (though it was not an “official sovereign nation” yet, Mussolini made it a nation) was a big player in provoking that war in an attempt to stop the migration of those of Hebrew heritage back to their rightly-purchased land. Many were stopped from leaving various countries in Europe in which they resided. Then we had the entrance of one Adolph Hitler who was elected by a landslide in Germany. He ran on a platform of change and of new hope. Sound familiar? The atrocities that the Third Reich performed involving the Jewish people were attributed personally by Hitler to Christianity, particularly Luther and Jerome, who were well-known as anti-Semite (and that is putting it nicely). They hated “Jews.” He said, Let all Jews be exterminated that the world would be “Judenfrei” (Jew free). Let that sink in. This is a fact. Some things haven’t changed much at all.

As in the days of Esther when Haman plotted to annihilate her people, her bravery and courage to call for a fast of all her people and to go before the King (without being summoned, putting herself possibly in a situation that could have been resulted in her death), the Queen bravely petitioned the King and told him of of the plot.

Behind these scenes was the “real story.” Examine the Book of Esther. Through Haman, the father of lies manipulated the ignorant King Xerxes into a hatred of the Jewish people. Haman then tricked the King into writing a murderous decree to eradicate the Jews everywhere on a single day, killing them mercilessly. (Esther 3:13).

The evil one, the prince of this world, has been plotting for over 5,000 years to do away with the possibility of the promised Messiah being born, of eliminating the ancestral lineage He was to be a part of, and using anyone and any event possible to thwart Almighty God. Like outsmarting Him is even a possibility. He has but a short time left and he knows this. He is pulling out all stops to do as much damage to the Kingdom of the Almighty as possible. Are we going to stand by and keep our mouths shut as this is done? Not this writer.

But, Queen Hadassah (Esther) was put there, as Mordecai told her, “for such a time as this.” The plot was foiled and Haman was hanged on the very gallows intended to be used on Mordecai, whom Haman hated.

By the way, it is said of the origin or meaning of the name Hadassah is from the Hebrew word hadas (Heb. äãñ), a myrtle tree from the Myrtaceae family. The myrtle has a pleasant fragrance. Because the righteous are called myrtles. As it states in Zechariah 1:8, “And he was standing among the myrtles [the righteous prophets Chananiah, Mishael and Azariah].” Just as a myrtle has a sweet smell and a bitter taste, so too Esther was good and listened (“sweet”) to the righteous Mordechai, and was adverse (“bitter”) to the wicked Haman. Could it be that we who have our eyes and ears opened and who harken to the voice of the Almighty God are too put here for such a time as this?

The Hebrew people (the word “Jew” is meant as a slur, it refers to the Tribe of Judah as “Jew” but all the same is a nasty anti-semite slur and to set the record straight, it should not be used at all) have been the most hated, the most discriminated people in the history of the world. In the United States, we hear all about the discrimination of those of color, the black people. But, even the Native Americans had their property stolen, were dispersed (and never returned) and every effort was made to erase their heritage. The Hebrew people have suffered worse than this. So, why is it that the governments of the world and especially the government of the United States of America has taken a stand against the tiny Nation of Israel? It does so at it’s own peril. It puts the entire nation of America in great peril.

Samantha Power, US Envoy to the United Nations stated, “The settlement problem has gotten so much worse one has to make a choice between settlements and separation.” A choice between settlements on the very land which belongs to Israel? And by what authority does the UN dictate to Israel what it can and cannot do with it’s own land? People of Arabic heritage now live within Israel. They live within the Old City of Jerusalem. There was never any question nor was it ever any question as to whether Israel would allow this to continue. It was and is Abbas who has stated that there will be “No Jew living in the West Bank.” Yet, Israel has never stated there would be no Arab living in Israel. This is a plan so nefarious and deceptive that only Satan could be behind it. Still, he and those doing his bidding are on the losing side.

The land in question belongs to Israel. There is no reason the Nation of Israel should be told how or if it can be used. This land was Israel’s for over 2,000 years and it actually is the land belonging to God Almighty, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It was on Mount Moriah that Isaac was taken to be a sacrifice and it was there that the ram was provided instead of Isaac. King David purchased the Temple Mount with his own money so that, as was commanded by God Almighty, for it was the Mountain of the Lord. By what authority does the UN or any other nation have to usurp ancient historical facts? To usurp the very Word of God? It does not. No one does. Not even Israel itself. It is about the land. And, that land was never to have been given away, sold nor conveyed to anyone save the tribe to which it was allotted as each of the 12 Tribes had their own allotment of land. One can find this proclamation in the Torah, or the first five books of what many call the “Old Testament.”

For the first time in history, the United States of America manipulated the scenario that unfolded with Egypt making the motion for the vote, then withdrawing it, and then asking for the vote and the U.S. abstained. There are severe implications for doing this. Congress should defund the United Nations immediately and kick it’s headquarters out of New York City. This is just the beginning of what should be done. Where are the voices of outrage from “the church”? From leadership of the United States of America? The silence is deafening.

With the League of Nations (now the United Nations) Resolution 181 the nation of Israel was created. There was to be a separate Arab state and a separate nation of Israel. It was to happen in two stages. The country of Jordan did not exist at the time but that was the second state. And this was to be the beginning of manipulation by world governments that have divided up the land for gain. Israel is not the beneficiary of this gain. It is those nations doing the dividing. There are strong warnings to those nations who do this. God will not be mocked.

UN Resolution 2334 was passed with thunderous applause from the heathens present who passed it. This action goes beyond stopping settlement building outside the West Bank. It gives East Jerusalem, the entire “Old City” to the West Bank and to the “Palestinians.” Read that again. Israel will no longer have the ability to rule it’s own nation from it’s own capital city of Jerusalem. All Jewish living there in the Western Bank will be evicted because Abass stated he wants a “Jew free West Bank.” (See Hitler’s remark about this same topic previously in this commentary).

The Kotel, or the Wailing Wall will be considered Palestinian. No longer will the Jewish people be permitted to go pray at the wall, to offer thanks, prayer, celebration or visit this wall during the Appointed Times of Almighty God, His Feast Days. By spitefully directing this action, Barak Obama, America is blatantly rejecting God. He cares for all people but those who reject Him do so at their own peril. He wishes that no man perish but every man’s actions and choices bring consequences that are his. Now is the time to reach out to all He puts into every Believer’s path. Pray for the lost, for the prodigals, for those we don’t know, for our enemies. He will use these prayers to bring a mighty harvest. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. This is so that they will experience the shalom of Almighty YHVH and they, whose forefathers were blinded in part for our sake, will recognize the Messiah and will call, “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.”

Yeshua (Jesus Christ) is returning much sooner than anyone realizes. Never mind what your pastor may be saying. And, the church is not ready for this event. Examine yourselves, your lives, your motives, your faith, your walk, and make all changes now to be in line with the will of Almighty for your life and for His purposes. This is not about us folks. It is all about Him. No matter what any preacher, teacher, pastor, baker nor pottery maker says, it is never about us.

As this writer has previously documented, the Vatican is behind all of this. All holy sites were given to the Vatican by Shimon Perez and now, under the guise of helping the Arabs, the Vatican has taken control of Jerusalem. Israel is is the very same predicament as it was in the days leading up to the birth of the Messiah. This time, however; His return will bring very different events. Rome (Edom/Esau) will not fare well. The late Barry Chamish and Joel Bannerman wrote extensively about the subversive actions of the late Perez and also revealed his Jesuit roots. He was a traitor.

For those who call themselves “Christian” who stand against Israel or who are part of religious organizations that stand against Israel, you are standing against Almighty God. The church never replaced Israel. You are either for God or against Him. You cannot have it both ways. Choose this day whom you will serve for your eternal destiny depends upon it. Do not think for one second that your unholy actions will be overlooked nor will go unpunished. God’s Word documents exactly how He is going to handle the nations as well as individuals who do this. You are not exempt.

Mark this warning now. All who are behind this evil will be punished. All members of the UN, of NATO member nations that are now amassing troops in Syria, parts of Iran, and in Turkey. You are being lured into that place and Almighty God will destroy you. This is spoken of in numerous places of His Holy and Infallible Word.

Those who are standing against the Nation of Israel are standing against the One True God. All roads do not lead to “God” as is being preached by the Jesuit leading the Vatican. Yeshua (Jesus Christ) was not a failure, you call no man “Father” save the one Father who is in heaven (hint: it is not the pope). That organization serves satan. Those things Almighty God calls abominations are still abominations and no document written by the Vatican will ever override the Will nor the Word of God. This writer does not wish to offend any practicing Catholics but the time to play patty-cake is over. The time to play church is over. Get serious or face the music. There will be no excuses on that day. Remember the entire Chapter of Matthew 7. Will He say to you, “Depart from me you worker of lawlessness for I never knew you?”

More will come and many prophecies are being fulfilled and much is being revealed in this day. Watchman around the world are sounding the two minute warning. Make sure you are on the winning team. Run the race and finish strong. The finish line is ahead, it is within sight. Do not allow yourselves to be deceived. Wake up from the strong slumber. The great deception is here. The two minute warning has sounded. Time is up.

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