The Real Fake News Revealed :: By Bill Wilson

Have you ever experienced someone who accuses you of something only to find out that the accuser is the one doing the very thing that he accused you of doing? This is a pattern with the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, the “president” and their vassal, the mainstream news media.

Notice the pattern-Benghazi was an attack based on a hate video about Islam, white Republicans are uneducated hate mongers, racists and bigots, Donald Trump is dangerous because he may not accept the results of the election, we lost the election because of Russia hacking our emails and fake news reporting nasty untrue things about us.

Does anyone know the source of this fake news, this untrue narrative?

The originators of fake news and untrue narratives that demonize people are revealed when you look at what happened during this past election. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was so sure of victory that she and the media characterized most Americans as irredeemable and deplorable.

Almost every mainstream news media outlet declared her the victor in an effort to discourage anyone from independent thinking. They cited poll after poll showing Clinton with an insurmountable lead, even though they admitted that the polling samples were weighted by at least 12 percentage points in favor of registered Democrats. Day after day for month after month, Americans were told that Clinton would win handily.

The only counterweight to this narrative were the unethical and perhaps illegal things that Clinton and her minions were doing as exposed by the WikiLeaks release of Clinton and Democratic Party emails. And the mainstream media essentially quit covering these releases and blackballed anyone who did as perpetrators of false news and hate mongers.

From the organized government crime and influence peddling scheme of pay to play to illegal email servers to a host of unethical dealings, Americans who believed these reports were labeled as uneducated, Bible banging, gun toting, haters, xenophobes, and racists. No place for these folks in the Democratic society so carefully engineered by the progressives.

The real fake news originates in the leftist propaganda machine, and is spewed forth by its vassal public relations arm recognized as the mainstream news media. They used polls that were admittedly skewed, parroted the political narrative and continue their progressive political campaign every day by reporting the propaganda of their agenda.

They are the fake news. We need to come to the realization that whatever is put out by the CNNs, MSNBCs, ABCs, NBCs, CBSs, Washington Posts, New York Times and so on cannot be trusted because it is likely untrue or in the very least twisting the facts. As Jesus said in Matthew 24:4, “Take heed that no man deceive you.” There are those with a proven track record of fake news and they try to pin the blame of it on everybody else.

Have a blessed and powerful day!