Draining the Swamp :: by Bill Wilson

As news of president-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet picks come in, draining the swamp of politicos in Washington, D.C. would appear harder than expected. There are a lot of his picks that look like previous Republican administrations. This is an indicator of how one has to deal with getting things done in the nation’s capital.

You pick a senator’s wife, a Goldman Sachs exec, former opponents, and some supporters for your cabinet posts. You mix it in with the reformers that can make their points and hopefully you have a winning team that can get things done. As Trump’s picks roll out, it is clear that the swamp is not draining as fast as some of us had hoped, but these are qualified people that deserve a chance.

Already the markets are responding positively to the Trump presidency and he hasn’t even taken office. Record gains on Wall Street speak volumes for job growth. His cabinet choice for Education, Betsy DeVos, favors charter schools and school vouchers. This is a good thing because we need to break the grip of government schools on the brainwashing of our children; a step in the right direction.

Treasury nominee Steven Mnuchin is eyeing a tax cut for the middle class and more of direct talks and incentives with businesses to keep them here in the US, such as recent examples Ford and Carrier. Commerce nominee Wilbur Ross is saying he will move away from trade agreements that do not benefit the U.S.

Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General is a most excellent choice. Sessions is a strong Christian. He is one of the few voices on Capitol Hill who has stood consistently for secure borders and enforcing the laws on the books. In meetings with him and his staff, he is open to learn more about the issues surrounding Islamic migration as it is linked to terrorism and he would be a fierce protector of the Constitution.

Under him, organized crime won’t have free reign (translated: Clintons), He will also be the most controversial pick because the Democrats hate his common sense pro-American positions. Sessions is a game changer for reform from what we have had over the past decade.

On the surface, Trump’s picks may look like the more things change, the more they stay the same. But with what these folks say they stand for, and what their body of work has been over the years, maybe, just maybe, this new Trump Administration will get America back on the right path. There are many detractors by those who are impatient or hate the overall agenda.

At the same time, we should be vigilant in holding accountability, but we already are seeing positive things. It takes a long time to drain the swamp. And even still, the smell of it remains even longer. But it has to start somewhere.

Proverbs 20:26 says, “A wise king winnows the wicked, and drives the wheel over them.”

Let’s pray for wisdom among our leaders as there is a lot of wicked to winnow and a deep and wide swamp to drain.

Have ablessed and powerful day!