We’ve Been Spared President Jezebel! We thank God :: by Alan Franklin

America and the world has been spared, for a while at least. We have avoided having the Clinton crime cabal slithering back into the White House. James Kallstrom, former assistant director of the FBI made the “criminal cabal” comment about Jezebel Clinton by the way – and he should know.

Yes, we know all about the nasty side of Trump. However, he is by far the better president-elect as he was the only one rough, tough and persistent enough to stand against the mighty Democratic machine, with 95 per cent of all big media and Wall Street money behind it, not to mention the liberal tycoons of California.

But in the states contemptuously called “America’s fly-over zone” by the smug coastal elites, the people – the real, working people whose wages haven’t gone up in 20 years- were stirring.

I meet these people when I tour America to speak, often in small country churches. They hated what the Obamanation, the Kenyan conman occupying the White House, was doing to their beloved once-great country.

They loath the fact that the Obamanation turned June, the traditional month for brides, into pervert month, when the US military is forced to “celebrate” homosexuality, lesbianism and all the other manifestations of sexual deviancy. The rainbow flag flew over bases at his demand – and to America’s shame.

Hilary said, rightly, that she would be regarded as the third term of Obama. More liberal Supreme Court judges would have been appointed of the nature of Elena Kagan.

CBS News first reported that President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan would be the “first openly gay justice,” pleasing much of Obama’s liberal base.

The Christian Newswire reported: “After pressure from the White House they amended the report, saying: “I have to correct my text here to say that Kagan is apparently still closeted — odd, because her female partner is rather well known in Harvard circles.”

As there is currently a vacancy on The Supreme Court, which has brought in some disgusting, Anti-God verdicts in recent decades, the worst of them unleashing the mass murder of unborn babies, you can see exactly what Jezebel would have done.

Wikileaks’ unveiling of what went on behind the Clinton closed doors revealed a level of evil plotting and contemptuous comments about those who believe in honesty and decency –as tens of millions of believing Americans still do-that should have prevented any sane person from voting Clinton.

So it was with delight that I saw the sad faces of the deluded dopes lining up to anoint President Jezebel. I don’t think my stomach could have stood the sight of her hideous rictus grimace on our screens had she won.

So Pat and I are delighted that America has one last chance to redeem itself, to roll back some of the tide of anti-Christian law that was bent – a good word – on forcing schools and institutions across America to provide toilets for “transgenders,” a sex existing only in the imaginations of the seriously sick.

Across many nations a tide is turning against the establishment, people like the Wall Street bankers who so generously funded Hilary. They have waxed fat as ordinary folk struggled to pay their bills and watched as a tidal wave of immigrants surged unchecked across their borders.

This is what caused the backlash in Britain against the European Union dictatorship which imposed millions of foreigners on our land, something nobody I ever met wished or voted for.

So it took a big, brash bully like Trump to listen to the little people, the flyover zone folk who made America great, unlike the bankers who often rob it and delight in their decadent lifestyles funded by ill-gotten affluence.

Times are changing. Our nations will still be judged, for spitting in the face of God in so many serious ways, but particularly so-called homosexual “marriage” and abortion. But we now have a short breathing space when truth – and the Gospel truth – can be spread. Make the most of it. Time is short.