A Hammer Blow :: by Matt Ward

Donald J Trump has upended the entire U.S. political system. It is not an over exaggeration to say that his election to high office is perhaps the greatest political upset of all time, of any nation, anywhere. It is simply astounding that in 2016, a complete political outsider, a man with no political experience whatsoever can on his own rise to assume the presidency of the most powerful nation on earth.

Trumps success has broken all the traditional rules of election politics. Donald Trump declared war on the ruling establishments and their accepted norms, even going against his own political party—many of whom actively disowned him. Trump did not care. He knew that he had struck an authentic cord with legions of disgruntled and alienated Americans. He understood the deep seated frustrations and popular anger that exists against a system that he was prepared to go to war with, and with almost boundless energy.

Voters turned to him in droves and the consequence has been a genuine democratic revolution in the United States of America. Trump has done more than beat his Democratic rival, he has gone some way to destroying the traditional support base Democrats have long relied upon in such places as Pennsylvania, Florida and Ohio.

It is an amazing result. It is living proof that despite all the ills of the world and the worries about the future, democracy is still alive and well in the USA in 2016.

This election result also represents the biggest rejection of traditional ruling elites that we have ever seen. It is a huge hammer blow to them and represents a monumental slap in the face to their globalist aspirations. Donald Trump’s election is the single largest setback to one world, globalist aspirations of recent times. This dwarfs Brexit. Brexit is in the little leagues compared to this result.

Trump is a complete anathema to the aspirations of the power elites of the United States. He is nationalist where they are globalist; he is pro-America where they are pro-UN; he is pro-life where they are pro-choice. He is pro-Israel where they are pro-Palestinian, he is completely independent and unfettered by secret back room deals that take place at events like Bilderberg or the Council for Foreign Policy Relations. He is a free agent not beholden to anyone; he is a president free to follow his own agenda in exactly his own way as he has repeatedly stated, “for the American people.” He owes no one.

And now for Trump comes the business of “draining the swamp.” Trump will now no doubt begin the repealing or revoking Obamacare, alongside the crucial task of rehabilitating the depleted and demoralized U.S. armed forces. He faces the daunting task of creating millions of additional jobs that will exist in reality, not just on a fictional Barack Obama statistically manipulated spreadsheet.

Trump will attempt to bring manufacturing back to the USA from abroad and in the process rebuild the crumbling U.S. economy. He will be responsible for America’s future Supreme Court nominations and most crucially, will, in the short term—attempt to find a suitable replacement for Justice Scalia. He will no doubt seek to completely renegotiate international trade deals so that they reflect America’s best interests, not those of the global markets. And he will begin addressing in real terms the problems caused by illegal immigration.

Trumps election victory will also have very real foreign policy consequences, specifically related to the tinder box that is the Middle East. This will likely begin with an attempted rapprochement with Russia. Trump has indicated a number times during the election campaign that he is willing to leave combating ISIS in the Middle East mainly to Russia and Iran. Trump believes that as a direct consequence of Obama’s failed Middle East policy and the ineptitude of his foreign policy, Syria has de-facto already been handed over to Russian control, making direct American involvement in this fight complicated and potentially dangerous.

This policy, however, should he choose to follow it, will have ramifications for the U.S. relationship with the Gulf States of Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, who fear Iran’s clear expansionism into Syria.

With regard to Iran and the nuclear deal signed with them, he may well take a harsh line with Tehran over the obvious and blatant breaches of the agreement, especially as this may be a real way to appease the Saudi and Emirati concerns over Iran’s ever-increasing presence in the region.

Most crucially, though, Trump will certainly seek to improve the dire relationship the United States currently has with Israel. Trump, up until this point has strongly indicated that he is a supporter not just of Israel but of Jewish rights—to places like Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. He also seems to be clear about where violence comes from and where it originates, and it isn’t from Israel.

Whilst this is a cause for celebration within Israeli government circles this will no doubt be tempered by the potential damage Barack Obama may inflict before he leaves office on January 20th. Knowing Trump’s positivity towards Israel, it is highly probably that before Trump can even assume office, Obama will make very real moves at alienating, destabilizing and delegitimizing Israel at the UN.

In particular it is highly probable that Obama will move toward a formal recognition and declaration of a Palestinian State at the UN level, thus being responsible for dividing the land of Israel.

It would be the final spiteful act of a man who’s presidency can be characterized by the animosity it has shown towards the nation of Israel and the real life and death issues that affect the country every day. If he does this, with his final act, Barack Obama could bring direct judgment down on America before Trump even gets to step foot inside the Oval Office.

There is something else though about Trump’s presidency that strikes me and concerns me. The central tenant of Donald Trump’s campaign was that he would “…make America great again.” This is currently a cause of much celebration and optimism within America, and understandably so. However, this aspiration of “making America great again” presents a problem.

According to my reading of Scripture, American influence is absent at the time of the very end of this age. I believe we are rapidly approaching that time right now. The Bible details world events at the end and very clearly and America is simply not there. It is unthinkable that the America that exists today would not be mentioned as a part of those end times events, should America continue into the future exerting the power and influence it does in 2016.

Therefore something happens between now and then to make that future prediction of a diminished, less powerful America a present day reality.

Trump’s promise to “make America great again,” is, I believe, a genuine aspiration. I believe making America great again is something that Trump wants to do. His election may be a reprieve, a last chance type of situation for repentance and the renewal of a once great nation and power.

But I am not sure that America, or the world have that kind of time left. When I look around today I can see the obvious convergence of end time’s Bible prophecy in a way never witnessed before. This convergence is coupled by the clear speeding up of prophetic events. We are careening toward a point of no return. These two facts alone clearly point to the lateness of the hour.

If the assumption that we are rapidly approaching a point of no return is correct, a presidency that involves at least four or potentially eight years of “making America great again,” led by a man who genuinely wants to affect this change, would therefore seem to be incongruous to Bible end times prophecy.

I believe this is or could be a genuine Cyrus the Great moment—where God appointed a leader to safeguard the Jews and Israel. I believe this election is in the spirit of Cyrus the Great. However, none of us should be under any illusion as to the unseen war this will prompt against Donald Trump, especially in the unseen realm, or the forces that will now be arrayed against him. He will be in the very eye of the storm.

Donald Trump sits outside of the political system. He is not controllable in anyway like Hillary Clinton or almost any other Democrat or Republican establishment candidate. America has gone rogue with this election and it must terrify the behind the scenes power brokers of globalism.

To this end, and it burdens me to say it, the overriding conviction I am left with as a result of Trump’s election success is hope tinged with unease. I am concerned that Donald Trump’s presidential success will not be allowed to stand. Too much time and effort has been invested into securing the globalist agenda and no man, especially Donald Trump, will be allowed to destroy all the progress made under eight years of Barack Obama.

If Trump is true to his electoral mandate, then his intention is nothing less than the destruction of all the key pillars of Obama’s eight year term; nationalism in favor of globalism, Israel in favor of the Palestinians, private health care as opposed to Obamacare – America first in all things.

I have watched closely for a long time as geopolitical events began to make the future one world system described in such detail in the Bible, a reality of our own day. I find it hard to accept that the people responsible for this rapid globalization process will allow Donald J Trump to undo all of their work without challenge.

Which leaves me with a sense of unease, that something may happen to Donald Trump himself in the near future, or that other planned events, or naturally occurring events, may now take place to make Trump’s presidency irrelevant.

Now, more than ever, even though the election is over we have to keep praying. We also need to remember that true hope is found in only one man; Jesus Christ. He is the only real giver of life, the only true righter of wrongs and the only person who can heal the nation and our world.

It is important now, at a point in time when many are shouting “peace, hope and safety,” to ensure that each of us knows exactly where our own hope and future truly rests,

“Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God’s wrath remains on them” (John 3:36).