Misplaced Trust :: By Jim Torres “Towers”

I hope you are giving some serious thought about the election. If you are considering not voting, because of your “convictions” you should probably reconsider. Not voting is like casting a vote for Hillary and more of the same and worse.

We Christians are slowly but surely being marginalized and the establishment would do away with us all together. They don’t like the restrictions the Bible places on them and hearing and seeing us in everyday life makes them uneasy by reminding them of their sins. If Hillary wins the election Christians will feel the heat and be persecuted no end.

This evil woman has followers made up mostly of feminists, homosexuals, transvestites and other assorted perverts and criminals; and they will continue to impose their agenda on the rest of us right-thinking individuals. Her friends and mentors include the communist Saul Alinsky, the communist criminal, Bill Ayers, a violent radical from the sixties, street thugs, terrorists and of course her lecherous husband and sex crazed weird friends.

If elected she wants to continue funding Planned Parenthood, a thinly disguised killing machine designed for mercilessly slaughtering the unborn – often for monetary gain. She is a mouthpiece for the prince of liars and is doing his bidding. The prince of liars of course is Satan, who is called “the father of lies” in the Bible. She is surrounded by others with the same mentality who will surely continue in tearing our country down and bring about the New World Order.

Wiki Leaks just released some email information that she was complicit in arming Isis by way of Qatar. Wiki Leaks also released even more damaging information about John Podesta in the form of his emails to Hillary indicating that the American public can and should be duped. The lies and deceit go on and on with no end in sight. What is it going to take to awaken apathetic people up?

The people in this administration are all liars, from the top down.

Although all men are liars, God is not. And, if you’re not trusting in Him and taking Him at His Word, we’re in trouble—big trouble. Only God can turn this country around, but it may well be too late. My hope is that there might be one last great revival, but that’s going to take very sincere repentance on our part, and that will happen only if the abortionist and law changing Democrats are defeated at the polls — because if Hillary wins we won’t have another spiritual revival. Instead, we will have persecution like never before.

While I’m not a conspiracy theorist I am inclined to believe that all that’s happening in our once great country IS a satanic conspiracy to bring the country down and hand it over to the enemies of Christianity and Democracy—the New World Order. These lying hypocrites are being revealed for what they are by Wiki leaks on an almost daily. It’s a wonder that Julian Assange is still alive. These people can’t and won’t do anything for you unless it’s to bribe you to their advantage. Still though, the mass media is behind these criminals because they too are cut from the same cloth.

To our country and the world I would say, the spiritual implications are clear: Deny God and you are on your own to suffer the consequences. If Hillary wins the election we should be prepared to be vilified, persecuted and prosecuted. She will certainly usher in the New World Order where lawlessness, corruption and fear will reign.

Do yourself a favor and VOTE for our country and its freedoms. That is, unless you want to suffer the consequences.

By the way, good movies are hard to find these days. Entertainment today is filled with filth. It’s too bad that family friendly movies have all but dried up. I saw the Bobby Darin movie Beyond the Sea for the second time in five years and I enjoyed it just as much as the first time. It is, of course, the life story of Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee. If you like true stories, music and dancing like I do, chances are you’d like it, too. I get my videos at the public library.

The new Christian movie I’m not ashamed was just released and is about the Columbine shooting and the Christian girl who died for not willing to renounce her faith in Jesus Christ and died at the hands of the shooters. Sad to say, there were few in attendance, almost all adults. Young people are the ones who needed to see this film.


Jim Towers

jt.filmmaker@yahoo.com and www.theprophecies2016movie and book.