Permissiveness Produces Chaos :: by Grant Phillips

Some synonyms for “permissiveness” are: tolerance, leniency, laxness, liberalism, leeway, allowance, extravagance, leniency, appeasement, attention, excess, favors, petting, spoiling, babying, coddling, kowtowing, placating. These synonyms are much more “eye-opening” than just using the one lone word “permissiveness” and letting it go at that.

Our permissive attitude has eaten away at the very foundation of our country over these last 60-70 years. We have never been perfect. We have made many mistakes. However, we have now totally lost sight of right and wrong. We have listened to Satan as he whispered in our ears, and crawled in bed with his demonic lies, embracing them as a harlot lover.

The television has been one of Satan’s greatest weapons to destroy our once Biblical standards we held so dear in the past. It is Satan’s weapon of choice in influencing masses of people and drawing society as a whole into his devilish fold. It started innocently enough, but only chaos has been left in its path. As the scenic beauty of a highway has been littered with trash, our minds have been littered with the trash that comes from the ‘tube.’

Satan whispered to Eve and convinced her to question God’s Word. “He didn’t really mean that. You’ll be like God, knowing good and evil,” said the great deceiver. But their eyes were opened, and they realized they were naked.

The sad thing with us today is we are naked and don’t even know it, because our eyes are not open and our ears are shut to God’s Word.

God says that the husband is the head of the family, and is to love his wife as Christ loves the Church. He is not to provoke his children. The family structure that God instituted is nearly destroyed because of the permissiveness displayed from Hollywood through our idol, the television. For example:

·        Dad is portrayed as an idiot.

·        Mom is the reigning queen bee, and

·        The children are the smartest of all.

·        It’s okay for mom and dad to ‘play around’ occasionally.

·        The job is more important than family.

·        There is no disciplining of the children. It might hurt their little ego.

·        Boys are turning into sissies.

·        Girls are turning into action heroes.

·        Divorce is fine and live-ins even better.

·        Satan has twisted our minds to the point we don’t even know if we are male or female.

·        Males are ‘courting’ males and females are ‘courting’ females.

What happens in the family is transferred to the schools. Children are out of control, but cannot be properly disciplined, as with corporal punishment. Again, that would hurt their little egos. Many teachers need to be given combat pay for what they have to put up with in the classrooms. Imbecilic parents have unloaded decades of little monsters upon us.

Thousands upon thousands of able-bodied people refuse to work because they are lazy and have discovered that our permissive government will keep them up at the expense of those who do work.

Murderers are given light sentences and eventually set free, while their victims remain in the grave and families still mourn their loss. As with murderers, so also with thieves who are often ‘plea-bargained’ into very light sentences. We have produced a society of people that has very little regard for the law and absolutely no respect for the life and property of others. Police are the bad guys and offenders are the victims, at least in the eyes of the offenders.

Politicians can and will do pretty much as they please while in office because they know they will still get the votes. That is all they want, so they can continue with their diabolical plans of self-achievement. The past eight years have been the greatest catastrophe this country has ever witnessed from the oval office, and we have a national election coming up very soon. If the Democratic nominee wins this upcoming election, our country will definitely sink further into the hopeless abyss of corruption we are witnessing on a daily basis.

The news media, once the protector for the people from those who represent us is now the defender of everything that isn’t ‘politically correct.’

We kicked God out of our homes, our schools, our activities, our government, our military and now embrace the gods of humanism (love of self), materialism (love of money), and hedonism (love of pleasure). Our permissiveness knows no bounds in each of these gods we bow to … unless it’s anything to do with the one true God of the Bible, and then the gloves are off.

True Christianity is now seen as the enemy of the people. Perhaps we are, for the simple reason that true Christians do not accept the permissive attitude that has been shoved down the throat of the populace by Satan’s disciples. There is no longer black and white. The line in the sand has been rubbed out by those who reject God and believe anything goes, especially if it makes us feel good. Live and let live, for tomorrow we die.

Obviously, everyone hasn’t lost their mind. There are still those who recognize right from wrong and draw a line in the sand when it comes to following Satan’s tripe. But it is alarming at the number of those who have fallen for his lies, hook, line and sinker.

God says there is a payday. All who live will surely die, and all who die will face the judgment. The good news is that those who have called upon Jesus Christ to be saved will not face judgment, because Jesus paid for all our sins upon the cross and took our penalty upon Himself.

The greatest temptation a Christian has today is probably the temptation of going along with the crowd. Especially in this country, life has been easy. We haven’t really known suffering; that is, suffering for Christ. However, the shadows of night are coming our way. How dark will it get before we are taken Home? We don’t know. Jesus told us all these things will happen and it will get worse and worse. In the meantime, share His Word and eagerly look for His return. It could be very soon.

Grant Phillips


Pre-Rapture Commentary: