The Hook in the Jaw :: by Mike Ecklund

By now, the many readers who frequent the Rapture Ready site are familiar with Ezekiel prophecy about Russia and her European and middle-eastern allies attacking Israel.  The players are aligned at present, the troops are moving into place.  The “hook” with which God uses to forcibly bring them into war has now become obvious.

Wars are as much fought because of economic reasons as opposing ideologies.  In the case of Russia and its allies, it will be a combination of political and religious differences of her middle-eastern allies and a desire to plunder the newly found natural gas wealth of Israel.

Russia relies heavily on gas exports to Europe and other countries such as Turkey, all of which are in negotiations to import the newly found Israeli gas that will cut into Russian shares.  Central to those hopes are plans for new a pipeline, the East Mediterranean Pipeline proposal presented by the Greek Public Gas Company (DEPA) as well as an interest in building from Turkey.

It would bring gas supplies from Israel to Cypress and eventually into Europe.  After Turkey   shot down a Russian military jet in November of last year, it was painfully reminded of its dependence on Russian energy resources after which it subsequently began negotiations with Israel.

Reconciliation depends on Israel easing restrictions on Gaza and supplying Turkey with weapons to fight PKK rebels in its southern regions and protect the borders from ISIS rocket attacks.  However, reconciling Hezbolla, Gaza or Iran (Russia’s newest BFF) to Israel is in fact an impossibility because they have all decided long ago that they would be satisfied with nothing short of Israel’s complete obliteration.

It is with this scenario that Turkey will accept an offer to join Russia in simply taking the Israeli gas fields by force; a solution that will make all parties happy; accept for Israel and her few allies.

As the war in Syria continues to erode the USA’s influence in the region and relations with Russia, the chief antagonist identified as Tarshish and her allies Sheba and Dedan (Saudi Arabia, Oman and others) in Ezekiel 38:13 are also apparent.  (See my previous article “Judgment Day for the USA”).

It is clear that Russia and her armies are destroyed by God, leaving only a fifth part to return. It is also a very real possibility that those whom God rains fire on that “dwell securely in the coastlands” includes a nuclear strike against the United States and Britain.

The power vacuum left after our demise leaves the European Union out of necessity, united into the revived Roman Empire.  The Antichrist, who should arrive shortly there-after signs the peace agreement with Israel to secure her from future attacks.  The other main power sphere, the Kings of East led by China are like-wise in place for the last seven years until Christ’s return.

The thought of such horrors occurring to us in the near future is sobering. We might deny such a thing is possible; that God would allow Christians who live in an otherwise ungodly country to suffer with the rest.  One only has to read the Old Testament passages regarding Daniel and other prophets who were led away to captivity with their countrymen when Israel failed to heed warnings to turn back to God.

In present history, Christians are being persecuted, displaced and murdered in several countries around the world.  Should we have to face what so many of our brothers and sisters have already endured, let us do it with the light of God shining through us and the words of the gospel message coming from our lips that salvation may yet come to those around us.

For those of you reading this article who have not yet grasped the truth of what is happening before your eyes, the Bible was written to testify to the love and grace that God gave us.  He made THE WAY of reconciliation to himself by the sacrifice and resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ for our sins against Him.

The only thing you must do is acknowledge that you have sinned (sin is not relative to what you think it is; that is why he wrote them down) and turn away from them.  You simply accept that Jesus paid for that by dying in your place and trust that He will raise you to be with Him forever.  We don’t know how much time we have left on earth.  We only see that it’s now much less than it was before.  Even so, come Lord Jesus!