Rise Above :: by Holly Carnine Spate

The world has sunk… sunk deeply into an abyss of hatred, chaos, immorality, selfishness, envy, and depravity. And calling out such truths in this new world have the small minded and intolerable crying out untruths in the hopes of silencing. What has been called good for all of civilization is now being called evil and what has been seen as evil in history’s past is now deemed good.

If you disagree in this new world, you are irrelevant. If you don’t embrace the new trek to “progressivism” you are an outcast. In other words, if you’re not in line with the new way of thinking, no matter how insane the new way of thinking is, you’re considered unworthy and without apology—will be made an example of through ridicule.

In the new world, up is down.

Progressivism is the new way of being and like it or not, everyone will be categorized through grouping rather than viewed as individuals. Progressivism paints with a broad brush and people are found guilty even if they’re innocent. An intelligent person realizes that each person is responsible for themselves and their actions, yet progressivism seeks to take individuality away and bit by bit freedom fades with it.

What happened? How could such absurdity be embraced?

Why would anyone allow themselves to believe that good can be anything but good and evil can be anything but evil? And how can so many be so easily persuaded in such a direction? Because someone says so doesn’t make it so. Wishing it to be different doesn’t make it different.

And no amount of repeating makes it real. Where is the reasoning in such thinking? Could it possibly be that those who have adopted such thinking are needing and actively looking for an excuse to rationalize and excuse their own behavior?

Do they feel if everyone is silenced from thinking for themselves, and we all become robots without any individuality or opinion that it will help them feel more comfy in their sin, a sin that blinds them from the light of hope and freedom? A sin that brings delusions and sends us as a society further into the abyss?

Sin never brings comfort …sin suffocates. Sin is what strangles the good from society and suppresses the world. It’s sin that dims the light in hearts and chokes the capacity to love each other. It’s sin that causes wars, hatred, bigotry and dissention, none of which have to transpire. Sin, for all of us, is a choice

Our Creator designed us individually and gave us freedom of choice. We choose to love or hate. We choose to fight or mend. We choose to be kind or vindictive. We choose to be envious or content. We cannot separate our actions from our choices because a choice is an action.

What we create, good or bad, leaves behind a wake in its path. We’ve been given the gift of choice which brings individuality and freedom. And we can choose to create something positive that can turn things around and make things better for everyone. Choosing well brings blessings, and blessings have a way of sending a whole wave of love to those around us.

It begins with a choice. A desire, a vision, a selfless heart that chooses to rise above the pride, pettiness, hatred, jealousy and selfishness and instead reach for love, compassion, truth, friendship and selflessness.

If a 5- year-old child on a playground gets it when thinking, “Why can’t we all play nice and get along?”why can’t we get it? We can get along. Our choices can make the world a better place. We simply have to choose right and rise above.