Will Revival for America Come After the Rapture? :: by Greg May

Christian evangelicals from Franklin Graham of Billy Graham Ministries and Jonathan Cohn of Hope for the World Ministry urge Christians to pray for America to come to revival – but will this revival come after the Rapture as those left behind go through the Tribulation?

There will be great evangelism during the Tribulation; God will use 144,000 born-again Jews as witnesses during the Tribulation; God will use angels flying overhead preaching the Gospel and warning those left behind not to take the Mark – the Mark of the Beast (Revelation Chapter 14)

Has the apostasy across America grown so wide that there is no turning back to God as our world spirals out of control while believers are still here?  Will God use the Rapture to bring judgment against our nation just as former Republican presidential candidate Michelle Bachman warned?

I would like to include a letter from Jonathan Cohn, founder of Hope for the World Ministries:

The metamorphosis of America (and much of world culture) from the mid- twentieth century to now has been so dramatic that it’s hard to fathom. To help grasp its magnitude – imagine if someone from the 1950s turned on their TV set and instead of seeing what was on then, such as Leave It To Beaver and Father Knows Best; instead they were seeing what’s on television today.

They would not recognize it as having been produced by the same nation, let alone the same culture. It would hit them as something apocalyptic. That’s how much America has changed. And the apostasy grows even deeper.

On one recent Sunday night, a TV program ended with a scene in which Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz is lying asleep under a spell from which she cannot be awakened – except by “true love’s kiss.”

The scenario is obviously taken from Snow White and Sleeping Beauty where the sleeping princess is awakened by the kiss of a prince. Only now, there was no prince to wake up the sleeping Dorothy. Instead Little Red Riding Hood, another beloved fairy tale character approached Dorothy.

Instead of a man bending over to kiss the sleeping woman, it is now a woman who bends over and provides true love’s kiss. This was foreshadowed in the recent Disney film Malificent, which altered the story of Sleeping Beauty, where, again, there is no man to kiss the sleeping woman, but a woman.

It is Malificent herself who kisses the sleeping girl and saves her. It was part of a radical feminist reworking of the beloved story to make the point, that men aren’t needed – the very same message being promulgated in modern culture – women don’t need men, men don’t need women, mothers don’t need husbands, and children don’t need fathers. It is revealing, as well, that Disney should make a movie where the savior is called “Maleficent” which means “evil” to do as Isaiah wrote, ‘to call evil good.’

So Little Red Riding Hood provides the kiss to save Dorothy, but it doesn’t stop there. Little Red Riding Hood then proceeds to make out with Dorothy. The two beloved children’s characters now become lesbians. So now in 2016 America, children across the nation watch as Little Red Riding Hood and Dorothy engage in lesbian sex on their television sets in the family hour, like a fever dream from hell as presented by Disney.

That we would ever see in our lifetime such a thing would be unimaginable even a few years ago. If you ever doubted that you were living in the end times, just turn on your television – or better yet, come before the Lord in prayer. No political platform will save America – only the Lord – and only through revival. This month I am led to make the same call, pray for revival and, beyond that, start living in revival, all the more consecrated, single-minded, and all out for God. And may God greatly bless you as you do.