The New Age Movement

The New Age movement is hardly new. It is a resuscitated mixed-bag of ancient Eastern mysticism, pantheism, humanism, the occult, psychology, philosophy, various forms of counterfeit Christianity, science, science fiction, metaphysics and any number of religions, cults, far-out ideas and practices. It is one of the devils oldest rackets to steer people away from his archenemy, Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. The one underlying thread in all New Age doctrines is that Jesus Christ is only one of many teachers or philosophers. His identity as the true God of the Bible–the God of the universe is relinquished to a mere mortal. Millions of people are involved in this movement to some degree.

When New Agers make reference to Jesus it is not the Jesus of the Bible. It is a very different Jesus that has nothing to do with the true biblical, Jesus. For example the term “Christ consciousness” made popular by some New Age advocates is a concept that has no relation to the God of the Bible. I would consider this movement a type of precursor to the one world religion that is prophesied in the Bible, one big family of religions and social ideas all joining hands under one banner. The basic tenants of Christianity are rejected. The idea of sin, hell, heaven, salvation, the devil a personal God are totally rejected and considered inferior ways of relating to what they consider to be a great cosmic smorgasbord more “enlightened” pathways to a blissful end.

One of the major goals of the New Age movement is to create a universal religious system with all historic doctrinal distinctions removed. But some New Agers believe no leader is needed because we can all become godlike. New Ager’s believe they are chosen to bring in peace, love and brotherhood under the leadership of one leader who will lead this movment to a new, progressive way of worship and personal fulfillment.

Ecumenism is quickly becoming part of the New Age Movement. It is concerned with  creating a “Christianity” which accepts all religions. Modern psychology plays a major ecumenical role by providing common faith, language and ritual for everyone from atheists, cultists, occultists to Roman Catholics and evangelicals as reported by author, Dave Hunt in a number of his publications.

This movement gained a great deal of popularity especially beginning in the 1960’s and continues to heavily influence the world today. Another term for the New Age movement is the New Spirituality. The influence of New Age doctrines is everywhere and is readily embraced by celebrities and people from all walks of life. In a way it is an “anything goes” philosophy appealing very much to the human ego. It is a way of getting instant validation for one’s personal values and ideals without ever having to answer to a holy God, only gods of human design, if any. It is a very self-gratifying, self-indulgent way of existence. No wonder it is so popular with secular humans or those who are seeking “spirituality” that is not tied to biblical teachings.

Around the year 1875 the theosophical teachings of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and then in the 1920’s, the teachings of Alice Ann Bailey laid the foundation for what today is called the New Age Movement. The Theosophical Society was established and worked toward the abolishment of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, promoting the unity of other world religions and a new social order. The Theosophical Society claimed that their teachings were revealed by “spirit” (really demonic entities). [1]

In 1922, Alice Bailey founded the “Lucifer Publishing Company,” which printed and distributed their teachings. These teachings were very detailed in their intentions and goals with instructions for the implementation of the “necessary” new world order. Bailey’s teachings also designated the symbol of a rainbow as their identification sign and discussed extensively plans for religious war, forced redistribution of the world’s resources, mass planetary initiations, theology for a new world order, worldwide disarmament, and elimination of traditional religions. She even discussed the significance and sacredness of the new world leader’s number, 666 (the number of the Beast). [2]

All of these demonically inspired plans sound just like what is prophesied in the Bible to herald in the Antichrist, a one world religious system led by the False Prophet, and a new one world government. Thankfully, the New Age movement will be lost in the dustbin of history when the King of kings returns to reclaim Planet Earth at the battle of Armageddon.



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