The Christian Identity Movement

If you are a true Bible believing Christian, the Christian Identity Movement (also known as Anglo-Israelis, British Israelism and Israel Identity) should give you reason to be very concerned simply by the extreme misnomer of their name. In fact, any reasonable person should see this cult for their corrupt teachings and unbiblical dogma.

To use the words “Christian Identity” as two key words to describe themselves is troubling at the very least and very misleading. A Bible believing Christian certainly cannot be identified with such a group, but the world in general would jump at the chance to throw this group in with all true believers simply because of its name. How convenient for the enemies of the true God of the Bible.

This cult essentially blasphemes Israel, is very anti-Semitic and is a white supremacy group using religion to further its unbiblical, political, social and military agendas. The adherents of this organization are generally members of the Ku Klux Klan, Aryan Nation, Nazi Party and any number of White Separatist groups. They use both the Old and New Testaments but clearly twist the Scriptures to create their own religion.

An early advocate of this group was someone by the name of Charles Carroll who wrote a dastardly book titled, The Negro a Beast, an obvious Ku Klux Klan proponent. Racism runs rampant. Even Catholics, have been targeted by this group.  Identity members believe in Nativism, meaning that if you are not born in the U.S.A. and a Protestant then you are considered harmful to this country and the West in general.

They also believe in anglo-Israelism (British Israelism), which according to their warped analysis would make the British, the Americans and Canadians the true descendants of the ancient Israelites–the ten lost tribes. They spread the lie that the Jews in Israel are a false people who are descendents of Cain. These Identity Movement revolutionaries are a dangerous group and are predominant in most every Western nation. They are loosely structured without any central organized hub.

This fringe group is a disgrace to the true teachings of Christianity, which teaches tolerance, love and patience, forgiveness and kindness. Considering how they distort the true teachings of Christ, I would suggest that there is also a high illiteracy problem within those who belong to the group. But that would also be true for all cults that pervert the Bible.