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This group really takes the cake when it comes to bastardization of scripture.  The leader of this hate mongering, white-supremacist, racist cult is Arnold Murray.

Trying to get a straight answer out of this group is about as challenging as nailing jello to a wall.  My research is backed by apologetic ministries reports – those listed below provided much of the information for this report.  Murray keeps his past and the origins of his ministry a well guarded secret.

Satan knows more about the Bible than all of us combined. He has had millennia to study it.  He delights in using men like this to twist scripture to appear as an angel of light.  He had to mix in the truth and show some goodness – if it was all negative, no one would fall for it.

I have taken the liberty to sum up some of his key doctrines and links to his site and sites discussing him are below.

* His teachings promote bigotry against Jews, blacks and all non-Anglo-Saxon people.

* He denies the historic doctrine of the Trinity and promotes Modalism.

* He teaches the common Mormon (LDS) doctrine that men preexisted time.  His interpretation on this is based on Genesis 1:26 which he maintains is the Lord speaking to his children.  Interestingly, Murray teaches that fate was determined at the time of satan’s rebellion.  Those that sided with God were predestined to ‘salvation’ and those that did not were cursed with free will.

* He teaches the doctrine promoted by many other cults that the Anglo-Saxons are the chosen race, and America and Great Britain are the lost tribes of the children of Israel (Replacement Theology).

* He claims the doctrine of the rapture is “cultic.”

* He denies the existence of hell and teaches the Jehovah’s Witness doctrine of annihilation.

* He claims to be one of God’s exclusive end time messengers for the world. (I am a servant of the living God that carries the end time message, and it’s either time to wake up now, or go down with your boat, friend.” The Shepherd’s Chapel Questions and Answers period, aired 5-16-91)

* Murray claims to have a doctorate degree from an accredited seminary.  This claim has never been verified by any source.

* He claims that the AV1611 is the only real bible.  (KJVOnlyism).

* The core of his teaching centers around the serpent seeddoctrine that has been linked to various right-wing neo-nazi groups.

What this doctrine teaches is that in the Garden of Eden, Eve’s sin was that of having literal sexual intercourse with the serpent, which resulted in the pregnancy that produced Cain; the devil’s literal offspring.

Murray says the descendants of this offspring are the ‘Kenites’, a hybrid that include the Jews of today including those adopted and married into Jewish families. “These were the Jews who killed Christ”, he has stated in his tape calledGrace: Baptism, adding that “if you have ever really believed that group was the chosen of God you were deceived by Satan!”

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