Benny Meets Michael

Benny Hinn:…Did I ever tell you what happened to me that convinced me once and for all that angels are more real than human beings? Well, in 1973 the Lord touched my life at Kath… – see, this was ’74. The great experiences that were happening in my life. I knew that they weren’t just so God can, so I can have a picnic or something like that….And one night, asleep, suddenly I just woke up, just woke up. I thought I told you that, but maybe I didn’t. But let me just tell you again anyways. I woke up, Paul, and there in my bedroom there was a being –

Paul Crouch: Of fire?

Benny Hinn: No, a being wearing a black robe, black hood, coming to kill me. I couldn’t see his face, but I knew it was the angel of death. I saw his nails and fingers, and I cried out “Lord Jesus, save me.” I spoke out loud. “Lord Jesus, save me.” And I had one experience I have never had since. I came out of my body. Except my legs were in, but from my waist up I was sitting up in bed and I saw myself laying back. And I don’t know whether I died or not, but I didn’t feel dead. I surely felt alive. All I knew was I was sitting up and suddenly, as I sat up – not before, but as I sat up – I saw angels rush into my room. One of them grabbed that black thing and shoved him against the wall. Another one – now I saw that, I’m telling you God’s gospel truth. I’m telling you. If you don’t believe it, well, that’s your problem – and suddenly this – there were two of them that rushed in first, and now this one of them – massive, massive angel. A blond hair, curly blond hair with a very thick gold belt around him, the size of two men, at least, stood there, tall, wide, and he stared at me and stared at me. To this day, I will tell you, that angel did not smile, that angel didn’t say “How you doing?”, except stared, almost in a puzzling manner. And I looked, and he looked, and suddenly, and I’m, at the same time watching the other angel holding that black figure from me, and a third angel rushed in. God is my witness, before Jesus, I tell you the fact. A third angel rushed in and called him by name and said, “Michael, Michael, somebody else is in trouble!” And out of – now I realize I’m looking at Michael, and Michael speaks back with the voice of Niagara Falls, a thick voice, and said, “You take care of him,” and from there I was back in my body singing Hallelujah.

…I myself, I’ve had many experiences with angels since. In fact, nearly every night during that year of glory I would wake up and see them stand by my bed. Some I saw as small as children. I’ve seen them. And they’d be standing there talking to each other and they’d look at me and every single time I would get the feeling like they’re thinking, “What does God want with this guy?” It was almost like a look of, like a puzzled look on their face. And that’s why I do not believe angels socialize with human beings. ‘Cause there’s nowhere in the Scriptures where they have coffee and tea with you. They come, do a job, and leave.

(Praise The Lord, Trinity Broadcasting Network, May 13, 1999)