Bedsheets and Pillows

Benny Hinn: God Almighty – and I prophesy it in the Holy Ghost, I prophesy it in the Spirit – God Almighty is about to sweep into the evangelical movement of America with a mighty revival of the Holy Ghost…I heard Dema Shekarian back in 1972 in Miami, Florida prophesy and say that the day will come when we believers will be so anointed that we will walk into hospitals and clean them out….Get ready, lady, you who have been married to an ungodly husband, who comes home and mocks your faith in God, curses you, calls you names. He tells you you’re crazy to go and listen to some preacher named Benny Hinn, who tells you you’re crazy to go to church. Get ready for the day to come when God will tell you, “Lay on his side of the bed.” And you’ll say “Why, Lord?” He will say, “Lay on his side of the bed, because the anointing on you is about to rub the sheets and the pillow, and he’s going to walk home. One day he’ll come home, and when he lays in bed the power of God will take hold of him and he’ll look at you and say, ‘Honey, I want Jesus!'”

(Oral Roberts University, Trinity Broadcasting Network, August 4, 1997)

I guess the preaching of the Gospel will no longer be necessary first.