This Shroud of Darkness :: by Don McGee

This planet and our country are at the point of being fully enveloped in a dark shroud the likes of which has never been seen. This is more than the general breakdown of social stability that has been around since the beginning; it is a heavy, sinister evil that has not only grown exponentially of late, but is unstoppable by even the most noble of human efforts. Christians are soon to be removed from this world, but those unsaved who will be left behind will see and experience a kind of evil that no mortal can imagine. Something far worse than the Egyptian plagues.

Consider some things about the Exodus of God’s people from their slavery in Egypt and you will see. Just before Moses led the people of Israel out of Egypt over 1400 years BC he dealt with a similar kind of darkness, only it was on a local level. In fact, this darkness was the final of 9 plagues that God sent upon the land of Egypt just before He sent a final plague which might more accurately be called a judgment. You recall it was this judgment that finally, though only temporarily, broke the stubborn will of Egypt’s Pharaoh thus allowing God’s people to leave the land of their suffering. The entire account of this event is found in Exodus 7ff with the heavy darkness being described in chapter 10.

The saga began when Moses went to Pharaoh and told him God said to let His people go. Pharaoh refused, so miracles and plagues were sent in succession with the later plagues causing the Egyptian monarch to relent only to change his mind once the plague ceased. After nine such miracles and plagues God had enough of the king’s vacillating and finally sent a judgment whereby the first born of both man and beast, including Pharaoh’s family, died that Passover night.

There are any number of things in this account that parallels the world of our day, but I want to focus upon several that help us to see more clearly the hour in which we are living, and what is to soon happen to this planet some Christians too often think of as their home.

The last plague Egypt experienced before God sent His judgment had to do with darkness. This had nothing to do with a regular sundown, or a solar eclipse. This darkness was a plague with all the characteristics of a plague. It might be compared to a heavy, dark blanket that enveloped Egypt as no kind of darkness had ever done before. In fact, it was a darkness that could actually be felt, and it fully debilitated an entire nation to the point that its people, including Pharaoh, could not even venture from their houses for three days.

Imagine both the astonishment and terror that this darkness brought. We are not told how long it took for the darkness to happen, but it was probably very quickly. When it did happen people were stopped cold in their tracks. They became disoriented, confused and fearful. And this happened to one of the great civilizations of the ancient world. The same people whose feats of engineering are among the greatest in the history of humanity were suddenly brought to their knees, frozen in a kind of mass fear and impotence. Yet interestingly, the people of Israel had light in their homes, and had no cause for alarm at all.

If Pharaoh had ever been left alone to his thoughts it was during those three days. Did he think about his cruelty to God’s people? Did he think seriously about the Hebrew God who had already done miraculous things that his court magicians could not replicate? No one can know for certain what went through his mind in those 72 hours of impenetrable darkness. Though it caused a change of mind about the release of God’s people, it was only temporary.

Pharaoh had a pride problem in that he thought that as Egypt’s supreme monarch he could do what he pleased, and that his word and will were beyond anyone’s question. Even God’s. This is what caused him to vacillate in his decisions. When a plague became so severe that he could no longer deal with it he relented to God’s demand through Moses. But as soon as the plague was lifted he changed his mind. Duress brought a change of mind instead of a change of heart. When the duress was removed his anger was probably compounded because he had to admit he had “given in” to the Hebrew slaves’ God, a pill just too bitter to swallow. His hatred toward God and His people was eating him alive.

After Pharaoh freed the Hebrews he once again changed his mind and it seems in his hatred for God and God’s people he flew into a rage. Some people call it a blind rage because though he knew all the facts about God’s power, yet he shoved rational logic aside in order to give way to his prideful fury. He and his army drove themselves headlong into the depths of the Red Sea whose waters closed on them.

In the end Pharaoh and his army, in hot pursuit of the Israelites after letting them go because of the final plague, or judgment, were drowned by God in the waters of the Red Sea never to be seen or heard from again. Today no one remembers them, and no one cares. This speaks to the eternal obscurity of humanity’s vain glory.

Do you suppose this has anything to do with what is happening in our world today? Yes, it does, for this ninth plague is not only a kind of precedent for the darkness that is encapsulating the planet, but also for the end of Antichrist who will lead a willing world to ruin and who will betray the Jewish people.

If a person would like to get an objective view of what is really happening to the world they would need to retreat from the harsh noises of modern life and, with their Bible in hand, prayerfully examine the headlines and newsmakers through the lens of scripture. Only then can a person get a very good idea of the impetus for the current turmoil and its end

This kind of examination, however, requires an honest heart, and this is very difficult because much of what is happening has to do with politics, social engineering and money. And most people do not want the light of truth to illuminate every corner and crevice of their favorite politician, social philosophy or source of income

The darkness creeping over 21st Century humanity will not be stopped. Its success at blinding people is enhanced by the dark influence of their leaders who are equally blind in their secular world view. For leaders to say that the world has become more stable in the past few years, and that America has become more secure is absurd. For them to say that Americans are less divided and more united is equally absurd. They promised American unity and solidarity just a few years ago, but the promise lies dead and rotting in the ever growing graveyard of politician’s promises.

The American people have sold their birthright to liberty for a mess of beans in the form of so-called “security.” Those at the helm of the ship of state in all three branches are change-agents regarding the U.S. Constitution, and they have not even tried to conceal their nefarious motives. As an example, though the practice of religion, including the biblical form of Christianity, is guaranteed in the 1st Amendment, anyone who dares to do so is hooted down publicly, is caustically labeled and is ostracized from the mainstream of American life. The darkness in this is obvious.

This pall of darkness is enveloping our country politically. A politician’s, or a political appointee’s abilities mean nothing to those blinded by their social influences and political affiliations. These seem to associate the old idea that, “Right or wrong, good or bad he/she is my candidate” with a warped sense of nobility. This, you see, is the easy road for people because they do not have to become responsible about issues and consequences.

Heavy darkness is also enveloping our country ethically. Of late the self-inflated, prejudicial and prideful hearts of professional athletes, Supreme Court Justices, the President, some members of Congress, Ivy League professors and others are being laid bare for all to see. The biases that people tried to conceal not many years ago are now arrogantly paraded before the nation and world with no hesitation or remorse whatsoever.

The reason is basically a combination of hatred and narcissism. This is not only repulsive to Christians, but it reeks in the nostrils of Holy God. These are so blind that they cannot see that the legacies they build in tribute to themselves will soon be washed away like sand castles as the tidal wave of God’s judgment wipes them completely from the surface of the earth.

This darkness is enveloping the world and our country religiously. Politicians, both home-grown and from abroad, unapologetically defend Islam in the face of its blood-thirsty foundation. Read for yourself what kind of man Mohammed was. Find out for yourself what he did to those who refused Islam.

The Koran has not changed in its demands since the 7th century, and Muslims have not changed in their allegiance to those demands. The Islamic world hates America, yet the American president appoints such Muslims to important and distinguished government positions where they have direct access to highly classified information. This cannot be rationally explained away.

And lastly this darkness is enveloping this planet morally. Where we are morally in America today is where much of the rest of the world has been for some time. Consider the lives of any number of elected and appointed government officials, athletes, entertainers, etc., and you will readily see their hearts are dark and evil. Often their objective is simply to shock the biblical sensibilities of those whom they can’t stand, and to enjoy themselves in the process.

Yes, a darkness deeper than that of Egypt is upon us, and in Revelation 16:10 we read about yet another kind of darkness. At that time it will be the global kingdom of Antichrist that will be darkened, and it will be in direct connection with physical suffering with intense pain and horrific sores. It will be so great that people will gnaw their tongues because of their pain. Tongue-gnawing pain is bad enough, but when it is combined with this kind of darkness it becomes unbearable. Prior to this people will be so tormented as a result of scorpion-like creatures attacking them that they will try to commit suicide, but will be unable to do so (Revelation 9:6). Never before has this happened.

So what will people do? They will blaspheme God in their torment. And what will people not do? They will not repent before God. This situation gives us some inkling of just how dark the collective human heart is becoming.

Like the Siren’s song of Greek mythology, the voices entreating through this darkness draws the unrepentant souls of nations and people to a horrible and eternal death. With all godliness rejected and God’s grace spurned these people soon find themselves in solitary darkness and torment hearing only their own mournful wails for all eternity (Matthew 13:41ff). Such is the end for all who, like Pharaoh, harden their hearts toward God.

The shadow of the deepest kind of darkness is already over us. It is becoming heavier and there is no safe retreat from the evil it brings. It is permeating every aspect of society whether it is American, European, Middle Eastern, African, etc., including the religions of these regions. And here at home the almost routine murder of American police officers of late perfectly manifests the consequences of a dark, godless, narcissistic, entitlement oriented society.

When police massacres happen national journalists are quick to trot out the “experts” for explanations. These experts speak of the need for society to “have dialogue…come together…unite…” etc., in order to solve our problems. Such words are not only superficial and impotent, but the fact is scripture says clearly this will not happen (2 Timothy 3, etc.).

Most people believe that unity will produce a solution, but no one can clearly define that which we must gather around in unity. That being said, in the foreseeable future a man will be ushered onto the world’s stage who will be everything the experts are seeking for. He will be the center of all human unity. The Bible calls him Antichrist and the post-rapture world will be so captivated by his persuasive will that it will worship him (Revelation 13:3, 4).

Some are asking if the election in November will make a difference for America. We pray and we do what is best for our country, but keep in mind that our hope is in the return of Jesus for His Church and not in election results.

If a Christian does not see this, then he should ask himself, upon what is he basing his hope. Is it politics, or economics, or education, or a combination of these things? If that is what a person is looking for to push back this encroaching darkness, then they are consigning themselves to a life of consistent disappointment that will sap the hope right out of them. Their lives will be just one continuing exercise in sadness, fear and drudgery. Saved? Perhaps, but what unsaved person will look at their lives and want the same kind of empty, joyless life they have?