Consider Your Perspective Today :: by Don Twobears

I have lived in many places throughout my life; some were good and nice and others were simply out of this world! Of course most of those places were experienced when I was a kid, so the memories are those of a kid, even an immature kid. Having said that, I fear going back to those places and seeing them today for fear they will displace the affection I have for them.

Many of these places as a military brat, were beautiful back then, but they are gone and this sort of hurts my heart. These places hold special memories by virtue of those who occupied the area while I was living there. We could say it is the experiences I have been through that made a particular place and time so very special. Looking at the root cause for these places being so special, I then wonder why we are not able to enjoy every place and time.

The crux of the matter brings us to those around us who make an area a home, or just a place to live—like a house, a building and nothing more. It is also the times in which life took place; so obviously the 1960s felt more innocent and carefree. So why is it that we are not able to re-create this same scenario where ever we are?

Could it be that we cherish our youth to the point that we find life in old age to be dismal? We knew back then, as we know of life today, nothing remains the same. Still as yet, the question remains, why are we not able to be as happy now where ever we are, as we were back then?

I know that almost everyone looks at the time of their youth as the most prime or most innocent of their lives, and it has been that way for generations. So what are the requirements for being happy where ever we are and in whatever time frame? Yes…I know all about the contestants of beauty pageants, that continually say, “World peace.” Yet the 1960s were not without its own set of wars and strife in many areas of the world.

World peace will never be, without Jesus Christ. Of course in this article we are looking at the individual perspective and not the entire world perspective. To clear a field, it is required to remove the stones and obviously that begins with each and every stone until all the stones are gone. Is it a safety issue? An issue concerning individual contentment? Is it only a matter of youth, being young at heart?

Or does it concern the reason why we exist here on earth, in the first place? I mean there are pessimists and optimists and those in-between. Does that matter? Does the beauty of an area count as a factor in this? Or how about the mystic, the mystery and origins of the area and its inhabitants? Or could it simply be that someone else has handled the big questions, and concerns rather than you or me?

I would like to say that after considering these things, as children we were cared for and our needs were always met. In other words we were confident and secure. This of course was because of our parents. They handled all the difficulties and hardships, and we were left to explore and discover many things. As adults we now know these difficulties and hardships and thus, they cause us to become jaded to a degree. It is almost like saying, “We have lost the flavor of life.”

Matthew 5:13 “Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.”

I am afraid this can spell many troubles for those who lose their flavor for life simply because they are not willing to place their faith in Jesus Christ. I would like to believe that this spells the chance for us to see this world in a more simple way once again. A viewpoint that deletes the wicked and sordid and allows us to be innocent once again, through Jesus Christ.

HE gives us that sense of security that we seem to have lost since our youth. It would be most proper to say that because we are not in our home—which is heaven, that we are simply on a vacation here on earth. Looking at everything with these news eyes brings the beauty and mystery of life back again.

I know most people would like to believe that perspective is an individual matter, and if that is so then why do so many people choose to see this life the way that they do? Living this life as if there is no God leaves a person with only one perspective, which is a dismal one. Seeing life and everything associated with it here through the lens of God allows us to have a new perspective, a new viewpoint.

I remember my mom and dad telling me that you can go through life “hoping” for good memories or you can choose to MAKE good memories, and that is true on an individual basis. It has to do with what you want in this life. If you choose to live life only as the world sees it you’re going to be continually disappointed because you will never be able to measure up.

If you are “keeping up with the Joneses” they will always be ahead of you, they will always have more or better. You will live your life solely in the pursuit of “stuff.” Is stuff enough for you? What do the Joneses really think,? Are their lives everything they thought it ought to be? Or have you been misled by what you think… they see? How much stuff do you need to have around you before you start feeling like your life is cluttered or too complicated?

How about we take on a new perspective of life. God Almighty created this universe for HIS glory, which then means the glory is not for you or me. To put it simply, HE created you and me for HIS glory, to be HIS people, to love and devote ourselves to HIM…NOT to ourselves.

John 15:5 “I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.”

It requires the love of the Lord God Almighty in order to draw our next breath of air. If that is truth and we know it is, then why does everyone want to do things their own way? Again, we are the fallen species here; we would forget to create our own next breath of air. Thank the Lord for every breath of air we take because HE never forgets anything. The air is available for both the saved and the lost alike. It is our own arrogance that makes us believe the next breath of air will always be there, somehow we think we make this happen, and that my friends is blasphemy of the Lord God.

The world thinks the next breath of air is by short-sighted evolution, never once being willing to give the glory for it, to God. This life is a gift; it comes from the Lord God and no one else. Our lives are meant to be lived for the Lord God and for HIM to be glorified. So if you so choose to listen to Satan and his ilk be assured you will reside with him for eternity. The thing is this: You chose this for yourself. God the Father wants to save you through the blood of Jesus Christ.

As each moment passes you are one moment closer to meeting your Creator and there you will give an accounting for all your actions here on earth. With each passing moment that you fail to accept Jesus Christ as your Savior, is one more moment that you draw closer to an eternity in the lake of fire.

Understanding that, it begs the question: When is your end? When will you die and where will you be after? That is what this life here on earth is for, to make that one crucial decision: Jesus Christ or Satan and his ilk; your final home in eternity will be according to your choice and YOURS alone.

Feeling too busy to think on this! I would suggest that you re-think that idea; it is the reason you are here. Just one decision and that’s it. After your decision your life is forever changed and your life will be conducted accordingly. How is it that young people die every day, babies die every day as well as old folk?

Your first question for yourself ought to be this: When is my day, hour and minute to die? If you say you don’t know then you might want to consider the gift that Jesus Christ brings to your life—because HE knows—the very second you will die. HE knows the number of hairs on your head. HE knows every thought you will ever have and HE already knows whether you want life or death. Yet…HE gives you every opportunity to make the proper choice. Again, YOU must choose!

We seem to think that the end of our lives here on earth is the end of everything. How shortsighted of us! We have finite minds, thus we will never be able to conceive eternity. Regardless of where you end up it will be for eternity, and here is another mystery word: Forever!

Suddenly, your perspective becomes enormous to consider. I would rather consider the point of God Almighty and know my future is for sure in heaven. Hell…is too much for me to consider!