The Lord :: by Don McReynolds

Who is the Lord? How does this flesh begin to grasp the eternal God of Majesty?

Standing far off in an unexplored time of eternity past, this holy Person of perfection has always existed.

God’s mind is always in dialogue in three parts of Oneself; Father, Son and Holy Spirit cooperating in perfect union without outside necessity—towering in self-reliance and strength unmatched by any life form.

I have asked myself this question, “Who is the Lord?” I will answer the question biblically as best I can.

The enemy is relentless; constant in his slander toward my God—wrapped in my own thought processes. It has occurred to me that I must be onto something if enemy number one has been assigned as a thorn to prod my mind into thoughts deep enough to explore the Face of God.

Jesus is also known as “I Am”—the infinite God. Who can know the thoughts of God? Who can intrigue His attention? Who can awaken His heart? How does Man’s depravity even mirror such an image of Holy Eternity?

God is absolutely unpredictable with the exception of prophecy and clear biblical narratives. Man in his arrogance deciphers, prays, studies and concludes that the evidence is laid bare that God is an absolute mystery.

Jesus the Lord has been revealed in many stories throughout the Word of God, although in conclusion of this actuality—I see our God appearing selectively.

Overall, most people worldwide have not closely encountered the Most High God; we have just felt the residual glory which in itself is enough (but still leaving us more in hunger for Him pondering limitless questions).

So who is my God?

I must say the first thought of my God is that of a power unmatched; an intellect and superiority above all which allows a gathering and deciphering of information on every plane superseding the boundaries of time and space. He is a God that is incapable of being deceived or led astray as every crevice of existence and communication is code-broken before it is even manifested.

Information and existence was produced from Him inferring the created beings intellectual inferiority. No one before God demanded; no one constructed or instructed Him.

The Infinite strikes the match of existence into the palm of His hand and all of reality is visible. Oh, our Most High God! Who is like You, and who could ever understand or contain You? The answer is: No one, and your glory permeates throughout your existence.

As I live out my path in real time, You O’ God, relive what you have seen already. In my calculations, biblically, I conclude your ever presence before me. As I converse with friends You are with me. As family fun unfolds, You are with me. When I awake and go down to sleep, You are with me. I can never escape your grasp, nor can any creature of existence hide from You.

Your ever presence in all places simultaneously—demands sovereign control of all potential and actual outcome probabilities. Yet with more depth of thought your creation sees You—God, not only everywhere presently, but in every layer of time concurrently. What a source of unmatched power You are—my faithful God!

No one is like You our Mighty God, our timeless God who depicts an absolute definition of ancient and old—the Infinite One; standing at the edge of edges, peering into every visibility that can be perceived, listening to every echo that travels in the waves of sound.

I picture a setting in my mind of a Father giving to His Son in foreknowledge—a family. In agreement, His consuming fire of holiness created mankind. In its substance, You O Lord created no sin. But through free will possibilities, mankind chose disobedience and fell into sin.

Sin broke the shields of safety which your creation was initially given, demanding a separation or an unavoidable holy consumption from You, our Holy God—consuming the fire of sin. Without your intervention, Man in his sinful state would be consumed instantly.

The sinful fall of mankind explains the need for our awesome holy God to separate us for our own safety (while the plan of redemption plays out its course paid for on the Cross). So then, on judgment day, Christ can say: “Case dismissed, your penalty has been paid in full.”

Our God—the Holy One, in His holiness, is the consuming fire that separates us from face to face contact in the present. His holiness demands justice, and His law of consumption of sin is demanded on judgment day. Without Christ’s perfect Cross—no one could ever have terms of peace or walk in a family relationship and meet the God of holy justice.

I see a God who saw the end from the beginning and that His attributes of absolute holy perfection could not be outsmarted—because of His ability to circumvent mankind’s fall through Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross.

Jesus stepping down from the setting of heaven to partake in mankind’s fallen state to experience the sting of death logically concludes His motives: God loves us and wishes for no one to perish!

To the One from eternity past, with such limitless creativity and craftsmanship, oh, I stand in awe of You—our Most High God. We, all who have been allowed to be aware of You, are honored to know You. What can we say on behalf of sinful Man? We are speechless in our recognition of your might in meditation of who and what You actually are.

Father, we have a lot of sin to bring to the Cross for forgiveness—but please understand if we could have just been holy like you we would have never crucified your Son.

The Cross demands God Almighty to be set above all, not just in the sacrifice itself but in every attribute which He possesses. All of this sets Him apart from everything and anything that exists and will ever exist. The Cross is nailed into eternity as the expression that God is one of a kind forever, in absolute holiness.

God has unmatched strength, wisdom, creativity. God gives us in measure the ability to accomplish things in this finite life. But it’s our God’s holiness that leaves me in awe the most. Who can be holy like our God? No one!

Our holy sinless God who has been in existence since eternity past has no boundaries to His might. His intellect speaks of His glory and says He is who He is because it is Truth; not because of pride or ego.

How could I ever partake in the presence of God wearing my filthy fleshly clothes? Only by the grace of our great God, shall I hear or see the setting and dwelling of Christ our God.

I shall meditate on your power our Most High God, to shield myself from the enemy’s lies. I thank you Lord, that You have used the enemy as a thorn in my side—like a pawn for my own good.

My great and mighty Lord, in everything I truly give thanks, for this is your will for me in Christ Jesus (1 Thessalonians 5:8).