Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God ::: by Jim Torres “Towers”

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you” (food, clothing, and peace of mind). That is a heavy statement found only in the Bible. But what does it mean? Is this kingdom like the Disney World kingdom with pink castles and neatly manicured grounds surrounded by blossoming flowers

Do we set out on a white stallion or unicorn in seeking this fairytale land? A place where kings, queens, princes and princesses strut about doing nothing but dressing to the nines? NOT!

A kingdom consists of people and without people a kingdom has no reason to exist. The kingdom of God the Bible speaks of is the multitudes of humanity that are made in the image of God. People are of great concern to the Father of Lights.

They are his ultimate achievement. Consider the verse that says, “Let us make man in our image and in our likeness.” Truly God was going out on a limb to make something so precious and often pernicious as mortal man.

Even though humanity disappoints Him time and again he reaches out to us through Christ Jesus, and He invites us to participate in seeking His kingdom. Perhaps that is why He so earnestly wants us to scour the countryside, the highways and byways searching for those whom he created, calling them to repentance and a relationship with Him, even though He can and often does this Himself. He has given us the privilege of working for His kingdom and that with rewards!

It’s easy to say that sinners get what they deserve, but do we deserve any better after being saved by grace and grace alone? In spite of this callous attitude, we still want the goodies and we do everything we can to fool God into believing we deserve them. We spin and toil, we teach, we judge, we speak in tongues, we strut and wax pious and, and …ad infinitum.

Yet the goodies don’t come, and when they do, it’s not quite what we expected. God only wants what’s good for us. “If we ask for bread would He give us a snake?” He knows our motives as well.

Who knows but what God is lining things up for those of us seeking to do His will. Maybe the Christian person or persons he’s assigned to help you don’t want to comply with his wishes and He has to find someone else or another way to help you.

This often takes time. We all know there are lazy Christians, baby Christians and nominal Christians, so He has to scour the Christian landscape to find someone to hold you up. God isn’t into the arm twisting business and He won’t force anyone to comply with His wishes. He gives His people the opportunity and wherewithal to enhance His kingdom, and they are supposed to make the most of it.

Thank God He also gave us a brain to take us as far as we can go, and then some, if we desire to please Him. When we stretch our faith in Him we can achieve remarkable things just on the talent and imagination he’s given us. And remember, when you team up with God, you and God are a majority. That is to say, “If God be for you, who can be against you?”

Maybe it’s a trial or some tribulation that has overtaken you. Remember what Jesus said, “You shall go through many trials and tribulations, but don’t worry for I have overcome the world.” Essentially, this means to do the best you can and rely on Him to see you through in seeking His kingdom.

Your eternal rest will come soon enough. So quit sighing and start living. Get involved in the things of God. God didn’t promise us a rose garden, no matter what Prosperity Preachers on television tell you. Jesus said “Take up your cross daily and follow me.” He doesn’t bribe us with the promise of money.

Case in point:

Just when I was feeling defeated, a Catholic friend asked me to have devotions with him one morning as I was visiting. I complied. Bill read a passage about Elijah and how Elijah was distraught about being hunted down by Jezebel. God spoke to him in a still small voice and said that He still had a number of faithful followers, and that he should take heart.

Then God sent his very angels to feed and strengthen him, since no one else would (1 Kings 19:1-14). I too felt abandoned, so I know the feeling. That devotional happened at just the right time for me as I was becoming discouraged myself in what I’m attempting to do for the kingdom of God, with no encouragement or help from the brethren.

On another note:

The movie Miracles from Heaven was for me a good, worthwhile movie that enhances the viewer’s faith in God and in the hope of life in the hereafter.

I’m always looking at the overall picture quality and the theology behind the story, especially if it’s a “Christian” film. However, I couldn’t find any faults with this movie except in minor details such as lighting or the band members who were so worldly it made me wince.

Another disturbing thing was that all of the 100 or so members of the audience at the theater were elderly or on their way to becoming so. I counted 12 youngsters who came with their parents or grandparents and 1 young lady in her mid-twenties.

Apparently the subject matter wasn’t geared to younger people and it certainly wasn’t a date film. (It’s a known fact in the movie business that young men are the ones who decide what date movie to attend and these are usually action/adventure or fright films.) Middle aged audiences also enjoy these along with political, war, and high drama movies and musicals. My movie is true to life, which makes it thought provoking, dramatic, and intriguing since it incorporates biblical prophecy as well. This isn’t your feel good football “Christian movie” but is geared to general audiences, primarily the biblical illiterate and the lost.

Jim Torres “Towers”