A Snooper’s Charter :: by Matt Ward

The UK government is intent on passing a new “snoopers charter,” aimed at changing and extending the spying powers of the government, the police and the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS).

These revamped laws will allow the government and other agencies complete access to an individual’s internet histories, computers and smartphones. Essentially, this law will bring an end to any kind of data anonymity or freedom that currently exists in the UK.

Called the “Investigatory Powers Bill,” it greatly extends the current powers of the police force and the government to access an individual’s internet search histories and aggressively hack into their smartphones.

What is new, and ominous about these proposed changes, is the unprecedented scope given to access this data without individuals having committed a crime or even being a suspect in a crime. In effect, the government and various agencies could access an individual’s data simply because they want to.

Under this Bill, all internet search histories would be kept for a minimum of one year by Internet Service Providers allowing agencies to access these complete and detailed search histories whenever they desired.

At the very same time that Apple and the FBI are involved in a bitter dispute in America over Apple’s refusal to decrypt the iPhone of the St Bernardino terrorist attackers, the UK is attempting to change the law which would require Apple, if they wanted to operate within the UK, to decrypt users private data as a matter of course.

Police and government would also be permitted to carry out “equipment interference” at any point. Equipment interference is the technical term for hacking into a person’s smartphone. All police forces would be permitted to carry out equipment interference.

One of the most questionable and suspicious aspects of this legislation, which is likely to pass through Parliament, is the case that is being made for the collection of “bulk” data. This is where police and security agencies monitor and store data on a huge scale.

This is what the highly secretive NSA facility in Utah is believed to be tasked with in America. Using bulk equipment interference allows governments and security agencies to penetrate entire “software packages” used by vast numbers of the public and some terrorists, harvesting huge amounts of data together at the same time.

Another example of “bulk” data trawling is where the government or security agencies hack into every device in a “major town,” at the same time. Every single device in a major town is hacked, irrelevant of who you are or how innocent or guilty you are; the implications of this for freedom are staggering.

Hardly any of this hacking or monitoring would require any kind of warrant. There would be no judicial oversight. The given reasons behind this highly intrusive legislation is that it is necessary to “prevent…or detect crime” and in, “assessing or collecting any tax.”

What flimsy, insubstantial reasons given to justify the complete loss Britain’s liberty and freedom. Yet, because of apathy the majority remain silent in the face of this Orwellian disaster.

Additionally, this legislation would be “technologically neutral.” This means that the scope and extent of government snooping can be adapted, deepened and changed in five, ten or fifteen years’ time to reflect developments in technology over that period, without the need for fresh legislation later down the line. It is a one size fits all piece of legislation which allows for hacking and state surveillance forever.

These changes in the UK are mirrored by similar legislation and efforts in the United States. In fact, the state surveillance in the US has far exceeded, at this point, that of the UK or Europe. The United States and the United Kingdom are both taking significant steps toward achieving the complete state surveillance over every electronic aspect of each and every person’s life from their borders and beyond.

This is Big Brother in a way never even conceptualized by George Orwell in his seminal work, 1984.The Big Brother taking shape before our very eyes far surpasses the one depicted by Orwell. This Big Brother is very soon going to know absolutely everything there is to know about every single person within its borders. There will be no secrets and no safe places. There will be no escape from it.

Consider this as an example of exactly how far the state wants to go with regards to spying on its populations: If the FBI in America wins its current case against Apple regarding the locked iPhone of the St Bernardino terrorists and forces them to create a program that bypasses the custom made security software in its smartphones, it won’t be long until the FBI, the NSA or GCHQ in England will use this same bypassing software to turn on an iPhone users cameras and microphones to spy on them remotely, without the knowledge of the owner.

They would be able to see and hear everything that happens in an individual’s life while that phone is activated. For most of us, who rarely turn our phones off, this means complete surveillance of every aspect and interaction of our lives each day, every day.

Previous disclosures by the likes of Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning, irrelevant of what you think of them personally, prove that the British and United States governments are not to be trusted with our personal data. These men have proven that the state is constantly looking for and actively spying on its populations, both in the UK and the United States. Oftentimes this spying is a joint operation with pooled data and information.

Big Brother is already here, right now. These pending court cases and proposed pieces of legislation are huge and significant steps toward the enslavement of entire populations.

The Bible talks much about a time in the near future when a worldwide government has such control over the people of the earth that they will even be able to determine, on an individual by individual basis, who can buy and who can sell, or who cannot.

We are already at the point that if you have a social media account on Facebook, Twitter or the like, then the government in America or Britain has a file on you personally. The Snowden revelations showed this.

The government knows you and is aware of you. It know what you have posted, what your political beliefs are, whether you have any strong religious affiliations, how educated you are, what your profession is and where you work. They know who you are married to and how many children you have. They have linked all the social media accounts and emails of various descriptions that you have to you personally.

They know who you bank with and what your credit score is; they know who is in your family, which football team you support and what type of car you drive. They even know where you live because the GPS on your smartphones and the ISPN on your computer tells them.

These proposed pieces of legislation in Britain and pending court cases in America are merely closing the loop. History teaches us that once these freedoms are gone, we will never get them back again, short of war.

The UK and the US have almost completed the process of achieving total surveillance over the populations they are supposed to serve. It will be the Antichrist himself who will inherit and benefit from this infrastructure, these court rulings and these pieces of invasive legislation, and he will wield this power unscrupulously and completely. Almost nobody will survive its oversight, or the power it will give him.

“After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb.

They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands…Then one of the elders asked me, “These in white robes—who are they, and where did they come from?”

I answered, “Sir, you know.”

And he said, “These are they who have come out of the great tribulation; they have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb” (Revelation 7: 9-10; 13-14).

That time is coming upon us, so be about your Lord’s business, while you still can.